Are You Seeking An Experienced Coach Who Cares About Your​ Future?

You’re in the right place….

My expertise is facilitating others to find their greatness and in doing so, to unlock their true potential and create phenomenal lives.

Align your Inner World with your potential

to bring your dreams to Fruition

It’s about Empowering you with the skills, tools and perspectives that allow you to create, generate and connect with all of your Possibilities


1 on 1 Private Coaching Sessions

One off Discovery Session

90 Minutes $150 – If you purchase a mentorship, get $150 credit towards your program. if you choose not to work with me, you won’t owe anything. 

On income support? Want to create a new life? Ask me about cheaper sessions (New Zealand only)

Compassionate Inquiry Therapy - Online or in Person

75 minute sessions $150

Change your life with this beautiful, powerful, holistic modality from Dr Gabor Mate. 

8 Session Mini Mentorship


MY MOST POPULAR OFFERING WITH KIWIS - $1199 for eight one hour sessions (pay as you go options)

Cheers to taking a stepforward!

You are here because you have the courage to explore and you see a greater possibility for your life and your future.

BUT you’re struggling to stand in your greatness, to connect with your full potential and to get to where you’d like to be.

There is some key information you are missing, skills and tools you don’t yet have – perhaps there are some aspects of yourself that still trip you up.

All the courses, spiritual development classes, therapy or piecemeal changes you’ve tried have been helpful, but they haven’t got you all the way there.

You’ve not been getting the deep, individualized support and feedback you need to make the changes you desire to take your life experience to the next level.

It’s time consuming, expensive and draining doing it the long way. I know….Well, what if you didn’t have to?

You want ...

High-level strategies for achieving the goals that open you up to new ways of being, thinking, feeling, and creating.

Exceptional tools, skills, and perspectives that shift your way of looking at the world, enable you to thrive and transcend your previous versions of yourself.

The ability to facilitate your own healing, extract the wisdom from your past, gently and respectfully release blocks and limitations, so that you become aligned with your deepest desires.

Trust yourself and feel your confidence growing daily, as you take inspired, authentic action steps, towards your highest outcomes.

You would like your own life coach to support and encourage you, reinforce your progress, and offer guidance, who cares deeply about your results.

It's time for you to choose the life you know is possible.

I'm here to facilitate those changes and make sure you exceed your own expectations"

When we work together you will gain all you need to know to develop a future where you possess Emotional and Energetic Self Mastery. Here's what that means:

Transformational Mentorship

To transform = A marked change in nature, form or appearance.

12 Personalized in Depth 1:1 Sessions

12 Intensive Private Coaching Sessions with follow up emails and recommended resources for you and your situation. Limited access to me between sessions

$4,000 NZD

Transcendental Mentorship

To transcend = To surpass or to go beyond the normal or average limits of…

12 Personalized 1:1 Sessions

Private Coaching Sessions with follow up emails and recommended resources for you and your situation

Real time coaching/access to me between sessions to help you thrive.

This is the most exclusive of coaching options where you get personalized care, ongoing support, coaching and tools as you need them 

$10,000 NZD


You want a mentorship that helps you

Get Clear on What’s Phenomenal About You

Most of us have never had anyone acknowledge these capacities. Usually we have things we know we are great at, but often some of our best potencies are un-utilized and obscured by our challenges/blocks. Imagine what could happen if you would bring them to the table along with what you already know.

Heal and Extract The Wisdom from Your Past Experiences

Discover how to reframe and extract the wisdom from your past. As we do this, we start to release the energetic attachment to it that trips us up and we heal and rewire the body and brain. From here we can start to build resilience that affords us to achieve our true potential

Make Genuine Integrated Physiological Changes to achieve your goals

Making changes can be instantaneous, but integrating new habits, thought processes, beliefs and ways of being (on a cellular level) can be uncomfortable and slow. In this container and with my powerful support, you will experience an overall sense of well being and safety, as you strive to create the future you really desire

Learn New Skills, Techniques and Perspectives for Managing Life

Discover ancient knowledge combined with pragmatic modern tools that allows you an (almost) unfair advantage in life. What you will learn and how will continue to use these techniques for creating your life is true empowerment. Applied over time they will offer you the ability to become exceptional.

Take Action Steps to achieve your Qualitative and Quantative Goals

It’s easy to focus on the external stuff and that’s important, however, it’s the qualitative changes you will make, that will enable you to change the entire trajectory of your future. Learn how to become the person who is a match for your goals and with focused action they will seem to come to fruition almost effortlessly.

Understand resistance, deal with fear and learn to clear pain/stuck beliefs

Most people when they encounter resistance, think they are weak-willed and stop. They are not, but our ‘design’ means the mammalian brain recognizes change as a physical threat. Identify and release fear and resistance and the associated unhelpful beliefs. Become equipped to succeed.


Your greatness is calling....