Why Courage is a huge part of the Change journey and how to get past your fears and choose change

“A year from now, 12 months will have elapsed and you’ll either have taken the journey (to achieve your dreams) or you won’t. Imagine how that’s going to feel either way…Now choose” – Rose Aitken

If you are here reading this, perhaps you have some issues causing consistent problems in your life. You know you need to change and you really want to but…How do you know HOW to get where you want to go? WHICH actions will get you the right result? WHO do you go to?

These are legit concerns and research is very important to assuage these. You need to choose someone with the attributes and characteristics you value and admire. Someone who lives what they teach and has been through it themselves.

That person can help you with the feedback that enables you to figure out the how, the what and will work with you to generate your unique solutions. They will offer you support, expertise and skills to facilitate your transformation.

That is all well in good, but short of having found that person and got the funds to work with them, there is one more factor that is terrifying and puts more people off taking the leap that anything else.

That thing is FEAR.

We are biologically designed to want to stay safe and changing goes against our biology of safety and survival. I’ve been there myself. The following are some of the fears I had at 39 when I was about to embark on the ride of my life, to remove a plethora of personal pain and problems:

At that time, I was paralysed with emotional pain, past trauma, ill health, money problems and I kept choosing co-dependent and toxic relationships. I had eating disorders, a limited social network and supports and I suffered from chronic anxiety. I lived alone in an apartment in the city and I was lonely and suffering. I had a bad back and inconsistent work that didn’t sustain me.

I knew my options were change or check out, however I had some significant thought processes that were hindering my jumping off the abys and into a fresh life.

I KNEW life was meant to be wonderful. I KNEW I had untapped potential. I BELIEVED I COULD CHANGE, it’s just that:

  • I was afraid I would be the only person that making the changes didn’t work for.
  • I didn’t want to spend a lot of time and money working for something that might still leave me with the same problems
  • I might hate being the new version of me
  • The journey might be too hard or painful, or I might get to a point I can’t get beyond and feel stuck there.
  • I might change so much that everyone hated me. Hell, I might hate me too.
  • I might become an uptight pain in the ass that is no fun and too serious.
  • The pain and trauma might continue, but just in a different way/on a different level and I might not know how to deal with that either.
  • Life might suck after the changes, just in a different way.
  • My anxiety might be unchangeable. It had been until that point.
  • And on….and on….

I chose change anyway and here’s what happened.

It hurt, a lot and my progress was often painfully slow. I wanted someone to oversee my changes who could join the dots for me, I was often blindly feeling my way. (I would have given anything for someone like me to help me back then).

Regardless of these things I kept going and pretty soon the magic started to show up. The Universe kept bringing me the lessons I needed to go next level and next…I was getting just enough pain to keep the change momentum going, without crippling me.

I’ve learned about energetic awareness and emotional self mastery. I’ve grasped how to BE different, operate differently and feel different. My physiology and bank account are vastly improved and I am now a match for good things. Along the way I build confidence, self worth and self discipline, amazing relationships and friends and a life I LOVE.

“Courage comes before confidence”- Peta Kelly

1. You have to make the change because it feels right.

2. You have to make it because you know something different is possible for you.

3. You have to keep going and commit to doing so and be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win.

I did and it’s why I got to where I am today.

Now, back to you…

Whatever is going on for you and no matter how hard it is, you can be different, you can change it, you can grow beyond whatever that is.

The bigger the challenge you are enduring the bigger purpose you are being called towards.

Very often we change because we are at the end of the old road and life is redirecting us – often painfully. We are so masterful at enduring, (especially after years of limitation and shutting down/having our barriers up), that’s what happens or we would stay stuck indefinitely.

On the other side of what seems unchangeable, is a very different reality. One where you get to decide your future, and what the quality of your life is like. You get to show up as you, to love your work, value yourself and find happiness, faith and contentment.

That mountain may feel impossible to climb, but it isn’t. Many have done it before you. Once you hit the top, there is a downhill stretch. For a long time you will ask questions, process, effort and learn. One day it will all start to make more sense. You will get it and there will be no going back, ever.

The rewards from embarking on this journey into the unknown are 100 times what you can imagine from where you are now.

Life is still challenging on the other side, but you are free, because you have the skills to handle those challenges. That’s real freedom. It’s not a problem free life, it’s having the skills to handle anything life throws you.

I promise you it gets better from here, if you are willing to be brave, to trust what you know and to start.

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