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Perhaps your life is great but you lack confidence, or maybe there is something causing problems or frustration that keeps you from your greatest achievements and self expression.

You know you would like to change but how to get there can seem unclear. What is right for you, who can help and what will empower you to shift it. Where should you start?

My advice is pick something and start. The details will sort themselves out. And pick something that feels light and expansive. You might want to ask some questions around it.

“If you choose this thing, will it contribute to your life and living”?

The worst thing to do, is to stay stuck or do nothing, but sometimes it can feel like that is the safest and most familiar choice.

“A year from now, 12 months will have elapsed and you’ll either have taken the journey (to achieve your dreams) or you won’t. Imagine how that’s going to feel either way…Now choose” – Rose Aitken

Seven years ago, when everything I knew began to fall apart, I had many, many fears and was totally survival based.

However, despite my circumstances at the time, I KNEW life was meant to be wonderful. I wanted to be in heal and get free. I wanted to FIND MY GREATNESS and I BELIEVED I COULD change.

Regardless of this knowing, the following thoughts were rooted firmly in my head: I might…

  • Be the only person that making changes didn’t work for.
  • Spend a lot of time and money to find nothing changes
  • Hate the new version of me or not cope and go backwards
  • Find the journey too hard or painful, or I get to a point (out of my current comfort zone) that I can’t get past and feel stuck (in no man’s land).
  • Turn into an awful person if I dealt with my baggage
  • Become an uptight, white wearing, spiritual menace who is no fun
  • Find the pain and trauma might continue, but in a different way/on a different level. I might not know how to deal with that either.
  • Life might suck after the changes, just in a different way.
  • My anxiety might be unchangeable. (It had been until that point). And until I make the changes I won’t know if it is or if it isn’t on….

Little by little, I chose change anyway…here’s what happened:

It hurt, a lot and my progress was often painfully slow.

I wanted someone to rescue me/oversee my changes who could join the dots for me, and tell me what I was missing, guide me and support me. (I was often blindly feeling my way).

It turned out that person had to be me. In lieu of someone else coming along, I kept going and pretty soon the magic started to show up.

I kept getting the lessons I needed to go next level…The Universe was such a gentle guide when I received and allowed it to be. I was getting just enough pain to keep the change momentum going, without sending me backwards.

I’ve learned about energetic awareness and emotional self mastery. I’ve grasped how to BE different, operate differently and feel different. This is key, because when we are different, everything changes.

The circumstances of my life changed. My physiology improved, I began to receive more and I became a match for good things.

Along the way I build resilence, confidence and self regard. My capacities skills and self discipline took off. I have co-created amazing people in my life, I am living my purpose and have a life I LOVE and am grateful for.

Here’s what I know about choosing change in the face of fear:

1. Choose change because it feels right and you feel pulled/guided.

2. You know deep in your soul something different is possible for you.

3. You have to commit being willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win.

I did and it’s why I got to where I am today. Here are five more compelling reasons why you should choose change:

1. You can out-create anything

Whatever feels too hard to change or to live with, you can do something about. Whatever seems like it is destroying you, you can outcreate and go beyond. Maybe no one told you this, but you can.

2. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward

If your pain feels epic, it’s likely you have much transformation to undertake, much growth you are being called towards to ready you for a powerful purpose.

3. Staying stuck gets painful, when it’s time to move on

We are so masterful at enduring that if being stuck didn’t suck, we’d endure permanently.

4. On the other side of your mountain, is a very different reality

One where you get to decide your future and the quality of your life. You get to show up as yourself, love your work, value yourself and find happiness, success and fulfilment.

5. That mountain may feel impossible to climb, but it isn’t.

Many have done it before you. Once you hit the top, there is a downhill stretch. For a long time you will ask questions, process, effort and learn. One day it will all start to make more sense. You will get it and there will be no going back, ever.

The rewards from embarking on this journey into the unknown are 100 times what you can imagine from where you are now.

Life is still challenging on the other side, but you are free, because you have the skills to handle those challenges.

Real freedom is not a problem free life, it’s having the skills to handle anything life throws you.

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