If life as you wanted it to be and as you know it seems completely on it’s head right now, with no end in sight and you are angry, confused and despairing, I want you to know there is a way forward and you are not alone.

One of the things that’s going on here on the planet right now, is that we are being given the opportunity to ascend into a new era, where things are better than they have ever been before.

Although amidst pain, turmoil and some confusing conspiracy theories and ideas of what lies ahead, know that the only possibility of a better future is through the process that we are currently in. It could not come about while we are trashing our own back yard (the planet), separate from each other emotionally and asleep at the wheel.

Change comes through tumultuousness both personally and collectively. Those people who are supposed to wake up are being prompted to now. That can be an incredibly painful, difficult and challenging process.

That is because it seems like nothing makes sense and all our past reference points are diminishing along with our excuses and denial of what is. We are suddenly forced to be different to survive rapidly changing external conditions, conflicting emotions, new ways of being in relation to one another and even vocationally.

On top of that people are positing theories about what’s really going on politically and economically that can make it seem like we are living in an era and on a planet where peace never had a chance and we are screwed anyway.

The degree of cognitive dissonance that brings up is frightening and if this is new to us, we may feel overwhelmed and question our ability to cope.  

We have never before been where we are now and if you haven’t weathered many storms in the past, you have no way of knowing where your limits lie. You don’t yet know your capabilities and may not have begun the process of building resilience. Here’s some ideas that may challenge and comfort you…

1.Change is always painful

Every bit of pain and discomfort is a chance to master our internal world and to grow.

Your pain is not meaningless, it is happening for you, to make you extraordinary. You may think “Well I didn’t ask for that”. If it’s happening to you, you absolutely did!

Imagine if you carried on in your comfortable bubble with everything as you want it, you would never grow and you would remain attached to and at the effect of the conditions of your life.

Setting a bunch of goals and slowly working towards them may be gratifying, but it doesn’t create major inner transformation and emotional growth – for the most part anyway.

It allows us to feel good, be purposeful and develop certain skills and abilities which is always a positive thing and is admirable. Real, profound lasting change is forged in an uneasy and difficult place.

2. Change never shows up as you think it’s going to

Here’s a good example: I’ve had the remnants of an old anxiety disorder which is 95.9% gone, still to clear.

This means I sometimes walk with my head low, give my power away without wanting to and I struggle with boundaries and always making other’s opinions more significant than mine when there is nastiness or conflict involved.

To make things worse, I go into a trauma state when I feel there is an injustice done to me and I become fearful that I won’t cope dealing with the degree of intensity that my body experiences.

God isn’t going to point his finger at me and go “You are now free of all those things child, go about your business feeling like a rock star”. “Good ask”.

No, what happened instead, is that I experienced a trauma in the middle of lockdown with no place to go, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide either and an inability to avoid confronting this head on, for myself.

I feel decimated, afraid, triggered, ashamed, wrong, small and it’s incredibly tough. I am surrounded by a few in my immediate vicinity who are in judgment of me and operating from total unconsciousness.

What a schooling I am receiving and I know this. Am I challenged, hell yes, am I uncomfortable, you bet, is this just what I needed to finally get free and ascend into the version of me that I am asking for. HELL YES!!!

3. You are equipped on a soul level to deal with this and win

Our souls are very wise. The lessons we receive here in Earth School are the ones that we chose for our highest development.

They are absolutely perfectly created for us and we never receive more than we can handle.

Life is truly gentle in that way. However, part of our anguish often stems from the fact that we don’t know what we can handle until we are in it. The only way to find out is through the mess, pain and chaos, from which we will finally emerge lighter, freer and more aware.

We really begin to develop when we begin to trust that we can adapt, learn as we go and acquire some emotional self-mastery and awareness in every situation, without life destroying us. This happens through us letting go of control often enough, that we no longer seek it.

We become less attached to and invested in outcome and more willing to learn from the process of life. In doing so, there comes a richness and a sense of self mastery that truly frees us, to start to become and achieve anything.

What emerges through these trials is the highest version of our human self, and the realization of our soul purpose.

If this is where you are at right now, be happy, you are waking up! You are doing an extraordinary job and are incorporating some of the toughest learning you will ever encounter. You are brave beyond measure and doing well for being here.

If you would like my support on this journey contact me.

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