One of my current mentoring clients is choosing massive changes.

She is up-leveling her life, her old choices around relationship and career. Her knowledge and level of functioning is exploding. She is understanding old paradigms and her childhood archetyping – the resulting adult behaviors and anxieties and changing them. This involves setting new standards for herself, implementing powerful new boundaries and much more…

This week she shared how it’s been intense, emotional and challenging for her and in spite of this she is committed, clear and feels drawn to the outcomes she knows are waiting for her on the other side of her current discomfort, disarray and upheaval. (She is so right)

I said to her “Perhaps you’d be willing to acknowledge the MASSIVE changes you are choosing”!

She started to laugh, really hard and shook her head. In that moment she had a break-though. She got that choosing the same, being average and basing her life off the way everyone else operates in this reality, isn’t for her.

As she acknowledged her truth, something clicked inside her and her sense of fear, doubt and trepidation left.

She knows she’s in the thick of things right now, that this is the biggest learning curve of her life so far. (Much has already changed for her in the course of undertaking her mentoring program). Yet she knows she was more than ready. It was no longer her option staying the way she was.

She also knows she is fully led and supported, by life and the Universe, to get to where she wants to be.  It wasn’t going to be straightforward or easy. However, she is already developing a strong sense of divine timing, inherent purpose, self-trust and allowing. It is truly beautiful to see. As the fresh insights drop in, she is integrating these, along with new tools, skills and ways of being that feel strange and unfamiliar.

It was very special to share those moments with her and to see her wonderment, joy and clarity open up out of confusion, fear and uncertainty.

I’m not suggesting that radical change is right for everyone.  However when we are truly ready, if we do the work and stay the course, the sensation that unfolds of watching ourselves evolve is truly amazing. There is a sense of inner peace and accomplishment, relief, ease and self trust.

That recognition that ‘this is what I was hoping would come and it’s even better than I thought it would be’ along with ‘Wow, I’ve really done this’, is a mind blowing feeling.

My client is kicking ass and I am so proud of her. Following what you know, breaking away from all your old patterns, trusting yourself, despite what people might be thinking is brave. Having no idea who you’ll be at the end of that process (but choosing to change anyway), is terrifying and inspiring.

She is uplifting me, reminding me why I do this work and what we can achieve when we put in the effort to reach that next level of our potential. I am in awe of her brilliance, privileged to be a part of this and am grateful for who she is.


My client has now graduated. In the final weeks of her program she surpassed her own expectations again. She is incubating further realizations and insights, has consolidated on the earlier work we did together and is connecting with a new sense of how far she has come.

What she is choosing for herself now, wouldn’t have been possible 6 months ago. The sense of reward, accomplishment and gratitude for the choices she has made, is palpable to everyone around her. She is managing her life differently, her anxiety has dissipated, her relationships are different.

She is glowing, empowered, joyful and her life is expanding. Her lows are much higher, she has put previous challenges behind her and is vibrating in another way. She is now attracting better circumstances, opportunities and people into her life. There is a synchronicity present, that she wasn’t able to receive before.

She is enjoying her life, feels happy and fulfilled and excited for the future. She is motivated, more mindful and tuned in to who she is and what lies ahead.

Some helpful Questions When Considering Intense Personal Development: (My programs are intense and NOT for the faint-hearted) 

💪 If you had an infinite supply of courage and you couldn’t get it wrong, what would you choose?

💪 How much change are you ready for? What is holding you back from your jumping off place?

💪 What could you create if you were supported by an expert to change your life? How would that make you feel that your life were worth so much attention and investment of time and resources to make it exactly the way you want it?

💪 Are you tired of playing small when you know something is far greater for you? How much energy does it take to hold that in place and keep pushing away those possibilities?

💪 Are you sick of dragging your life time of baggage around with you? Are you fed up of your limitations, your insecurities, your fears and your old ways of doing things. Are you sick of not achieving what you would like to because you don’t have the know how to change what isn’t working?

💪 Let’s imagine 12 months from now, you didn’t choose mentoring when you knew you wanted to…

You made it about the timing, how busy you are, what your partner would think, or about the money. Although really, you were scared at what those changes would create, not knowing who you’d become in the process or how your life would be afterwards.

Picture this – one year on, nothing has changed, except you’ve paid another year of bills, you’re a year older and you’ve made some progress and overcome some things. The deep stuff you want to be different, isn’t. How do you feel?

Being different and changing takes chops, effort, courage, commitment, perseverance and it isn’t for the faint hearted. You’ve got to be ready, feel the call and be willing to honour that. Is 2019 YOUR year?

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