So, you’ve done loads of self development, you know about saving, working hard, hustling and creating abundance. Maybe you’ve seen the Secret and you know you’re a good person, but the money isn’t showing up in line with that and it’s confusing.

Perhaps you get a little bit of freedom, insight into your money situation, make progress, then it all falls apart a few weeks later. It feels like you struggle living week to week, while others have so much money ease.

Maybe your work doesn’t ever seem to be rewarded properly, you always pick low paying jobs, or you have a good financial reality in your mind, that never comes to pass.

There are several reasons this is happening for you:

  1. You have a script of lack and limitation running in your head (almost non stop) which you are not aware of that is undermining your attempts to do better financially and to receive more.
  2. You have self worth issues that ensure once you receive money you spend/lose it again and you have self sabotage with money.
  3. You are full of unresolved issues, trauma or other people’s crap and therefore you can’t receive properly, no matter how much good work you do.

This article is going to focus on the first of these as that’s the most straightforward to address for yourself. Lack of self worth and trauma require more in depth changing, beyond the scope of this piece. If you are affected by these, please don’t despair. You can feel better and completely change your money situation too.

Connect with me to discover how we can work together. Or keep reading to discover how to address your internal monologue of money lack.

I’ve recently had a couple of instances where I had to make an application to a 3rd party for an outcome that would significantly impact my financial future. I stood to make or loose a lot in terms of financial security and immediate ease in my life, especially around my business.

I noticed I had some measure of fear when I would consider what would happen if things didn’t go my way. My body would feel upset and my mind would follow. I immediately recognized what was happening and made a decision about how I wanted to handle things (differently, powerfully and effectively) and with ease.

Instead of let my emotions bother me, I saw this situation as a gift and opportunity to evolve. You may already know, I’m a proponent of everything happens for us and not to us. When we approach challenges from that perspective, we become powerful and can respond well. Here’s what I did to succeed and overcome this old lack money script..

1.I Acknowledged the fear

I recognized my body was helpfully letting me know I felt afraid and I didn’t react negatively to it. I decided to use the situation as a way to free myself from some of my past instead.

2. I made a decision to take control of the situation so I could take the action and be effective

I decided to do everything I could to effect change emotionally. Staying in a fearful mindset would harm my ability to get a positive outcome and be really stressful for at least 6 weeks, (the time frame to wait before receiving the news).

Completing my application effectively, clearly and getting all parties who were delivering information to do so quickly and easily, required me to be present, powerful and calm. I couldn’t do that if I was paralyzed with fear.

3. I changed old beliefs

Once I identified the old beliefs that were running things, I wrote out new beliefs to replace, that supported what I was accomplishing, how I want to be going forwards and held them in my awareness until they became my ‘go to’.

When old beliefs came to the surface, I’d allow them to run for a few minutes and feel what had shifted and changed. I would then reaffirm the new beliefs until they felt grounded in my body, I could feel the feelings of them and keep going.

4. I visualized the situation as already completed in my favor and felt positive, happy, inspired feelings around that several times a day.

Every morning I would meditate and whilst relaxed, safe and protected, I would visualize and take time to experience the emotions of having that freedom and abundance. I also imagined every aspect of life and my invisible ‘team’ working in my favor. I chose to accept that life wanted me to have this, so I could express my full potential and help as many people as possible and that’s exactly as it worked out!

5. I decided to act as someone would who already had the decision she desired

This is a little harder to describe. I did everything powerfully, deliberately and I managed to support my body a lot with my daily habits so it could bring more energy to the table. I think I also pulled a tonne of energy from around me to mobilize action. I tricked my subconscious by thinking of myself who already had what I wanted.

6. I was unwilling to receive a unwanted outcome and would do whatever was it took to effect the outcome I desired.

I think I do this quite often, but I attached a lot more momentum, clarity and intensity to this than I normally do. This was a powerfully trippy experience. I could swear I felt the molecules almost separate and start to rearrange into the outcome I was asking for.

7. I was proactive and took crazy amounts of focus and energy to get things done

I was persistent, tenacious, organized, thorough and learned quickly, adapting as required. I worked long hours for a month until my application was complete and the situation was dealt with from all angles.

Even then, I felt so good, I didn’t stop and put my feet up, I kept that momentum going forwards as I sensed it was pulling things in a really good direction and that once things were decided, I could float along on that momentum for a while to regenerate and keep pulling more good things into my experience.

That was exactly what happened and this is in direct contrast with what I would have done in the past, where I would have gotten run down and sick and had to rest for a day here and there throughout. It was almost like a created a vortex to achieve what I wanted.

I supported my body with really good habits during this time and stopped eating crap completely. I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t sustain myself for as long as required to get everything done.

8. I was honest with the people around me and allowed them to support me

I was too busy to see friends much during this period, but when I did connect, I was open and honest and people chose to support me, which was lovely.

It’s important when changing lack thought loops to:

  • Know that you can change them
  • Allow old thoughts to surface without resistance
  • Acknowledge the feelings (which helpfully alert us to these).
  • Be un-willing to accept the old and determined to implement the new
  • Visualize the outcome you require
  • Take action and generate the energy to accomplish this
  • Have some effective ways of releasing old beliefs and stuck energies

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