As a transformational life coach and mentor, I’m big on clearing blocks with clients.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT step in creating a new life or adopting a new direction and moving towards it.

Many people don’t realize this and will try and create a different state or create progress while dragging their baggage and limitations and old ways of thinking along with them.

I see it all the time, when people have been through a lot and formed beliefs in line with those experiences are trying to create a new life that isn’t supported by those beliefs.

They are projecting their past into the future and re-creating the same results with different people, places and things. They are genuinely confused as to why this is and tend to create more limitations around this over time, adding to their burdens the fact that their best efforts have resulted in them going around in circles instead of moving forwards.

Those people usually have tried a number of things such as having healing sessions, going to therapy, using oils or affirmations and these may support a change, but don’t go far enough, leaving them puzzled as to why life isn’t getting better.

When I connect with someone who is in that place I feel excited, because I know that person is genuinely looking to do better and have greater for themselves and I also know they will do the work of creating a different life. I also know with the right advice, direction and techniques, they will easily progress and create great things.

There are a few ways of moving forward:

  1. Clearing the old whilst creating the new

 This creates a sense of excitement, possibility and shows a glimpse of a new reality that is tangibly close while untangling what doesn’t work.

We set aims and move towards them, addressing old limitations and experiences as they get triggered (usually by way of a fear that is stopping them).

This stops the person getting bogged down in what didn’t work and allows a sense of accomplishment and the building of momentum whilst enabling the courage to address and clear the old.

  1. Clearing the Old to create ease in the present and then tackling the future

 For some, the old stuff is too big and we need to focus there for a while, referencing to the present as necessary before tackling the future.

This process naturally works and lends itself to the emergence of a different future and stepping people through this is a joy and delight, as what they were using to stay small slips away and they begin to connect with their inner power, feel their value and understand that they really can choose anything.



Shepherding people through either of these experiences and watching someone’s awareness and connection with themselves grow whilst they start to nail their goals and feel genuine empowerment and joy in this process is both humbling and exciting, joyful and a huge privilege.

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Photo by Charlotte Moon on Unsplash