What is Transformational Mentoring and How does it work?

Transformational Life Coaching is a process whereby I walk alongside you and assist you to change or transform your own life over a period of time.

You do the work and I facilitate that process. You call the shots and I offer inspiration, feedback, encouragement and support. 

I may also offer guidance, give examples from other students/customers (anonymously of course), speak from my own personal experience and give you information, resources and options.  

I proffer tools appropriate for where you are at that allow you to proceed forwards with greater ease, implement new approaches and strategies and get amazing results.  

I also hold space for you to bring up fears, doubts, insecurities, limitations and process them as you see fit and together we go backwards to unravel these at source, freeing you of the past and allowing you to create an amazing vision for your future. 

Getting free, allows you to conceive an amazing future that perhaps wasn’t available to you in the past. We identify goals that light you up, make you simultaneously terrified and electric with excitement and we then make a realistic plan and set of action steps for going forwards.

You experiment each week with new ways of being and doing things and we discuss your wins, your challenges, celebrate your successes and integrate your ‘failures’ as the awesome learning experiences they are…We re-strategise and fine tune as you progress. 

Trust is integral to this journey, so is being honest, open and willing to be present and put your barriers down. You also have to be willing to work hard. This is in addition to your normal life, it will take time, effort between sessions and a burning desire on your part to have a different possibility and a better future. 

You will also discover what’s right about you that you couldn’t see before. On the opposite end of each limitation is an equal and opposite strength that maybe you have never been aware of. We visit these and allow you to uncover your own magic.

Each week your confidence grows and your competence with the new tools and skills expands. You will delight yourself with the changes you are making and other people will wonder what is different about you. What’s so cool about this, is you don’t just tick of your short term goals and progress toward your mid and long term ones, you become a different person in the process.

That is the real reason for personal development. We may start for external reasons like wanting to overcome something, seeking a pay rise, career change or new relationship, but as we work towards those outcomes, we change and become a new version of ourselves.

The benefits of Transformational Mentoring are multi-faceted, far reaching now and in the future and mind blowing. After a while depending on your level of commitment and the length of your program, they also become compounding, as free from your old issues and with new competencies and abilities, you begin to build momentum and create from a space that wasn’t available to you before. 

Are you brave enough to take the plunge? Is now the time?

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Rose Aitken is a mentor offering a different approach to changing your life.

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