Manifesting is an incredible tool for creating powerful alignment, focus and clarity.  It allows rapid accomplishment of our goals, with less effort and more ease. It gives us an almost unfair advantage in life, if we are willing to use it. 

Manifesting is so effective because it offers a system for emotional mastery that allows us to align with our desires by changing our state. This is accomplished through visualizing the goal as already manifested and assuming an emotional state to match. In so doing, you pull the outcome to fruition rapidly and with less effort.  

Here is my definition of manifesting:

“Manifesting is working with metaphysical principles or energy to create ease and to be more effective, abundant and joyful in your life”.

You don’t need to know the science to use manifesting – you can make it work for you just by applying some simple tools correctly.

Three Principles of Manifesting you can use to create more:

1. Your Thoughts Become Things

All emotions have a resonance or vibration which radiates out from the human body.

We all have a primary vibrational set point, which determines what we attract into our experience by way of people, events and things. The Universe delivers to us based on vibration. 

There are specific actions you can take to raise your vibrational set point, like clearing out our emotional baggage and doing joyful things.  

2. The Happier You Are The Easier Your Goals Will Come

Most folks have the belief that when they achieve what they want, they will finally be happy. According to the Laws of the Universe, this actually works the opposite way around. 

It is true we are drawn to things that we will feel happy having, however, success follows joy, real joy isn’t the result of success.

If you are trying to achieve from struggle and lack, you will likely fail to achieve your ambitions. You may relate to this, if it’s ever happened to you. 

3. Any Beliefs That Conflict With Your Goals Will Stop Them Manifesting

When we have resistance to what we say we want to create, it shows up in our vibration. This prevents what could be yielded easily to us, from being delivered.

A good example is always money. Many people say they want to be wealthy, but they despise wealthy people. They say things such as “I’d stay the same if I were rich” or they think things like “All rich people are dishonest”.

Find a way that works for you of identifying resistance and releasing it.

To develop some manifesting expertise, do some study and give it a go. The worst that can happen is it could fail and learn what doesn’t work so well for you. At best you will notice changes and feel differently. 

Attending some classes, working with a Law of Attraction trained coach, or reading some awesome books are all good places to start! I highly recommend “Ask and It is Given” By Esther and Jerry Hicks and E2 by Pam Grout.  

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