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Appreciation or gratitude as is it’s commonly referred to is very flavor du jour in personal development circles.


We’ve all heard about gratitude journals, positive thinking and how being grateful is a good idea to create a happy outlook, abundant mindset and soulful approach to life.


What is all the fuss about and how does it actually behove us to incorporate gratitude/appreciation into our daily life and living?


Appreciation and gratitude are subtly different and have different meanings.


Gratitude implies relief.  For example:


“I’m so GLAD that worked out the way it did”. “I’m so GRATEFUL (relieved) for your help with that” That is a feel good and positive acknowledgement to make.


Appreciation has a different vibe from gratitude and is more expansive and generative. For example:


“I love that (thing/talent/ability) about you, you are amazing at that”, “That is my favourite view/place/flavour/meal…


Rather than being relieved that something worked out, when we do APPRECIATION we are just admiring what is awesome about a person, circumstance or thing, with ZERO attachment to outcome.


For that reason, I would describe appreciation as having a similar vibration to true love.


HOW does being thankful or appreciating things contribute to our lives improving and why is everyone espousing the benefits of it as a practice?


  • What we put our focus on multiplies
  • The quickest way to take our focus OFF what isn’t working and onto what IS, is to be grateful for the things that are and EXPAND that energetically by giving it our attention.
  • It’s impossible to be angry/sad/feeling lack and in judgment of anything/anyone when we are grateful.
  • The more we cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ in general, the less mental space we have to unconsciously create negative emotions.
  • Like everything else, gratitude is a muscle that becomes easier and then effortless over time.
  • Gratitude/appreciation makes our physiology/neurology feel happy and teaches us we are safe and from that place we can align with our deepest desires for easy manifestation.
  • How that works is the Universe reads vibration and delivers based on that. The happier we are, the more we will attract all the things that enable more happiness, joy and accomplishment.


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