1. Our planet is happy and healing

Clear skies over China, clear water in the canals in Venice. Dolphins in the Ganges…You name it, the planet can breathe without our presence, pollution and chaos everywhere.

There was no way without Corona and Lockdown we would have ever offered Mother Earth that kind of relief and what’s good about this planetary pause is that we can see the results and her recovery in only four weeks!

We need the planet, she doesn’t need us and it’s time we start to wake up and really get this. Raping and pillaging is a really dumb, unsustainable strategy that will bite us on the backside now and in the future, should we happen to try and return to that.

You may feel that you don’t get a say in that, it’s up to the money makers, corporation owners and politicians, but they’re feeling the pressure. Their ways are being slowly exposed, people are waking up and starting to connect and listen to one another.

Together we have more power to create anew, to effect change and to demand differently than we’ve been led to believe. I believe that world leaders are beginning to listen to the people for the first time and that those locked in the old ways will begin to become extinct.

2. We get to take a pause from autopilot and be present with ourselves

We are starting to see all the ways we pacify ourselves, we cope or not with our discomfort, where our vulnerabilities lie and what we rely on to get us through life as we’ve been creating showing up in the world.

We may have drifted through the last however how long, without re-evaluating anything. Or it may have been that we’ve been justifying to ourselves for ages why we’re not willing to change and deep down, we really desire something different.

What if in that pause there was time to (get our to-do’s done of course) and also to just BE with ourselves. No demands, no external pressures to live up to, just our thoughts, body, soul, internal compass and dialogue and a chance to restart and reset differently?

3. Eating Healthily and caring for our bodies

Obviously with a viral threat good nutrition is more important now than ever, along with joy, laughter, kindness and connection and movement.

Many have had their addiction to fast foods broken. This is critical as those foods create brain instability and an environment in which mental dis-ease can flourish.

Lockdown and the need to deliberately move either on our properties or out and about locally has highlighted exercise and the benefits to mental health and physical well-being.

Many have also been offering online classes in yoga, pilates or healing and people have been trying these for the first time for free, at home. These awareness’s and opportunities will keep going long after lockdown is finished.

4. Connection with one another

What I’m aware of is how anchored within each other we have become rapidly, without physical company. We have come to appreciate what the presence of those we really love means to us.

Most of us can’t wait to be around our favorite people, to experience the safety, body synchronicity and endorphin chemistry that our in person connections provide.

5. We can re-establish our values, priorities and create new opportunities

We get to stop being wage slaves and feel our own energy (without everyone else’s thoughts, feelings and emotions and demands either conscious or un conscious pressing in).

We get to consider who we’d like to be, without the hurry, hassles, stress, drama, superficiality and the disconnectfrom our inner wisdom.

We get to ‘be’ and hear ourselves and not ‘do’ like hampsters on a wheel. And we get to reflect, incubate and integrate some of the changes we have made and states we have experienced during lockdown into our life.

We may even throw away the template we have been living from and start anew with new connections, friends, habits, rituals, routines and thought processes.

6. An invitation to self sufficiency

Many are perhaps realizing for the first time how resourceful we really are and how much abundance we really have. In the stillness has come a new type of creativity, expression and desire to connect to our garden’s kitchens, to bake, to grow herbs and vegetables, to use technology selectively and effectively and to be less concerned with instant gratification and more centred in our bodies.

7. An invitation to integrity

People are no longer willing to be lied to about vaccines, technology, laws, entitlements, opportunities or anything else. They are no longer willing to accept uncaring and corrupt governance. A new breed of conscious leaders is emerging and they are already effecting widespread changes and being heralded for their presence and actions.

8. We will appreciate our freedom and revel in new possibilities

We all chose to incarnate here at this time for a reason. If we were all in our potency and empowered within ourselves and externally what would life be like?

If those who have been asleep would embrace the awakening that is going on, how wonderful could our planet become? If new technologies were used for the good of mankind rather than the suppression of the masses, imagine what could emerge?

We will now acknowledge the freedom we have perhaps squandered and taken for granted, we will appreciate the work involved in doing things right and we will appreciate the privileges of Western lifestyle and begin to address inequality wherever it may lie.

People of all types will unify and judgment will begin to be outed and cease. It’s already here now, everything just feels different and we are so blessed.

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