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A big part of the work I do with those in person and who live in my area (as opposed to those I work with online) is the Access Bars, from a modality called Access Consciousness. I was an Access Bars teacher for 4.5 years and gained a lot from that experience, now I just use this powerful tool in my practice with those I work with one on one.

(Just to be clear, I also do somatic work with all my clients, such as breathwork, connecting with the body and visualization, but this body process is just an ‘in-person’ one).

The Access Bars is the flagship body process in Access. This is because it can help anyone and it works heavily on the brain and neural pathways, the body and being to help someone create powerful and rapid change. The Bars is unlike every other type of healing modality, because one session allows people access to a brainwave state equivalent to someone who has meditated for many years.

This helps many people progress forward towards their goals, because it allows them to function from a different biological state which is uncluttered, focused and relaxed and it can also assist others to release their trauma and heal, allowing them to start to create a better life too.

Neuro scientist Geoffrey Fannin studied the Bars in 2016 and found that it allows us access to a state called coherence in our brains. It is an incredible things to experience.

The reason the Bars does this, is because it clears out all the electrical circuitry in the brain and body related to our thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments and traumas, which is very similar to emptying the hard drive on a computer. When all that excess mental energy goes from the brain and also from the body, the person is free to show up as themselves. They will have ease being in their own skin and they can be very clear and very focused, without fog, confusion and chaos firing off in their chemistry and holding them back.

Imaging of changes in the brain following an Access Bars session

I run Bars for many different people. Lawyers, doctors and business execs love it, because they find with their heavy left brained activity and added responsibilities, they have issues sleeping and their continual mental activity keeps them harnessed to the grind of their jobs. (They are often out of balance and often stuck mentally and physically).

These clients, often feel amazing after Bars and report feeling much lighter. Their lives may run more easily, as they are less ‘workaholic’ more focused, relaxed and have a stronger sense of themselves. The Bars gives high achievers an unfair advantage and gets ‘in there’ in a way that endless yoga classes and meditation can’t alone, seldom accomplish and which there often isn’t time for.

The Bars can fast track our ability to reach extremely powerful relaxed states and can clear our emotional baggage at the same time, which often means people save time, money and keep their busy lives more in balance with less slogging away and efforting.

Another type of client I work with, is people who have had a life time of trauma. They have usually sadly tried everything that was available and not had much luck with traditional based therapies, which aren’t trauma informed and don’t involve the body. 

These people (typically) formed trauma pathways in infancy and grew up in dysfunctional families where they had to be the parents. Usually, (but not always) they have had alcoholic fathers and compliant, passive mothers and so the blend of stuff they are carrying is painful, invalidating, confusing and to make matters worse, they have had a hard time in their lives with adult relationships.

Typically (but not always) these clients will have had depression and anxiety, have experienced abuse and usually have kids with special needs, who are on the spectrum and have anxiety and/or ADHD. Obviously I am making huge generalizations here for the sake of the article, I’m really wanting to connect with people who go “that’s me”, and I am aiming to keep it simple.

There is pretty much no one who cannot benefit from Bars. We are all exposed to a range of different energies in our lives and because our culture is so toxic and there is so much dis-connection from each other and ourselves, we have all had hardship and ‘little t’ traumas. 

Most of us experience stress, overwhelm and challenge at some stage in our lives. The statistics for depression and anxiety and anti depressant medication are through the roof.

Dr Terrie Hope PhD has done a longditudinal study into the Bars and she found that it is significant in the treatment of both anxiety and depression. The Bars is being used with war vets in the US and in low decile schools to create new possibilities.

With inter generational trauma and beliefs about hardship and suffering being passed down endlessly, the Bars is a tool that can offer great hope in conjunction with other methods. It is very hard to create changes, when the physiology is working against someone, but it is much easier to work with people to create change when it isn’t.

So, what does a Bars session look like?

A Bars session involves the light holding of 32 points on the head for 60 or 90 minutes. I sit on a chair at one end of my massage table and lightly hold these points during a session. There is no massaging, just light holding and clients can usually feel the electrical dissipation taking place. 

The Bars is very gentle to receive and often the way as session is referred to is “At worst you will feel as relaxed as if you had the most amazing massage of your life, at best, your whole life will change”.

We are like computers, we store all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments, traumas and points of view as electrical circuitry in the body and brain. Over time, these electrical impulses carve out well worn pathways (rather like wagon wheel ruts) which mean with certain triggers or sets of circumstances the circuitry fires off, keeping us stuck in the same, automatic responses. 

For people at the trauma end of things, it’s basically almost impossible to rewire this chemistry with thinking your way out of it or with talk therapy, which is why it often fails for them.

Just to illustrate an example of circuitry dictating our behavior, imagine seeing someone you rather dislike in the street. Usually before we can even gather ourselves, our electrical impulses will start firing, creating a contraction which is automatic and may leave us angry, scared, frozen, uncomfortable or just scurrying away. It’s the same with that asshole colleague at work, or that part of our job that stresses us out.

Without the electrical circuitry in place, we recognize that thing and carry on regardless. We remember we don’t like it/them, but we aren’t at the effect of things, rather we are free to fill up the new space with a different choice, behavior or point of view. The Access Bars, allows us the opportunity to do the work of creating new possibilities, pathways and realities for ourselves. It makes sense that to put new measures in place, we should have to clear out the old first.

We can’t build a new building on old foundations and we shouldn’t do that with ourselves either. You will still have your memories of past events, you just don’t have the electrical impulses holding you stuck in old response systems.

What my clients tell me is that their session is extremely relaxing, they feel much lighter of their baggage afterwards and if we do verbal facilitation, they also understand themselves and the dynamics of themselves and their past differently afterwards. 

Access Bars is valuable for any type of personal transformation. 

  • Bars is good for children and students wanting good results from exams
  • It can work amazingly for alieviating stress, depression and anxiety
  • It aid resolution of sleep issues and assist with clarity of thought
  • It can help with physical symptoms in the body and may ease pregnacy and childbirth
  • It is great for those on the spectrum
  • It can be wonderful for helping shift abuse and trauma and is used with returned verterans in the US and special needs kids in low decile areas.
  • Because if works on the brain, the Bars can assist with resolving, shifting, clearing and letting go of old addictions, patterns of behavior and stuckness that nothing else has accessed.

You can read about my first ever Access Bars session here. Having your Bars isn’t a by-pass for doing your inner work, it can facilitate far more ease with the process and tip the balance in your favor by getting your biology working for you.

I offer two hour trauma release intensives using Access Bars plus verbal facilitation tools from Access Consciousness and I offer a range of other Access Consciousness body processes to those I work with in person. (These range from immune system processes, anti aging and hormonal balancing processes, grounding and a process for releasing inter generational trauma). I am also an Abuse Hold practitioner which is a stand alone process requiring specific preparation.

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