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I am so appreciative of the beautiful people that come into my life via my work or business.

I am both privileged to get to know you and honored to create with you each day.

The trust that people show when fronting up for a session and the courage they display in being willing to speak openly, or just be present, even when it’s tough because they are willing to do so to have a different possibility, is humbling and inspiring to me.

It amazes me how devine timing is always at work and how people are bought into our lives, or ‘stumble’ across a certain opportunity, body of work, teacher or class at a certain moment for a reason.

You didn’t find this website by chance and I know you are looking to boldly change your life or you wouldn’t be here.

I invite you to enjoy looking around and sharing the kind words and beautiful energy of those who have already worked with me and changed their own lives for the better.

Thank you for visiting. Arohanui, Rose

Laverne Heissner

Nelson, New Zealand

Since meeting Rose in 2015 she has been so influential, positive and supportive. A year ago I was a severely depressed person that was blocking a lot of possibilities in my life. Today I am a totally new person and accept many positive things into my life. with Rose’s help I have cleared many limitations and she has coached me through some difficult times and has given me tools to empower myself between our sessions. I highly recommend Rose and all the services she offers.”

Jeanelle Ymker

Wellington, New Zealand

“Thank you so much Rose for the enlightening and uplifting session again today.  I really feel like you know me well and you have given me great guidance and advice.  I love the idea, of asking myself if things feel heavy or light, because when you really think about things they really do either have that heavy feeling or light feeling.  So it’s time now to start asking my body questions and listening to it’s responses, and trusting it!

You have helped me to start thinking about the types of questions I need to be asking myself to work through the things that were on top, and you gave me a greater understanding of why I am often getting stuck at the same place.  I came away from the phone call feeling less overwhelmed, that it would all be okay, and it was something that I could work on, and work through.
Thank you for sharing your valuable insights and positive vibes”.