The following is uncensored, raw and possibly speaks to you. I hope it is a contribution…

1. Don’t look for romance to complete you 

You probably won’t want to acknowledge what I’m saying or even read past this point lol, as we are all deeply entrained and conditioned to search for this as if it were real and true.

YOU are your soul mate and any communion, connections or soul contracts with anyone else are either to support you in your growth for a while, or to prompt you into growth from an uncomfortable place.

There is no forever, that is co-dependence and an illusion we have bought into.

2. If you have experienced abuse and it still bothers you, get help 

We are ready when we are ready for help. However, hoping it and it’s effects will go away of it’s own accord, isn’t healthy. 

If you need to seek help, face it, deal with it, put it energetically back where it belongs, reclaim you and ask the Universe to transmute the energy of it into something that is a contribution to the planet.

Get your body sorted as we store everything that ever happens to us in our energy field, cellular memory, neural pathways and cellular memory. (I offer abuse hold sessions if this is relevant for you).

3. Only through self-responsibility for ALL the crap in your life can you change 

This includes the toxic people and the interactions you have/have had with them.

It’s not their fault (although their choices are their responsibility). You manifested them in your life because you are an energetic match for them. (Even if you are victim to their persecutor, it’s on you and never about them).

Deal with you and all that crap will dissolve away and guess what? You will likely not attract more of the same, because when we get the awareness the lesson stops.

This is an inner path to self-discovery and a matter of honoring you and choosing differently based on awareness and growth.

4. Time and tide wait for no man  

Stop waiting for someone else to make your life better. For the lottery win, the fantastic relationship, the pay rise or the new living situation.

Those things may contribute to your choices, but they aren’t the answer to happiness. Your life is NOW.

Only you can improve your life and it takes real work to do that. It’s just the way this reality works.

Don’t be lazy and don’t let fear stop you. People’s biggest regret is ALWAYS what they didn’t do.

5. Happiness is bullshit

We are made to be joyful, ecstatic, blissful beings whose bodies are designed to be whole, healthy and healed.

Most people don’t know this.  They are conditioned to hate and control their body, to abuse it, think stressful thoughts and play small.

All, whilst looking for something elusive called happiness, which doesn’t exist and never has.

Feeling good is a moment by moment job, brought about by long term good actions and decisions.  These align you with bodily awareness, well-being, your spiritual nature, inner purpose, love and contribution to others and the planet.

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