My teenage years were excruciatingly painful. Fortunately, I’ve had the chance to heal my younger me and here is some of what I would have wanted her to know đź’— 

You are perfect, divinely beautiful and whole

You are loved, worthy and capable of achieving all your dreams. The biggest block to you doing so, is not other people, it’s what you tell yourself.

How you look by society’s standards is irrelevant. How you talk to yourself inside is what truly matters as well as using your talents every day for your pleasure and your development.

NEVER make anyone else’s opinion more important than yours

Others will say awful things to you. It’s not a reflection of who you are, it’s a reflection of them. The reason people say those things to you in particular is because you are sensitive and highly aware and that is not a wrongness, it is a strong ness and what makes you so special, kind and caring.

In time, you will grow to see the untruth in those words, you will see the fear and self-loathing behind them and you will have compassion for those people.

Words have POWER

The Universe works via energy. All words have an energy attached to them. Be careful when you make certain energies real and true for you by speaking words that are negative. Always state things in the BEST possible terms and tell the GREATEST story energetically that you can. Whatever energies you choose, the Universe will bring you more of.

You can be, do and have ANYTHING

All that burning ambition inside you will take you far, but you need to be your own best friend always, be kind to your body and keep your thoughts light and happy. (In general of course, not when you are upset or processing something). If you can do this, you will arrive at your goals much sooner, with much more ease.

You are not alone and you are loved

We are operating from behind a veil of forgetfulness, which makes us think we are disconnected, vulnerable, alone and helpless, the last thing you are is helpless and you are surrounded by love and support from the unseen. Trust this ALWAYS.

Life has a perfect plan for you

Rather like a video game, you have certain challenges to overcome to get to the next level (although it is never linear and it is never done).

Your soul chose those challenges and they are perfect for you for this life time. This life time is part of a much bigger journey you are on and you are lucky to be here, in this body and on this planet.

You are here for a reason and the more you grow, expand and use your courage, the more will be revealed to you. You got this!!!!

Ask for help/support/knowledge

Every time something causes you pain or there seems to be a never-ending issue that confounds you, feel into it. Allow it to overwhelm you, be present with it. Thank it for what it is showing you.

Then ask the Universe for help/support/knowledge/or the right people to help you change it. Nothing is bigger than you, but some things will test you so that you can grow.

Trust your knowing

Whenever you feel uncomfortable in a situation or event or certain people, that is your awareness letting you know that thing is not for you. Honour that knowing whilst meeting your obligations. Never decide you are wrong for feeling that way.

Honour you Parents whether or not they can honour you

Forgive your parents for all the ways they trigger you and for all the things you didn’t receive from them, that you needed. You have a contract with them to teach you certain things and they are delivering their end of the deal, to perfection.

Put those things aside and get on with your life the best way you know how. Believe you can and will heal when the time is right. At that point, you will disentangle from the past, understand those experiences and use them for your greatest good.

Learn to let things go

Anything that is painful contains a gift and information, which is able to be unraveled and revealed, when you are ready. However, let go of the ENERGY of that thing as soon afterwards as you can. The insight can come after.

Return all unwanted energy to wherever it originated from, asking for life to transmute into something else. Learn a system of letting go that allows you to move through life unencumbered and unburdened by people’s nonsense.

Stay true to yourself, who you are and what you know

There is an inherent wisdom, knowing and common sense that is yours alone and it is immensely valuable if honoured and well applied.  Be open to learn new things, but don’t compromise you in the process. Don’t give up your values to be accepted.

Learn the art of discernment

Not everyone is kind or caring or has your best interests at heart. Don’t go around treating everyone as your friend. Some people aren’t.

People won’t necessarily share your perspectives or ability to reason and aren’t always capable of recognizing Universal truth. That is okay, just get on with being you, it’s none of your business.

Judgment sucks and creates Pain

Don’t judge others and ESPECIALLY don’t judge you. We can only judge things we are or have done ourselves. Judgment doesn’t help you become better or help anyone else either. It just keeps perpetuating more crap that everyone is trying to avoid.

Don’t try to reason with people who inflict pain on you. Instead wonder why you feel pain and put your energy into clarifying that. Don’t make other people’s opinions more important than your own. That is the worst injustice you can do to yourself.

Perfectionism is a Recipe for procrastination and misery

Give up perfectionism, it is one of the biggest wastes of your energy there is. Care, do your best, take care of the details to a great standard and then LET IT GO. Otherwise you are wasting time.

Treat your body well. Learn to connect with what it is telling you

Your body is like a radio antenna which is constantly aware of things. It will try to tell you stuff via pain or symptoms as it doesn’t have a voice. If you can figure out the language of your body and honour it, you way forward will be so much easier.

Use humour and don’t take yourself too seriously

Life is a grand old adventure. We are here to create, to expand, to commune with other souls and to grow. Don’t take it too seriously. Spirit doesn’t, why should you? I once had a friend say to me “Wear life like a lose garment”. That made a lot of sense.

Be proud of who you are

You have much to offer the world. You are such a gift to the planet, to yourself and to others or you wouldn’t be here. Keep going forwards no matter what. Learn to trust that things always work out well for you and they will.  There is a bigger plan at play here and in time you will understand.

You are the divine embodied

You are capable, beautiful beyond your knowing and you have a loving heart. Always trust this. It will take you years to find out who you truly are and to connect with your soul purpose. It is magnificent and worth the pain. Try not to be hard on yourself in this process. All is well, you are loved and you never walk alone.

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