When people aren’t willing to be certain things or energies – for example successful or rich, they envy others who have done the work of creating those things.

We may be envious of someone we know who was born into a rich, wealthy family because their life seems so easy and they just appear to swan around the world having fun. Or maybe it is someone who is popular and loved by everyone, or a person that appears to have the ‘perfect’ family and domestic life.

You chose to come here this time around, you chose the struggles you are currently observing and experiencing. You chose your lack and limitation, your family, your health challenges and your level of abundance.

The good news is we have free will and all of this can change. We can also deviate from (perhaps) our original intentions and turn this opportunity at life into something absolutely magnificent and beautiful. Here’s how:

1.Use other’s success as a source of Inspiration

One of the secrets to getting to where I was, was not to look at what others had that I didn’t and to be envious of them, but to look at what they had and think “If they can do that, I can too”. Now, where do I start?

I became quite strategic about emulating the attributes I saw in others that I admired and in so doing have been more able to succeed in my own life. It’s not about copying them as a person, it’s about learning from them and re-creating the strategies that have enabled them to succeed in their field or endeavors.  

2. Ask Conscious Questions and get Curious

When I noticed someone knocking it out of the park, instead of thinking “that’s so unfair they have that and I don’t”, I would think “Omg, that’s so cool, how can I create something that amazing or even better”?

I would ask questions to gain more insight and understanding:

  • How did they do that?
  • Can I replicate that (in my way) with my talents and abilities?
  • If so, how?
  • What do I need to do and how can I make that work for me?
  • What are my limitations – what do I need to change, do or be different, to develop those traits that they are using?

If you admire something in someone else, it’s because you already possess some measure of those attributes yourself. So, you already have more than you realize to work with.

3. Research and Implementation

You may need to do some research to learn how to become the best at something, especially if you haven’t succeeded in that area before. Don’t worry though, because if it were unattainable for you, you most likely wouldn’t be interested in that thing in the first place.

You may need to read about establishing successful habits, how to get the most from your brain or emotions, managing time better, being more accountable or how to excel as a manager or leader. You need to figure out how to implement or incorporate those things into your daily routine or life, so you can achieve the success you desire.

This is where a coach can be incredibly helpful and supportive, giving us feedback and ideas and encouraging us when it gets tough and offering great tools to assist with the implementing especially around dealing with fears and limitations.

4. Be really Happy for others when they Succeed

Because we are all one, someone else’s success, it literally like yours. When anyone has a win and contributes greater to humanity, the collective is raised and we all benefit.

When you can become genuinely happy in your heart for other’s success, you are ready to create and command that level of success in your world.

How you feel about others success is a great indicator of where you are functioning from.

5. Be around others who can Support your Success

All the personal development gurus say it and it’s true. If your tribe are a bunch of unemployed drop kicks and you don’t know anyone who’s killing it, you’re going to struggle to become who you want to be.

It’s not impossible, but most times it will be harder than ever when our people, playgrounds and things, don’t support our aims and maybe even run counter to them by way of bad habits, negative associations and victim or poor thinking.

I have a personal rule of having people in my life doing way better than me who I can look up to (and contribute to – I find a way). There are those at my level who I am friends with and who support me and I them. Then there are those who aren’t yet where I am at who I encourage and lift up, because it makes the world a better place for all of us.

6. Fill your world with inspiring social media and books

It’s much easier to grow if you are surrounded by upliftment, helpful information and conducive energies. If you’ve never thought about it, start to explore who you would like to follow and what works for you.

Here’s some questions to set you on your path…

  • Who do I admire most in the world and what is it about them?
  • What aspects of their success can I replicate in my Universe?
  • How can I get the information I need to start to become as expert as they are?
  • Who can support me to get there?
  • What can I change today/right away that will facilitate me on that journey?
  • What do I believe about myself that I would need to change to become that version of me?

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