1.Eliminate Unhelpful Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. To change your circumstances you must change your internal attitudes, beliefs and emotions” Reuben Cheve

Don’t be critical of and negative towards yourself, or think ill of other people and situations. It’s pretty tough to win at life, if your outlook is miserable and impossible to build success over the top of that. It may not be your fault you think that way, as we are heavily entrained and conditioned to certain perspectives. However, changing how you think is your responsibility.

There are many methods and ways of disabling negative thought patterns. To do this thoroughly, it is a matter of destroying the negative underlying beliefs that may be deeply ingrained. For this to work, you have to be willing to take a leap of faith and make the effort. It requires honesty and an ability to self reflect.

This will always be a worthwhile decision. Without your limiting thoughts and beliefs you will have greater ease, less resistance and be able to excel and win at life more often. This creates momentum and progress on a new trajectory, which wasn’t previously possible.

2. Everything Can Be Changed

When we believe change is possible, it is. I see miracles happen often within my life, the work that I do, in my client sessions, the classes that I teach or attend, in my colleagues lives and their work also.

To achieve your own miracle, you have to want the chang, more than anything else and be willing to undertake whatever is required to get there.

The two reasons people desire change is in pursuit of pleasure, or to avoid pain.

Pain is useful, as it is our inner self telling us we have work to do.

Life is designed to be lived in joy. Any time we are unhappy we are away from our natural state.

We don’t have to tolerate feeling unhappy. If we are that is nature’s way of telling us to change our thinking or change the situation.

3. Don’t waste time on Regrets

Nothing is ever wasted and there are no right and wrong choices, only different choices. Too many times we are taught to expend energy on regretting something that never was for us. This is the true waste of our time and talents.

We are taught to tough out a bad situation long after its expiry date to ‘not quit’ and to ‘get the lesson’. Whilst always being open to receive awareness and learn about ourselves and others is good, don’t apply these principles to your detriment.

If it feels bad it is, choose again. If it lights you up from the inside, that’s also a sign. It’s not frivolous, too easy or wrong. Always trust what you know.

4. Life Happens For you and not to you

You are an epic creator and everything that shows up in relation to you, is something that you have attracted for your progress, growth or development.

We can’t change what we can’t own and often when we seek to improve our lot, we may not realize the extent to which we are powerful and in control of ourselves and our lives.

We may feel that circumstances brought us to this point, that life is hard or unfair and that we have been harmed by other people. Perhaps you are sick, broke, your family are assholes, or your spouse has just left and you think that is the source of your troubles.

The thing is never the source of our troubles, it is always us. This can be a very challenging shift in logic to make and may make you uncomfortable or angry to read. Reality is, nothing can be painful unless we attribute a meaning to it that is upsetting. Even if someone close to you dies or betrays you, that is still not the source of your pain. You may have a lot of emotion to release around that thing, but how you give meaning to those events is up to you. There are a lot of spiritual perspectives for example on death, that allow us to understand that person’s passing in a different way from the scary and lonely one that we may have been taught.

Huge challenges and difficulties are always chosen by our soul in advance of our coming here, so we can do the work of change. We aren’t taught this, so things can seem very unfair and perhaps we expect life to be easy or pleasant all the time. We don’t grow through ease. When life gets tough, we can resist and prolong our misery, or we can throw ourselves into the fire and learn new ways. These will afford us insight, learning, integration and healing that leaves us wise and altered.

5. Empathy/Sensitivity is a huge advantage used right

Most empaths react emotionally to things and are also aware of other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. They are often crippled by the intensity of this capacity and don’t know what to do with it.

Think about it a little deeper. Being aware of what others are feeling and thinking is a super power, but not if you are going to react to that information and be upset by it.

I teach my empathetic clients to separate the energy of what they are perceiving from the awareness or information. It then becomes a super power, instead of a hinderance.

6. Change doesn’t have to be slow or difficult

In my experience, the first way to create change is to remove anything blocking you from receiving personal change and being/doing/having that trait, quality or thing.

You will then have to take consistent action to create new results. When we clear blocks, we get to fill that space with what we would prefer to have. Including different thoughts, feelings and emotions, new ways of being or habits, friends, lifestyles or outcomes.

Sometimes after clearing a block, it takes a bit of adjustment to get our head around how rapidly changes show up. Particularly if we have been experiencing stuckness for a while. We may know the change we desire to make, but have fear or discomfort embodying the shift required. A good coach or facilitator can ease us into it.

Gone are the days where change is slow and exceedingly hard. Humanity is rapidly accelerating and the collective consciousness is raising. There are more and more techniques for improvement being brought to earth. There are many gifted light workers, coaches and facilitators around to choose from.

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