Empath Victimhood is rife these days. I see empaths everywhere complaining about how life here on this planet is too painful, everyone takes advantage of them and this reality is abusive and traumatizing.

In many respects, they are right. Anyone who is an empath would relate to those statements, however, Empathy is a superpower and once we discover how to use it to our advantage instead of against ourselves, life can be radically different. I know, because that has been my journey.

My young life was one of pain, trauma, chaos, disempowerment, abuse and eventually self hatred. I found many things that didn’t work to change this. Eventually through dogged persistance, I found the things that would unlock what was buried inside me.

I was one of the lucky ones, I got free and getting others free is now part of my life’s work. Part of that process involved removing trauma from my body, the other part involved learning empowering methods for staying energetically clear of other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies.

I used some of the tools below from the modality Access Consciousness, to accomplish this change. If you would like to work with me on mastering these tools for you, go here.

1. Don’t go into the wrongness of you

Empaths/sensitives/intuitives always go into the wrongness of them and always put the other person’s distress above their own.

People who have been abused are doubly bad at this. They will take responsibility for someone abusing them, for their own reaction and will try to placate the other person as well.

2. Who does this belong to”?

Any time I feel unduly upset or am blaming myself for something where I am not responsible, or I’m judging me, I immediately stop and ask who those thoughts actually belong to.

It may be my stuff in which case I can take a deeper look at it. Often it may be old scripts I am running that I was conditioned with, or it may be that I am picking up on someone else’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.

3. Return to sender

An immediate way to be free of other’s toxic energies we are picking up on is to return them to sender (with consciousness attached) and move on.

I find this tool so powerful, I can literally feel the change in my body when I do this, particularly if something landed and got in.

This has been the single biggest tool that has helped me as an empath own my own energy and be aware of other’s stuff, but not overwhelmed by it.

4. Clearing Implants and conditioning

If we have asked who something belongs to and returned to sender and it’s clearly our stuff, it can be useful to turn off all implants. Implants are conditioned responses we have been given that are energetically activated by other people.

This can happen where we have a conflict with someone or a conflict of interest or we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated.

Implants relate to many feelings, such as shame, blame, regret, guilt, anger, rage, fury, hatred, fear and self doubt…

5. I began to ask questions about EVERYTHING!

Questions open up and connect neural pathways and invite possibilities to start creating.

What else is possible here, I never considered, how does it get better than this? What’s right about this I’m not getting? Can this be changed, can I change it, how do I change it?

Once I started with these glorious questions, I started in a pragmatic way to tune into my empathetic and clairsentient abilities and use them to my advantage in every facet of my life and living.

I started to grow in confidence, to understand better where others were functioning from. I stopped reacting and resisting or aligning and agreeing to others, but got comfortable perceiving and knowing about them instead.  

I was able to stop taking other’s behavior as personally regardless of what they said/did, as once I could return their energies to sender and tune into my knowing, I was no longer confused or paralysed by the energies of what was happening or overwhelmed.

Tuning into my own knowing gave me so much ease. That meant I could focus on developing my talents and my business, working with clients and becoming a kick ass facilitator, teacher and healer. I became free to connect with and feel my own positive emotion.

6. I had my Bars run – a lot!!

Bars is an incredible body process from Access Consciousness that allows us to release anything stuck in our body, brain or being that is limiting us.

Similar to computers, we store all our experiences (and the associated thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories) as electrical circuitry. Bars clears out the old circuits, so the body, brain and being can be filled with new ways of being and energies.

This electro magnetic component of thought is widely overlooked in traditional therapeutic practice and Bars is the only treatment I’m aware of that literally de-frags or cleans up our human hard drive, allowing us to get free of old patterns easily and create and assimilate rapid change.

For empaths who absorb everything and and who try also to heal others energetically, clearing out old stored responses in their neural pathways, cellular and muscle memory and energy field is vital to their well being.

7. I started seeing everything in my life as a contribution

I stopped being a victim and started seeing myself as a powerful creator of everything I engage with or encounter. This is not a conceited thing, rather it is an acknowledgement that life happens for us and not to us.

We cannot connect with any situation, person or thing, that isn’t relevant for us (and us for them). I began to understand that everything in my life is a result of choices I have made and something isn’t working, I have infinite possibilities available to me from which to choose again.

To discover how to master these tools and others in a private session, or take a class with me, contact me here.

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