1.Remove old beliefs, traumas and upsets from the body, energy field and muscle and cellular memory

I do this for myself primarily though Access Consciousness Bars.

Until 6 years ago, I was carrying significant trauma I’d held onto from childhood. I’d had therapy, CBT, counseling, attended numerous classes, workshops and tried many things, none of which worked for me.

Although I had all the intellectual knowledge to be free from all these things, what was embedded in my cells was running my thoughts and my life. All that electrical circuitry would fire off, keeping me permanently paralyzed and in pain. I saw the world through that filter and no amount of talking or learning shifted that in my physiology.

It is a strange feeling to know about being free, yet be so biologically stuck, you are locked in the past. I am pleased to say that now my body has caught up with my brain and my experience of life is considerably different today.

Access Bars was a life saver and a game changer for me and is for many others. Through this miraculous body process, I got free. I still cry when I think about my first Bars session, the verbal facilitation I received and how I knew that I’d found my thing after 20 years of looking. I now work with these tools to help others.

If you need to release some things holding you back, find a way to do it that works for you. We are supposed to create our lives moment to moment, implementing the future we desire. We cannot, while we carry past versions of us around, nor if we are paralyzed with shame, blame, regret or guilt.

One of the biggest things we are not taught in our culture, is how to get rid of what pains us and how to be conscious with our lives and ourselves.

Consciousness is not just about being relaxed, calm and self aware in the moment as mindfulness would teach. It is about being an empty vessel and being aware of all possibilities and infinite choices. That way love, inspiration and all that we desire can flow thorough us, fill us up and we remain energized, vital, connected and aware at all times.

We operate from energy, space and consciousness, instead of old patterning, programming, algorithms, entrainment, circuitry and soul contracts that are limiting us.

2. Adopt a present-future focus

As soon as you are free of the old, you naturally start to use every moment to simultaneously co-create your present and future.

This paradigm is not to suggest that you are not extremely grateful for your past choices and the learning contained therein. Rather you powerfully release the energy of these, instead responding moment to moment from your inner potency, to generate your highest future and self.

From this state, we can take actions today that allow us to create the future that will benefit us 2 years and 5 years from today, whilst simultaneously enjoying what we are doing and getting paid now.

3. Stop being a victim and take responsibility

Life happens for us and not to us. We are responsible for every thought, feeling emotion, attraction, manifestation and set of events we ‘encounter’.

Really we are co-creating with the Universe for our own benefit (whether that is learning or loving what shows up).  

If you don’t like what is manifesting, life is gifting you the opportunity to be different, so that your life becomes different. By owning it and changing from the inside out, everything around you will shift to acknowledge this and meet you where you are at.

4. Learn to see the benefits in and be grateful for every experience

Appreciating and seeing the opportunity for growth in everything, even heartbreaks, grief and disappointments, is key to your own empowerment and to a life well lived.

Once you adopt the mindset of being able to see the benefit in every situation and have a mindset of continual self improvement, there is nothing you cannot overcome or accomplish.

You stop becoming reactive to things outside of yourself over which you have no control and you realize by developing mastery from the inside out, you excel in the world.

5. Talk in the language of your body

Your body is your best friend and greatest instrument through which you experience all of life. It is constantly relaying information to you about the external world and your internal state as well.

Learn to speak it’s language for ease with absolutely everything. When we are on the same page with our body we interpret all symptoms and sensations as information and we become wise.

We allow our body to guide us, understanding through it’s sensations, who and what is for us and what is showing up far in advance of what our logical mind can comprehend.

6. Function from knowing not from feelings

Your feelings are your body’s reaction to your thoughts and therefore are as high quality as the quality of your thinking.

Learn to intervene in your own thinking, to change your feelings and grow as a person, taking on a higher frequency and becoming a match for the people, places and things you desire.

Acknowledge your feelings and allow them to flow, but don’t worship at the alter of them, (This is far too common in personal development and holds people back). Feelings are temporary sensations that guide us as to whether our beliefs are healthy or not. That is all.

The magic lies in the fact that we are wired in a way that our feelings will guide us to a higher consciousness, if we stop reacting and feeling the feelings of external events we don’t like (getting upset) and start align our thoughts to create a positive experience of our life instead.

Knowing is being, perceiving and receiving. It is pure and instantaneous. Knowing is light and expansive, feelings are often heavy and limiting.

Now, I want to be very clear, I am NOT talking about a by-pass created through fake positivity. Far from it, I am speaking about using your feelings as a guide to see where you have unhealthy and unhelpful beliefs, as you dismantle those beliefs, the quality of your feelings and life experience will improve.

This is quite different from a by-pass and takes a lot of inner work and self awareness.

7. Discover how to channel energy, receive inspiration and flow it outwards to others

Energy is one of the things we’re not taught about in an emotional or relational context.

This is what presence is all about. If you can master the previous six points you will automatically be expanded energetically with your barriers down.

You will be able to receive massive amounts from life your higher self and the collective unconscious. Inspiration, love, kindness and money can flow your way. Others truly sense this and will seek you out and connect with you, creating amazing relationships and opportunities.

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