Single Mentoring Sessions

Emotional Self Mastery Sessions

A 60 minute focused & empowering session on one area of life you’d like to change:

We look at your goals, and what changes are needed for you to achieve them.  If you are stuck, we examine why and shift any limitations and emotional blocks. You leave freer, with more clarity and a greater understanding of yourself.

We look at strategies and options going forwards and teach you some new ideas/concepts  for you to implement. You may need to do some research and make decisions subsequent to your session and take actions to carry out what we’ve discussed. You may wish to book further sessions. We will:

  • Get clear about what you are looking to achieve
  • Examine anything stopping you from success, what’s required to change that
  • Look at the skills gaps you may have emotionally, look at how you  can bridge    these and some strategies for dealing with them. We look at areas for  further      future exploration
  • Address skills/potentials you have that are unacknowledged and affirm these
  • You start practicing from today using these new skills
  • You leave lighter, with an action plan, more clarity, self belief & new skills 

Soul Empowerment
Facilitation Sessions

A 90 minute deep dive covering everything in the Emotional Self Mastery Sesssion 

plus more:  We:

  • Put the emotional ‘stuff ‘in a spiritual context (giving deeper meaning and context to your choices), AND…
  • Look at how your current/past choices relate to your soul purpose.We clear out the problem at it’s core/ point of creation
  • Take the positives out of your challenges & reframe them in a way that allows you to see the strong-ness of you instead of the wrongness of you.
  • Clear soul contracts that may have run their course & become harmful, including any oaths vows and promises you took, that have you stuck.
  • Gently clear all energies holding you in the same vibration, patterning and set of experiences.
  • Look at what you’re not yet willing to be/have/do, that holding you back.

These sessions are for you if you are ready to let go of things that are no longer serving you and to create a new future, free of the past. 

They require you to be open, vulnerable and courageous. You won’t relive trauma in the releasing of it, but you will likely experience emotional release, which can be temporarily uncomfortable and then typically feels amazing. 

When we have had trauma, we then form a picture of ourselves which becomes like a filter through which we process every experience we have. Clearing these beliefs and the trauma, allows healing and the adoption of new beliefs which allow us to become confident, safe and freer and to achieve our desired goals and outcomes more easily and to feel at ease. 

Two Hour Trauma Release Intensives

As we work together you will have fresh insights and awareness that allow you to see the trauma differently. We peel back layers and energies bit by bit and deconstruct old limiting beliefs you have been carried as a result of the trauma. 

The thoughts, feelings and emotions around it will clear and you will experience an immediate sense of freedom. 

We make sure that you get the awareness of the healing/growth that has occurred as a result of operating with the trauma, which allows you to grow in compassion and wisdom for yourself and others and to find peace. You will likely be braver, stronger, more knowing & highly attuned as a result.

We do healing for the wounding which is carried in the body and address the scared/smaller/younger version of you when the trauma occurred, with love. We make sure you are grounded and present now and that you feel safe in the world going forwards with this release and new information. 

Issues commonly addressed during intensives are:

  • Breaking free of addictions
  • Stopping the cycle of destructive relationships as a result of abuse
  • The Empath/narcissist dynamic
  • Clearing soul contracts that no longer serve. Releasing old karmic debts
  • Painful breakups – inability to let go of an old partner and move on
  • Chronic problems in forming relationships
  • Anxiety or chronic shyness
  • Habits that don’t serve and self sabotage
  • Lack of confidence and fear of being seen/speaking up
  • Clearing chronic co-dependence
  • Unraveling and releasing the emotional contributors to depression or anxiety so that you can start getting free and manage more easily
  • Looking behind ongoing stuck-ness and clearing it
  • Changing career, money or wellness issues.
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