Self Mastery and Soul Empowerment Sesssions


We gently uncover what is holding you back

We examine at what’s beneath that, where it came from, how it got stuck and the beliefs associated with that.

We clear out the problem at it’s core/ point of creation

We look at the skills you never had in the first place and give them to you now. 

This means you feel safe going forwards and you start feeling confident in a way you’ve never been able to before.

You start practicing from today using these new skills


We put the emotional stuff in a spiritual context (giving deeper meaning and context to your choices).

We look at how your current/past choices relate to your soul purpose.

We take the positives out of your challenges and reframe them in a way that benefits you and allows you to see the strongness of you instead of the wrongness of you.

We clear any soul contracts holding you fast and limiting you, including any other oaths vows and promises that have you stuck.

We gently clear all stuck energies holding you stuck fast in the same vibration and set of experiences.

This is very important and often overlooked, because it’s stuck energies that keep you blocked and pushing against, instead of moving forwards powerfully in a new direction.

We look at what you’re not yet willing to be/have/do, that is holding you back and why.