Single Mentoring Sessions

Emotional Self Mastery Success

A 60 minute deep dive into one area/aspect of your life you would like to change

We look at what’s beneath your stuck-ness, clear the limitations holding you back, understand how/why you created these and clear them. This is educational and you leave with a much greater understanding of you.

With the remaining time we look at strategies and options going forwards and teach you some new ideas/concepts for you to implement and go away and research for your progress. You may wish to book further sessions.

  • We gently uncover what is holding you back
  • We examine at what’s beneath that, where it came from, how it got stuck and the associated beliefs.
  • We clear out the problem at it’s core/ point of creation
  • We look at the skills you never had in the first place and give them to you now. You feel safe going forwards and you start feeling confident in a way you’ve never been able to before.
  • You start practicing from today using these new skills

Soul Empowerment
Facilitation Sessions

This is like an Emotional Self Mastery Success Session (see above) plus the following: 

(90 minutes)

  • We put the emotional stuff in a spiritual context (giving deeper meaning and context to your choices).
  • We look at how your current/past choices relate to your soul purpose.We clear out the problem at it’s core/ point of creation
  • We take the positives out of your challenges and reframe them in a way that benefits you and allows you to see the strong-ness of you instead of the wrongness of you.
  • You start practicing from today using these new skillsWe clear any soul contracts holding you fast and limiting you, including any other oaths vows and promises that have you stuck.
  • We gently clear all stuck energies holding you stuck fast in the same vibration and set of experiences.
  • This is very important and often overlooked, because it’s stuck energies that keep you blocked and pushing against, instead of moving forwards powerfully in a new direction.
  • We look at what you’re not yet willing to be/have/do, that is holding you back and why.

These sessions involve focusing on undoing any intense issues in your life and clearing out as much as you can of them. These are for people who are really ready to let go of things that are no longer serving them, in order to create a new future, free of past limitations. 

These sessions are not for the faint hearted and require you to be open, willing and vulnerable. You need to be courageous to go beneath a behavior or problem and clear it at it’s source. The issues holding these things in place can be old conditioning, family problems, traumas and much more. 

Two Hour Intensive

What is so effective about these sessions is we go in and clear what is holding them in place. Many associated emotions, thoughts and feelings will be removed creating a void that you can then fill up with new patterns and behaviors. This is freeing and empowering and you leave with a much deeper understanding of yourself and your choices. 

As we work together you will have fresh insights and awareness that allow you to see how you created that thing and how you have benefited from it. You will discover the power in this as you feel it dissipate and clear and you will see that you never have to be stuck again.

We look at the unacknowledged positives of you in all of this and empower you with the tools that you were lacking in the first place.

The type of things that people address during intensives are:

  • The type of things that people address during intensives are:
  • Getting free of addictions
  • Stopping the cycle of negative/destructive relationships
  • Painful breakups – inability to let go of a partner
  • Chronic problems in forming relationships
  • Previous abuse and empath/narcissist recovery
  • Anxiety or chronic shyness
  • Habits that don’t serve and self sabotage
  • Lack of confidence and fear of being seen/speaking up
  • Clearing chronic co-dependence
  • Unraveling and releasing the cause of depression or anxiety (except when chemical – even so much can still be released allowing for easier management and some improvement).
  • Looking behind ongoing stuck-ness and clearing it
  • Changing career, money or wellness issues .
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