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I remember my first experience of receiving the Bars and the Access Consciousness tools like it was yesterday.

I was unsure what to expect, a little apprehensive and also excited as it resonated from the moment I made the booking.

At that time in my life, I was experiencing full on symptoms from my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and crippling anxiety.

Unsurprisingly, I felt powerless in my life and at the effect of external events. The weather in the city I where I lived affected my health negatively, I had little support, money, limited choices and I didn’t know how to gain the traction to change things.

Access Verbal Processing

I really liked and trusted the woman facilitating me as I’d been to several taster classes with her. She knew her stuff, embodied what she was teaching and I knew she could handle ANYTHING.

That mattered, a LOT. After years of working with things that didn’t suit me or deliver what they promised, I was able to quickly test the limits of a new modality and get its measure in about two seconds flat.

I did test the limits and as a result, I knew she had my back, would powerfully help in any way she could and that’s what happened.

I had seldom come across a practitioner so dedicated to helping those who want change or coming from such a space of total allowance, non-judgment and kindness. Access Facilitators are trained how to hold that space for clients (and for others in their lives in general) so it is a very cool thing to experience, if you never have before.

I had paid for a 90 minute session with coaching and I loved that I got to sit and talk with her for 30 minutes before the hands on Bars session, so she could get a sense of what I wanted to change and help me to clear things using the verbal tools of Access Consciousness.

As we talked she offered me verbal processing tools appropriate to my different issues and explained how to use them. We began using the Access Conscious clearing statement to untangle the solidity of it all. The room felt electric and I immediately sensed huge shifts as what was being held in place by energies that I’d never been able move on my own was released and untangled.

I was awed, curious, relieved and strangely, lighter.

Hands on Baby – “The Bars®”

After this wow introduction, it was time to begin “having my Bars run”. I lay down and my Facilitator made me comfortable and then began to do the energy pulls on my body, followed by activating and holding the different sets of Bars one at a time.

I had a sensation of deep relaxation and harmony unlike anything else I have experienced.

It was like someone was re-arranging my energy field, the cells in my body (my muscle memories and neural pathways) and working through all the layers to create a new reality. Despite this re-arranging, my anxiety and associated holding patterns had faded into the background and were not active for a good part of the session at least. If they were, they ceased to be important or I couldn’t perceive them because of everything else that was going on.

I felt alive, connected and fully aware. I felt a sense of ease that reminded me of my childhood. Mentally, things started to come up and clear. Some of them I was aware of and others weren’t so clear, I knew it was emotions, limitations and stored hurts. It was like there were so many I could only perceive the top layer, but they were pouring out on multiple layers at the same time, so I wasn’t aware of all of them and that was actually a good thing.

As the session continued, I tried to focus my thoughts on the things I most wanted to change in my life and asked them to be released, and I got the awareness that there was much else to process first, so I let go and my mind wandered after that, I’m not really sure where I went. I felt safe and cared for and somehow that sense of recognition persisted.

I remember asking more questions and after a period we were done. I was blitzed, fried, weary, elated, relieved and lighter, very much lighter and super relaxed deep in my being. In the days that followed, the benefits stayed and I was integrating further shifts and changes into who I was. This took place for around a month afterwards.

What happened next

I knew my life would be different on that first day. I wasn’t sure how, but I was freer.

There wasn’t anything measurable at first or even specifically tangible, but after my 2nd session (around two months later) my life started to shift outwardly. At about session four (around 8 months later) things would change profoundly and my journey would take a forever different trajectory towards the one I’m on now.

As I gained experience as a Life Coach, I realised that many of the people I was working with could also use the benefits of Bars, so I trained as a Bars Practitioner and began taking classes in the tools of Access. By then my reality had started to take large shifts propelling me towards who I was to become. I’ve been so LUCKY to be on this journey.

I am now a qualified Access Bars Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator and see clients privately and teach classes. I am training to become a Worldwide Certified Facilitator so I can teach more advanced classes. I have had significant changes in my health, the abundance in my life and my relationships with others. My perpetual and residual anxiety levels are much easier to manage. My ability to focus and think clearly have changed so much that I’m like a different person.

Why this stuff works

We are all creating energetically all the time (without realising it).

Everything in this reality is energy.

Every living cell, object, emotion, relationship, every action. By better understanding how we create things energetically (as well as psychologically or physically), we are fundamentally empowered to create our lives very deliberately and effectively.

The Access tools allow us the chance to deliberately choose certain energies and clear others. They explain gaps in our knowledge and allow us to change what seems impossible.

For many who have never thought of life in this way, it seems really strange. That’s totally understandable, I get that, it seemed strange to me too.

Having tried many modalities, techniques and therapies for 20 years, that either didn’t do what it promised or that filled in only a tiny part of the puzzle, I was particularly open minded and aware of what was happening during my first Bars session. (I’ve realized that hardened skepticism is often an excuse for those who are fearful or unwilling to change).

Creating using ENERGY is instant, effortless, harmonious and about a million times more effective than making change through more limited means. Although it takes some commitment to master the tools and can be sometimes uncomfortable (adjusting to changes you have chosen), it is relatively painless.

When someone has chronic problems, whether it’s physical problems, emotional issues or patterns they can’t seem to break, it is an energetic entanglement holding them there. The longer the issue has been in place, the more solid the block and the more challenging it is to shift. With dynamic tools like Access, people don’t have to be stuck any more.

Access unmistakeably clears our nonsense. As the saying goes “Energy doesn’t lie”. Therefore, sort out the energy of any situation or entanglement keeping you stuck and BOOM! Instant clarity. A good facilitator will know immediately that something you say doesn’t match the energy of what you are being and show you how to change (if you wish).

This stuff encapsulates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual all at once, so it’s definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

We should really all be born with a CONSCIOUSNESS instruction manual.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS is so well named. It teaches us to Access what we know using certain tools. Once we are becoming CONSCIOUS by practicing the tools, the effort expended in the way we go about things just falls away. Life becomes simpler and easier and we can accomplish anything we want.

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