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1. My Journey into Consciousness

What is consciousness – how does it differ from the popular mindfulness?

How can you become more conscious and how can consciousness benefit you? 

Discover my journey into consciousness, how I navigated this un-chartered territory for myself and how I apply these tools and techniques today 

Uncover how consciousness can allow you to build an amazing life that goes beyond anything you hoped was possible.

Be inspired, receive some basic tools you can play with and begin to see life from a different perspective.  

2. What is Life Coaching? How is it relevant to life today?

What the *bleep* is this Life Coaching you keep hearing about? Why is it so popular now and is it just a fad? Who is life Coaching relevant for and how can it help? 

Why I became a life coach and what life Coaching has created for me and some of my clients…

What is my particular flavor of Life Coaching and how is life coaching different from therapy, counselling or spiritual work? (I include elements of psychology, body science, spirituality and energy work in my practice).  

Some basic information about how we show up in the world and what we choose, tell ourselves and how we can continue to grow and change in a manner over which we have an influence. 

3.Overcoming Chronic Fatigue – My Inspirational Story 

If you could see me 12 months ago, 2 or 5 years ago, you wouldn’t recognize me as the person that stands before you today.

This talk looks at my insights and journey of healing and growth as I began to out-create my past, create a new reality with my body and change everything about me and my life (whilst keeping the good bits). 

What principles, strategies and tools did I adopt to create these changes? Where am I at with these tools now? How I pass these onto others..

This talk is a truly inspirational journey which will inspire and enlighten you and make you question what you thought you knew. Great for your group or organization! 

4.Law of Attraction. What is it and how is it relevant today?

What was all that fuss about The Secret and why have most people decided that manifesting and LOA is untrue? 

What is the Science of Metaphysics? Why is it one of the fastest growing areas of Science, how does it relate to the Law of Attraction and where did LOA originate from? 

How is LOA relevant to contemporary life today, why it is important and how having a basic understanding of these energetic and spiritual principles and can they really benefit you.

LOA is related to spirituality and the one’s inner development and personal work. What does the full on journey using these tools look like? Discover some ancient truths about how life really works and discover how you can unravel your conditioning to create from a totally different space.

Hear some of my journey with these tools, both as a life Coach and personally.


Workshops and Classes

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Check Out This Upcoming Class:..

Access Consciousness Four Day Foundation Class

When: Friday 28th September to Monday 1st October 2018

The Foundation is the first class in Access Consciousness after you have taken the one day Bars training.

During this life changing four day experience you will be given a toolbox that allows you to break apart the foundation of limitation that you have functioned from until now. You will be given the skills and tools to create infinite possibilities and the life and future that you truly desire.

What does the four days consist of? You will receive transformational clearings, learn a heap of content, tools and information and be trained in five new body processes. You are literally receiving change spiritually, emotionally and physically all at once.

You will get a lot of personalized attention in this class and you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions about different aspects of your life and receive facilitation in a supportive group setting.

This class will up-level your life, well-being and vibration, give you a huge boost and in the weeks and months following, you will feel many of your old patterns, problems, thoughts, feelings and emotions untangle and de-manifest. You will literally be different, feel different and notice that you are choosing differently and creating more.

What if it’s possible to change anything? What if you know something that no one else knows? What if now is the time to express and choose everything you came here to be?


Cost $1750 You must pay a $550 deposit by the 26th September to secure your place. Account 38-9011-0648102-06, R A Aitken. Please put FOUND and your name in the subject line.

Investment $1750.00

Balance due on the day or payment plan available by agreement beforehand.


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