PTSD, Abuse & Trauma Removal

In Person Only. Two Hours – uses Access Bars & Facilitation

Separation, disconnection, trauma, abuse, struggle and broken families are behind much anxiety, depression and disharmony that afflicts much of society today.

Once embedded in the body, trauma sets people up for mental illness, physical problems, broken relationships, interrupted careers, lack, limitation, financial struggle and misery. Whilst for many people their trauma is obvious, for many others, they are not even aware that what they have been through has created a trauma and they remain confused about why they are depressed or anxious and their life feels so stuck or difficult.

Until the trauma is actually removed from the cells in the person’s body, their problems will remain. This is the main limitation with traditional psychological approaches. They don’t offer anything by way of trauma removal. Whilst talking and analyzing why someone feels the way they do, discussing relationship dynamics or family of origin archetyping and dysfunction can educate and justify a diagnosis, it frequently doesn’t free someone from their chemistry. I see many people who have encountered this.

Developmentally, someone growing up in a toxic family forms different pathways and connections in their brain. From there, they experience all of life from that physiology, pretty much guaranteeing they will have problems throughout their life without proper intervention. As these problems are overlaid with more and more negative experiences, it becomes a self perpetuating cycle. When you take into account that that for these people, their psychology and learnt behaviors are often unhelpful as well, they can truly suffer and miss out on much.


Intervene in the chemistry of trauma, release it and reset the body and the person can have an entirely different possiblity for the rest of their life. Yes, they have to take responsibility for their recovery and learn skills and tools that they probably never had previously, but suddenly they are on the same playing field as other people for the first time. They will need good support and to make sound choices, but they have a shot at success and relief at last.

Trauma is stored and imprinted in every cell inside the body, brain. It affects your neural pathways, cellular and muscle memories and is held in the energy field. The attached thoughts, feelings and emotions take up a lot of space internally and form blocks, preventing the normal flow of energy and awareness though the body. This comes at a high cost to the individual.

I have seen again and again people who have carried this stuff for many years. Their internal hard drive is full, they have become, rigid, inflexible and they are putting one foot after the other, dragging through life with tunnel vision, just trying to survive. Normally their relationships are chaotic and their barriers are up to other people and to themselves. They may experience many symptoms in their thoughts, feelings and emotions that are troubling and difficult to live with.

Fortunately with a new proliferation of publicity and science beginning to catch up with how these things work, it no longer has to be permanent and healing is possible and easier than you may realize.

How Your Session Works


  • Once you are ready you begin to chat about what is bothering you and what you’d like to change.
  • I immediately begin receiving and putting together an understanding of what the energies are holding that thing in place for you. I see how that thing came to be created, what limitations it has led to and how it is affecting you now.
  • We begin clearing those energies and all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, decisions, judgments attached to them come to the surface and begin clearing.More and more layers of stuff (that you couldn’t perceive logically before your session) will arise and we slowly work clearing all of that. During this process you are safe and at no time do you re-experience things. You may feel the intensity and emotions associated with it as it leaves. I hold space and facilitate you gently through it. Access Facilitators hold a space of non judgment and having your back as you get the awareness and let go.
  • You get free and as that happens, you understand it differently. You start to realize it was a creation and you start to feel the power of you, both as a creator and you see you never have to be stuck again.
  • We look at the strengths of you, that have come from those experiences. These are almost always unexpressed and unacknowledged or framed in a negative way internally.  We take a look at the skills and tools you lacked when that thing happened, so you grow from the experience and feel safe in the world going forwards. You leave wiser, more aware and freer.
  • You may wish to book another session to work on some more of these things.

When we are really ready to let things go, we know. You may require one or two follow up sessions to clear another layer of ‘stuff’, give you more ease and help you fully integrate the changes you have chosen.

You will be processing for some time after this session, so it is good to schedule with that in mind. 

I Use:

  • Neuro linguistic programming
  • Intuitive Counselling
  • Access Consciousness Facilitation (Spiritual Psychology) and Access Bars (if required). I am an Access Bars Facilitator, Former Worldwide Facilitator, CFMW, Body Process Practitioner and Abuse Hold Facilitator
  • Ontalogical Coaching
  • Bio Feedback
  • Human Behavioral Psychology
  • Laws of the Universe
  • Honoponopono
  • We may do soul contract work and we may remove entities and negative attachments
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