Package – 6 x 90 minute Bars with Facilitation for Radical Ease and Change

Receive the beautiful Bars Body Process along with Verbal Access Consciousness Facilitation and Clearings to create rapid Ease and Change.


The Package:

  •   6 sessions held fortnightly or monthly depending on your requirements
  •   90 minutes in an intimate, safe consultation room
  •   Become empowered to create change with personalized questions and clearings to use at home
  •   Personalized clearing support to do at home
  •   Follow up notes after each session
  •   Monthly payment plans available upon request


What you Receive: 

  •  Customized and intimate coaching, conversation and support
  •  Deep relaxation and transformation on a therapy bed whilst receiving The Bars® Treatment
  •  Access consciousness facilitation through lightly holding 32 specific points on your head
  •  A unique series of questions that are asked to trigger the release of blocks, struggle and fears
  •  Intuitive relating to the specific circumstances and customizing personalized clearings
  •  Tools to integrate each session and use at any time in between sessions
  •  I will email you clearings and tools used during your session, relevant for you to start practicing yourself, so you can further develop your skills, consciousness and create more rapid change.