Half Day Mentoring Intensive for Intense, Effective and Rapid Change




  • Sick of the same old stuff that isn’t working in your life?
  • Clear about what you want to change and are looking for rapid expansion?
  • Seeking to clear away the old and to restart from a new place?
  • Wanting to kick-start your mentoring experience with me?
  • Don’t want to commit to the hassle of regular sessions, appointments and incorporating change into your weekly grind?
  • If you live in Nelson or I am visiting your area, this half day this can incorporate body work.
  • Are you just at a point where something better change or you don’t know what will happen?




  • Meet with me in a soothing and comfortable environment (This can also take place via Skype).
  • Leave your worries and cares behind for a day.
  • Get rapid breakthroughs and valuable A-has as we map out a new way forwards and start to dissolve your greatest challenges.
  • Gain the realizations of where you’ve been sticking yourself and learn some new tools so that you don’t re-create that and you can feel empowered and have ease going forwards.
  • Create a strong basis of which you can create the life you really want.
  • Start to function from a different place where you see the value of you, you can use your former limitations as a source of creation and you acknowledge the value in getting to where you have been at.
  • Start feeling freer, learn how to connect with your inner guidance and powerfully create the life you would like in the future.