Access Consciousness Private Sessions & Classes

What is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousness is a modality that creates incredible change for people.  Often the more stuck someone is, the more change and benefit they can receive from Access. I’ve seen Access work again and again with some clients where almost nothing else can/will.

I (thankfully) discovered this modality in 2013 and since then, the trajectory of my life has sky rocketed in a way that nothing else had made available to me. To describe the gains I’ve made through this collection of verbal tools and body processes as being of benefit is almost a disservice. For me, it was and still is today a game changer.

I see similar effects also retrospectively in my colleagues who are friends of four years now and in my clients and students. I love this modality so much, I’ve been teaching it for three years and I’ve spent more than $30 k attending classes and becoming as masterful a teacher and facilitator of private sessions that I could possibly be. Not only did I want what I saw in my Access facilitators, I wanted to be able to do for others what those beautiful people had done for me. 

Access has developed my natural intuitive capacities, enabling me to energetically connect with a client and know where they are functioning from. I see where their energy matches the story they tell, (where it doesn’t) and how they are limiting themselves. I feel their potential, pain and can work with them to look at soul challenges and choices, as well as psychological patterning and tangible habits and outcomes. This provides them with greater self awareness, helps them to release things and progress more rapidly and easily. 

Access is a set of tools and techniques that kind of teach you how to deal with everything on a soul (energetic) level. Sounds obscure and weird and it kind of is, but somehow they’ve taken that level of wisdom and knowing and broken it down into pragmatic and practical ways of working with modern day life that allows ease, more abundance and greater choices and insight into what is behind everyday situations and your own and others behavior. 

With this level of knowledge and the practical tools, you can change the energy (and outcome) of anything you don’t like in your life and create anything you do desire. Obviously all of this is taught with great integrity and love. True empowerment is about understanding how life works and using that knowledge/information to achieve your highest potential and to be a contribution to others and the planet.

For me, that is what this modality is all about along with un-sticking people from the painful stuff. Could this be for you? If you are reading this and are absolutely fascinated (and maybe a little bit nervous) then it is. That tingle of excitement is a type of recognition if you like. 


Change with Access

Here are some of the types of changes I’ve noticed in myself with Access over the past four years:

Healing from trauma and abuse, clearing the residue of toxic shame that was endemic in my body language, thoughts and every cell in my body and being. Getting out of the wrongness of me, so that I feel different and I show up differently. 

Expanding my energy field, potencies and the amount of energy and space I can hold and process for myself and others. With all that other crud cleared out, this is a natural progression and I’ve stepped more and more into my capacities and who I am as a person. I’ve become much more aware energetically of what is mine and what isn’t, so I don’t waste time on things that aren’t mine and don’t matter.  

My vibration has become raised and I am constantly expanded and aware of everything around me and where others are functioning from. (This feels like a super power and I used it to my advantage in every facet of life).

My anxiety disorders have almost gone. I still have anxious moments and have to take ongoing responsibility for my own chemistry and choices, however I am nearly entirely free. I have had panic disorder and general anxiety disorder for most of my life and also PTSD as an adult. 

All the external factors in my life are different. My levels of receiving and abundance and how things flow into my life, my relationships, circle of friends and connections and different. As is how I am treated and received by others. My wellness and energy levels are totally different. My career and how I make money has changed, along with the impulses and inspiration that flows to me. I seem to have more time and am constantly busy and achieve far more than I ever could before. 

My levels of ease and happiness are off the Richter Scale (much of the time) and I’m often asked how I’m so positive or told that I make people feel good just by being around them. I love the adventure of each day and the opportunity that every day brings. I adore the challenges I set for myself too and the fact that I am constantly growing. (This is a personal preference and commitment I have made to myself). 


Access Consciousness with Me

There are a number of different ways you can work with me if you are interested in Access Consciousness:


I occasionally hold Taster classes here in Nelson where you can come along and learn about Access (usually centered around a particular topic like money, relationships, business or wellness).

I regularly run Bars classes where people interested in learning how to run Bars become new Practitioners. I also teach Four Day Foundation Classes which is the first class in Access after the Bars training. 


Private sessions are intense, wonderful and life changing. 

You get to transform some of the energies in your life that have been holding you stuck and feel as they melt away. You get to receive nurturing and kindness for you and your body and you get to learn and understand things from a vastly different (from the 3D reality) perspective. 

I offer the following types of Private sessions: 

The Bars (with or without Access Facilitation – Facilitation means we work verbally together while your body is receiving the Bars to change specific things). 


I have a specialty in working with clearing abuse, so I do intensives where we change energetically everywhere you are functioning from the energies of abuse that you have received. 

We stop you from looping through that constantly and we clear out the memory of it from the neural pathways, cellular memory, energy field and muscle memory at the same time. 

I facilitate you with clearing the energies you are holding and the aspects of you that are struggling now. We clear soul contracts around the abuse and any heavy, entangled energies that are attached to you as a result of everything you’ve been through and all the associated emotions that no longer serve you such as grief and sadness. 

This is a participative session and you will learn a lot and leave feeling lighter and different. You will often find self defeating and unkind behaviors towards  yourself that you may have been engaging in will be different. 

You will have a sense of ease and peace that might seem totally new to you and you may have a sense of oneness that you had forgotten. 

Facilitation (Verbal sessions only, not involving a body process, but the verbal tools and techniques of Access to deal with certain issues and change them). Available worldwide via Skype)

Body Processes  I have been fortunate to attend two 3 day Access Body Classes, Advanced Body Class and Abuse Hold Classes. Access offers many body processes which may help with a plethora of things. (These are hands on processes).

Abuse Hold Sessions This is a specific body process which clears all of the abuse you’ve experienced out of the body. There is specific preparation required for this process, so please contact me before booking.

I would advise you to choose Bars before booking this process as this is quite a specialist process and it would be good to be familiar with the Access energies before experiencing this.  


The Bars Body Process

“The Bars®” is the ‘flag ship’ Access Body Process and works on your brain and being to change anything you are ready to release for more ease in your life.

We are like computers and everything we go through or experience is stored as electrical circuitry in the body. One of the things we aren’t taught and don’t know how to do is let things go, so as to be no longer at the effect of them. Because of this we lay circuitry over the top of circuitry until our bodies feel solid and heavy and we feel contracted, locked into that circuitry and a certain set of responses to life (even ones we don’t want to have)

A Bars session can be likened to “de-fragging” a computer. It clears out all the circuitry that no longer serves you. How you might feel after a session is that you can literally experience a sensation of more space in the molecules in the body, you may feel like you are seeing life in high definition again and your sense of possibility might have expanded considerably. (I liken this to how a child views the world). 

During a session 32 points on the head are lightly held. A session is painless and you may experience a sensation of warmth or tingling around The Bars® points. Sessions last 60-90 minutes and are very soothing. You may wish to work deeply with your facilitator to clear issues in your life using certain verbal tools and processing, or lie quietly and enjoy the calm and peaceful sensations and just process what is light for you.

Letting go of the things that have been hampering you or holding you back can now be as easy as being willing to receive a Bars® session. Bars is now used in the US for Returned Serviceman to help with PTSD and is used in Low decile School areas to help troubled kids do better and in prisons to help prisoners.

Specific things that the Bars may help with and things that my clients have reported include: 

  • Releasing stress and sleeping better
  • Clarity and doing better in exams or with homework
  • Situations or people that used to feel stressful are no longer bothersome
  • Ease with pregnancy and childbirth
  • Changes with ADD, Aspergers or Autism
  • Shifts in physical symptoms in the body
  • More energy levels 
  • Changes with anxiety and depression

Watch The Video Below To See What a Bars Session Is Like:

Access Bars Video Nelson New Zealand
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See What Other People Are Saying

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"A friend recommended me to have a session with Rose last year. I thought ok, as I’m always have a interest in different ways of healing. I was not the best state emotionally and was blown away at the results for the better after just that one session!

Such a lovely caring, and compassionate person I would definitely go again, It’s so worth it!! Highly recommend her to anyone Was worth the trip from Dunedin. Many thanks Rose for getting me out of the pickled jungle in my head!"

Karyn Whitehead

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"I had my bars run by Rose recently and I was so impressed with the whole process and immediate results!

Her home studio is very relaxing and comfortable. She told me what was going to happen and talked me through everything. Even while I was at the session I could feel my thoughts and ideas changing and having realisations about past ideas that I could properly process.

Straight afterwards I felt calmer and clearer in my thinking and more understanding of where my previous ideas and perceptions were no longer a reality and could see where they were hindering my ease with life.

A couple of weeks on and the thoughts and perceptions we worked through have no hold on me and they never will again. This is such a direct route to re-wiring your brain that it’s amazing more people don’t do it!

I highly recommend Rose. And even if you don’t understand what’s happening in a bars session, if you are open to it, it will benefit you."

Amanda Sears

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"I met Rose through my work and felt very comfortable talking with her. Once I discovered what she does, I was excited and keen to start working with her straight away!

I have done some healing in recent years but nothing has quiet shaken me like Access Bars have. I have had trouble expressing myself and connecting with my true awareness in the past which Rose has really helped me work on.

Rose has such wonderful awareness which she always shares so respectfully, her support outside sessions goes above and beyond the call of duty and I wholeheartedly appreciate her time and efforts. I find Rose so genuine and fun, I love our sessions together!

I laugh as much as I cry it’s wonderful. I feel so much more clarity and I know the changes I have made through my sessions are permanent life changes.

I would recommend Rose to anybody open to making real changes, she is so real and honest it is hard not to feel at ease in her presence."

Leone Whittaker

"After the Bars with Rose, I’ve come a long way in a short amount of time.

I’ve been able to step outside my “human conditioning” and allow my spirit being to deal with the pain, hurt and suffering I was in."

Philip Ashworth

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"I went to Rose and had my bars run. WOW what an amazing immediate shift in my thinking. I was so impressed I sent my teenage daughter along and she was amazed and felt instantly calm.

Rose is lovely to work with and immediately puts you at ease. I never thought dealing with some pretty heavy issues could be fun but it was! I totally recommend having your Bars run by Rose it’s a life altering experience and you won’t regret it."

Janine Brena

Linda Brownie, Video Testimonial

Bars Nelson New Zealand
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Still Unsure/Skeptical? (I was too) Now, Science can Measure Changes in the Brain as a result of a Bars® Session

Watch the video to Neuroscientist Jeffery's Fannin talk about his initial impression of the Bars after discovering it at a conference in San Deigo

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The First Class in Access is the One Day Access Bars Training - It qualifies you as a Bars Practitioner and is a pre-requisite for all other Access Classes

bars course nelson new zeland
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Bars Training might be Relevant for you if you:

  • Have friends & family who would receive Bars® from you, but wouldn’t necessarily seek out a session with a stranger.
  • Have family with specific needs or difficulties for whom Bars® may provide relief. For example learning difficulties, ADHD, Aspergers, stress, depression or anxiety. Being able to run their Bars is life changing for them and a cost effective investment.
  • Are a healer, therapist or beautician who would like to add this soothing and therapeutic treatment to your range of services.
  • Have benefited from Bars® and would like to know more about Access. The Bars® is a pre requisite class for all future Access classes.
  • Would like your Bars run regularly (free) by way of swaps with other practitioners. The Access community is a supportive and there is always help available if you have a question or require assistance with a tool or technique.
  • Would like the benefits of being a Bars Practitioner as a source of income and to develop and become more conscious within yourself.
  • Are looking to up-level your life and shed a lot of old 'stuff' you have been carrying. You will receive a lot of change on the training day from the clearings that are run, the sessions you receive and give (two of each) and the tools you will be taught that allow you to create change and more consciousness. You can ask questions and I will facilitate you with anything ‘on top’ so you can start to get a sense of what facilitation is and the tools available to you as a Bars® Practitioner and Access student.
  • Looking to experience the benefits of further Access training. (Bars is a pre-requsite for almost all other Access classes).
  • Are an existing Bars® Practitioner looking to repeat your training to qualify yourself towards becoming a Bars® Facilitator.
bars course nelson new zealand

"I have had my Bars® done by Rose and I have also attended two workshops and completed the Access Bars® Training with her.

"Rose is an amazing practitioner and teacher and I appreciate her integrity and professionalism.

Rose is always open and willing to share her knowledge and go the extra mile when she is teaching or as a Practitioner. And I love the humour."

Marilyn Nairn

"I’ve had the pleasure of Rose train me in Bars® with a lovely group of people. Rose is a very comfortable and relaxed facilitator who knows her magic when teaching.

She is talented at working with tools and is really knowledgable. I love Access Consciousness® for healing, as it deals directly with the psychology of a person.

I came from a healing background and love how empowering the Bars and Access is – such a great compliment to what I already know.

The clearings and tools are amazing at creating change. I feel expanded and like my life, it’s getting better everyday. My intuition has improved, my capacities have expanded and I am a lot more in control and in tune.

Rose is very gentle and respectful with a lot of laughter and patience as a facilitator. Thanking you Rose for creating with me and the other students, you rock."

Akasha Montana

Mentor LIfe Coach
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Bars Class FAQs

Yes. This 1 day class (8+ hours) is an excellent choice to both experience and learn Access Bars. In a Bars class you will gift and receive Bars twice (4 sessions in total) and will leave the class actually prepared to run someone else’s Bars. This can be fantastic for people serious about receiving the benefits of this work because you will be able to “trade” with people instead of continuing to pay for private sessions. Private sessions can often be close to the same fee as taking this one day class, so if you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, then attending the class might be for you. Again, it gives you the know how to begin attending Gifting and Receiving trades or running Bars with friends and family or in your business right away. The choice is yours.

Yes. Kids are always welcome to every class offered by Access. In fact children to age 15 come for free to all classes world wide. Kids age 16, 17 & 18 are half price. Children are always welcome to take the classes as a participant or just be in the class playing with other kids. They learn quickly and love learning the Bars, running other people’s Bars and getting their Bars run.

Yes. many people around the world have created a business of their own with just the Bars. Others have found it to be a great compliment to what they already offer in their practice. There is nothing that adding regular Bars sessions to can not improve the results of.

Access Bars facilitators are highly trained and many are very experienced at what they do. Not only do we understand the material we are teaching, we will also facilitate on the day of class and will be powerfully present in the group in a way that allows students to grow, gain personal awareness and have all the knowledge and tools to become competent practitioners themselves. I am also an Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator and have attended more advanced classes in the tools of Access to add to my knowledge and the depth with which I can work with people. I am well on my way towards becoming a World Wide Certified Facilitator and have completed many hours of 1 on 1 personal sessions, working with bodies and teaching. Many of my students and clients have experienced incredible results.

About the Four Day Foundation Class

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At the core of all you will learn with Access Consciousness® lies The Foundation®. You must do Foundation if you want to Facilitate your Bars clients and develop an understanding of the Bars and how Access works. 

All the essential, must-have tools and tips for rebuilding or changing your life for the better with Access start here. 

Access founder Gary Douglas, co-creater Dain Heer, and thousands of Certified Facilitators around the world stand ready to help you break down the barriers that have limited your path to the life you truly want and give you a firm foundation from which to build.

Access Consciousness is available in 173 countries and has contributed to changing the lives of more than 30 thousand people around the world over the past 25 years.

It’s life-changing techniques, tools and body processes are designed to empower you to create the life you truly desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in every day life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving.

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About Rose Aitken

Rose offers a unique approach to changing your life that encompasses body science, metaphysics, psychology, changing/aligning with energy and spiritual and soul work

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