Do you have issues in your body?

Do they bother you?

Are they episodic, regular, semi regular or daily?

Are you in pain?

Has everything you have ‘tried’ so far, not really changed it, but has only helped manage the symptoms?

Does this frustrate or limit you in some way?

What if your body is not what you have been taught it is?

What if your body is your greatest facilitator of your consciousness?

Louise Hay was one of the first people to teach us that symptoms in the body equal blocks created by spiritual/emotional wounds that we can heal and in so doing, we free the body. There are other schools of thought or systems offering very similar approaches. One of my favorite authors on this subject is Christiane Beerlandt who wrote “The Key to Self Liberation”.

The way we have been taught to view our body is very superficial.

For example, let’s say – I fall, I injure my knee, my knee hurts because I fell, therefore, I ice and bandage it and see a physio until it gets better. Woe is me, it really hurts! FML right?

There is a deeper, more meaningful perspective on this…

Let’s take Louise Hay’s work as an example. According to Louise Hay, knee problems equal inflexibility and being stuck in ego and pride. So therefore, the psycho-spiritual perspective on why you injured your knee in the first place, is that your body was trying to give you a message about some aspect of yourself being stuck, or perhaps rigid, prideful or blocked by ego.

Imagine you knew this at the time you injured your knee, so as well as bandage your knee, ice it and see a physio, you had a healing, to work on any stuck aspects of yourself where maybe your ego was running things, you were prideful or inflexible.

When you get the awareness of what your body is communicating with you and take steps to address that imbalance or issue in your world, you knee has to get better, it is Law. This hastens and super cedes any physical measures you are taking to improve your recovery, because you are working with energy and it is instantaneous.

Therefore when we understand our true nature on a deeper level and the implications of issues in our body, not only can we become more aware and free of emotional baggage, our knee problem (for example) can spontaneously heal or begin to clear up.

Now, if you are reading this and have recently messed up your knee (for example), I am not telling you that you have an ego problem, far from it. That would be dis-empowering and inaccurate. What I am suggesting is that there is some aspect of yourself, your life, your relationships or choices to which this paradigm applies.

Rather than making yourself wrong for this (which many of us tend to do when we first hear this ‘shocking’ concept), what if this perspective is an opportunity and a short cut to stepping into the highest, wholest version of you now? Instead, it can be something you use to elevate your life, to connect, tune in and become outstanding on all levels. Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Contemplate just for a second what life could be like if we viewed health from this holistic and conscious perspective. If we regarded our physical ‘problems’ as a form of communication, rather than an unfortunate event. Instead, our soul is bringing our attention through our earthly vessel to an aspect of ourselves that requires some work, awareness or releasing?

We are so finely tuned and miraculously whole (and always seeking balance and wellness) that this reality is available to us all the time. We just aren’t aware of it and we haven’t been taught to think in this way.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with Western medicine or approaches. However what if as well as taking advantage of the lastest technological advances in medicine, we were able to heal ourselves and connect with our body to do it? What if all injury and illness were an invitation to become more aware, free of our ‘stuff’ and healthier, mentally and physically?

I’ve found this to be true in my world and with my clients – it certainly is a reality that is a lot more empowering and inviting (and more logical) than, “I hurt myself, this really sucks” with no rhyme nor reason to it whatsoever.

Life is not a maelstrom of unconnected events in a chaotic world, it is a sequence of finely executed and inter-connected happenings which take place for us and for our growth. Every single tiny thing we experience we have co-created for our own evolution.

When we start to be open to this possibility, we can delight in our power as infinite beings having a human experience. We can wonder at our epic ability to create in the physical, which is designed to align us with our inner landscape. We can trust that this will match us with events and happenings that benefit us, keep us safe and contribute to our learning and development.

We can develop confidence in our awareness of and stewardship with our body, knowing that any time we have symptoms or issues, we personally are empowered to change them, (in addition to giving our money, trust and time to the Dr).

Far from the bleak perspective of a meaningless and cruel world, we are being prompted to embrace the wisdom of our soul, expressed through our physiology. This is also relevant to happy, energized and beautiful moments, which similarly course through us – offering evidence of our higher self at work.

Once we can contemplate this prospect without massive resistance, put it into practice and see that it does in fact work, life assumes a richness and a tapestry which is empowering and liberating beyond anything we may have previously considered.

My training is to facilitate you to connect with the awareness your body is giving you, to release the block creating that, the associated emotions and to then assist the body to heal itself. I also teach you any skills and information you were lacking when you created that issue, so as you can confidently stay free of it in the future.

Everything that we experience is energy and if you can change the energy, you can change anything. When we can embrace this truth, we can start to see the genius of how this works and embrace what it is telling us, rather than feeling at the effect of events and denying the infinite nature of our creating.

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