Dealing with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) has been one of the many challenges I’ve faced in my life. As a result of my own healing journey and years of professional training and work as a body worker, facilitator and coach, I’ve become intuitive about the body/mind/spirit link and health and helping people identify the emotional and spiritual issues underlying their illness and facilitate them to shift and change these. I’ve developed a repetoire of skills and experience for managing health challenges that I share with clients who are undergoing their own health issues.

I am able to help you address your dietary, lifestyle and fitness considerations relevant to you and your health, as well as effective strategies for coping with symptoms and challenges whilst accomplishing or redefining your goals in a way that is relevant for where you are at. There are ways to thrive and feel happy in the present no matter how many limitations you are facing and it is possible to milk the good times for all they are worth without a horrible rebound effect later on.

I can help with communication skills and show you how to successfully maintain and thrive within your relationships. For example learn how some people can drain your energy reserves, become confident at managing your vulnerability and discover how and when to let go of old friendships as you regain your wellness and begin to grow. Become great at getting exactly what you need from medical professionals and develop a strong team who have your back and can support you and get you to exactly where you need to be.

Throughout my 20 year journey with CFS, I’ve become a adept at managing all aspects of my own health and I’ve tried many new products and nutritional offerings, ascertaining if they are of benefit pretty quickly. As a result I’ve developed a list of my favourite health products – some nutritional and some functional that have made a huge difference to my wellness and energy levels. If you wish to purchase any of these fantastic and carefully chosen items through my website, you will get a 5% discount. Life coaching clients will get a 10% discount.


Links for my favourite health products to follow: