Mentorships and Intensives


If you are empathetic and you are ready to turn your sensitivity into a superpower that enables you to reach your highest potential, I am here to assist. 

I do this using my life experience, coaching and facilitation training, intuition, guidance and support. We work together using science, psychology, spirituality, body processing and energy work. 

  • 10 OR 20 Private life changing sessions with me (these are between an hour and 90 minutes).
  • Lifetime access to my paid membership blog (under development)
  • I share resources with you and send you written summaries of our sessions
  • Email support between sessions
  • One half day intensive

“When two heads join together in this way, synergy and magic happens that allows a completely different set of choices and results to emerge for the person engaged in this process”

 Rose Aitken

Why Investing in my Mentorships is one of the best Decisions you will ever make


MOMENTUM – By committing to a program of change you commit to doing all the work required to BECOMING THE PERSON who is able to achieve your goals now and in the future.

When we transform, our whole life transforms. Not only do we gain traction and momentum, it’s like all of life senses our intention and shows up to support us.

UNDERSTANDING – if we don’t fully commit, we get a bit of external change, maybe a promotion, more money or a bit more confidence as a result of taking certain actions over time. However, we don’t really get the awareness and shifts within, to sustain it and grow even further.

ULTIMATE SELF EMPOWERMENT – I’m a huge believer in teaching you what you need to know to navigate your own destiny and in giving you the tools that will enable you to develop the capacities you need to thrive in the world. That happens through effort, dedication, consistency and giving it your all.

UNDOING YOUR BLOCKS – As unflattering as it is, my clients have named me “The Excavator” for good reason. I get results and you can’t build a new house on old foundations.

Something magical happens when the stuff we didn’t know how to shift on our own begins to fall away and we ‘get it’. We realize we never have to be stuck again and that we are powerful beyond our knowing.

At this point, we really stop a lot of suffering. We still have challenges of course, but we feel a lot more powerful and knowledgeable to deal with them.

SAVES TIME, EFFORT AND MONEY – Without good help, we can struggle for years and waste so much time caught up in searching outside of ourselves for the next guru or self help book, or meditation technique, all the time lacking the real breakthroughs and insights that a sound coach can offer.

IT TAKES SUPPORT, GUIDANCE AND FEEDBACK TO LEARN BASIC EMOTIONAL MASTERY AND IMPLEMENT IT SUCCESSFULLY –This is something we never stop learning, however, I aim to get you more competent, conscious and self aware with this. You will have some major self understandings that are very freeing.

With few exceptions EVERYONE I’ve coached needs to come back repeatedly, until they figure out where they keep going wrong and where their hidden areas are. One of my gifts is seeing this and explaining it in a relatable, clear and non judgmental way.

Therapy doesn’t teach emotional mastery, life does, and I will put what is and has been happening in a context where you get it and you can change it. I will give you the tools you require to go next level, and next, the whole time we work together.

YOU WILL RECEIVE PRICELESS INSIGHTS AND AWARENESS – Coaching is quite pragmatic and as you DO between sessions and REFLECT and PROCESS on what we do together, the A-HAs will start raining down.

You will also learn how to release your past, your limitations and fears and out create your challenges. Along the way you will receive many priceless insights and awarenesses and qualitative improvements in your life. Just these alone would be worth the financial investment and effort expended, without the external stuff.


As well as loosing your problems and blocks, you will expand, upgrade and perceive your reality differently. This will show and others will ask you what you’ve been doing.

You will of course achieve your external goals and in the process delight yourself with who you become. You will exceed your own expectations of yourself in ways you cannot even perceive yet.

Offer a Full Money Back Guarantee on all my Mentorships. If you are not 110% DELIGHTED by your results from working with me, you get every cent back no questions asked. 




1. Disentangle from your past – You can’t fill up your mind with great thoughts, possibilities and new knowledge, when your subconscious is full of old, unhelpful patterns, through processes and emotions.

Our unconscious can only conceive possibilities consistent with who you have been before now.  To create a fantastic new vision for your life, we need to remove the limitations holding you back from truly creating it.

We may address issues arising from any of the following: Low self-esteem, fears, doubts, addictions, depression, limitations and expectations which may stem back to family of origin issues, archetypes and conditioning, past events, relationship issues, disappointments, grief, abuses and more… 

2. Start functioning effectively now – The reason we struggle is we don’t have the right tools to create the lives we truly desire. As we work through Point 1. above, I see where you gaps are, so that I can equip you for your highest growth and development and to feel truly safe in the world going forwards. 

3. Create the highest vision for your future – Traditionally goals must be timely, measurable, achievable and realistic. Let’s face it, that’s completely uninspiring. We look at what lights you up, gets you super excited, scares you and speaks to your soul.

4. Take radical, inspired action towards your goals – We make sure your goals are congruent with the new you, then break them down into practical action steps, that you implement between coaching sessions.

5. Clear out limitations, resistance and fear arising – Change puts us out of our comfort zone. As you do the work each week, more old baggage will come up by way of fear and resistance. 

I show you how to release this and support, encourage and inspire you, as you have new break thoroughs and we re-strategize and fine tune to maximize your progress. 

6. Discover Confidence and Mastery – “Courage comes before confidence” Peta Kelly. 

As you lose layers of baggage and implement new tools, you start to connect with capacities you were unaware of before. This leads to new directions, opportunities and confidence. A new version of you starts to emerge and you will feel that you can deal with the unexpected and challenges much more easily. 

Your goals tend to modify, expand and clarify at this point as you get such a strong sense of what is possible now. 

8. Steer Your Own Ship Effectively – At the end of your program you will be much better able to recognize your patterns and know how to deal with them. 

You will be a lot more honest with yourself and resourceful. I may invite you onto my graduate program or you may continue along your journey of self-discovery.



(In person sessions only) two hours (This often comes up ahead of a decision to embark on a lifestyle change or mentoring program, or even in the course of working together). Please contact me first

Trauma, disconnection and our modern lifestyle is behind so much anxiety, depression and disharmony in society today.

Traditional psychology can offer nothing to help with trauma removal. Although many people are quietly suffering and over-medicated in response to what isn’t working. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with medication where required, however removing the original trauma, empowers the person to choose for them.  

When I say trauma removal – I mean, removing it out of the body, your neural pathways the cellular and muscle memories and out of your energy field.

  • We remove the trauma, and re-set your body to a new place. 
  • You connect with the new you, in a safe space.
  • We dismantle any challenging beliefs associated with those past events that are no longer serving you. These often come up to clear immediately upon resetting the body.
  • We look at the strengths of you, that have come from those experiences. These are almost always unexpressed and unacknowledged or framed in a negative way internally. 
  • We take a look at the skills and tools you lacked when that trauma happened, so you grow from the experience and feel safe in the world going forwards. You leave wiser, more aware and freer.

You will be processing for some time after this session, so it is good to schedule with that in mind. 

 I use:

  •  Intuitive counselling
  • Neuro linguistic programming
  • Trauma therapy and body work
  • Access Consciousness Facilitation (Spiritual Psychology – I am a trained CF, CFMW, BF, BPP and AHP)
  •  Universal Laws and ancient wisdom (I am a trained Law of Attraction Life Coach)
  • Soul contracts and themes
  •  YB12 Psychological Coaching (qualified coach)
  • Human Behavioral Psychology
  • Body wisdom (I am a body process practitioner in several different modalities)