Mentoring Packages

Mentoring Packages

How Investing in Yourself via
my Mentor-ships will change
your life and your future

If you are empathetic and you are ready to turn your sensitivity into a superpower that enables you to reach your highest potential, I am here to assist.

I do this using my life experience, coaching and facilitation training, intuition, guidance and support. We work together using science, psychology, spirituality, body processing and energy work.

1. Momentum
- Each session builds on the one before it. Over time, You & Your Life will change exponentially

The real reason for having goals is not so much the pay rise, promotion, relationship or better body (for example), but that we change and feel good in the process of achieving them.

By committing to the accomplishment of our goals, we grow and progress emotionally, in our thought patterns, habits and actions. In order to get there,  we must clear out the old, learn new skills and become more self aware.

As we transform, we gain momentum and compounding benefits, in an ever increasing upwards trajectory. It’s almost as though life shows up to support us in all that we do. We start to become confident, trust life and our own judgment.

You cannot get all these benefits from a single coaching session. Flourishing and Improving every aspect of our lives is as the result of sustained effort and committing to an in depth process of change over time!

2. You undo your blocks, and sense the potency of You, as You learn new ways of thinking and being

As unflattering as it is, my clients have nick-named me “The Excavator”

This is because I am skilled at seeing immediately what is beneath your limitations. I gently reflect this to you, so you perceive it for yourself. I hold safe space and guide you through clearing this at it’s source, so you can get free.

You can’t build a new house on old foundations and we can’t place new habits over old beliefs and ways of being that don’t serve and expect success. It’s only by creating space and then filling that space up with the new, that change is possible.

Something magical happens when the ‘stuff’ we didn’t know how to shift begins to fall away and we ‘get it’. We realize we never have to be stuck again and that we are powerful beyond our knowing. At this point, we really stop a lot of suffering and feel quite peaceful and clear.

Clearing away your blocks allows you enormous self understanding. You gain insight and courage for dealing with future challenges and you start to cognitize what you didn’t know before now.

3. You start developing Emotional Self Mastery, Trust and Confidence

Empowering you requires that you have the right skills, knowledge and tools to become competent and confident in managing your life and yourself, to consistently achieve the results you would like.

Many of us don’t ever objectively look at whether we have been well equipped to think effectively, develop resilience or deal well with emotions and challenges or perform in order to be truly successful and happy.

People fail because although they want to do well, they don’t know what they don’t know. Blocks are created when we try something and get a negative or unintended consequence that is painful. If not self aware, we may then develop a fear and think we can’t do something.

Most people can’t go beyond their fears by themselves and this is evident when we struggle with the same battle over and over, with great will power, only to come crashing down, once we are out of our comfort zone and overwhelmed.

Having someone escort your though this process, see what was unknown to you before and come out the other side for the first time is a game changer and is so enlightening!

4. Save years of Frustration, Wasted Effort and Money

Without insightful, expert and personally tailored help and feedback, we can struggle for years and waste our life searching for the real breakthroughs we crave.

We may effort unhelpfully and try many things, while the source of our issues (inside ourselves) continues and we think “Why me”? “How come others find this easy and I don’t”? We may become discouraged and develop a story about why this or that is ‘hard’.

I’ve seen many people engaged in reaching for the next guru, self help book, meditation technique or self help course, whilst totally lacking real self understanding. They may accumulate knowledge, but they don’t progress, because they don’t realize where they are holding themselves back.

It takes immense courage to stop, decide to do whatever it takes to make the hard changes and get free of our own nonsense. Real, sustainable change, unavoidably makes us confront any bits of ourselves that we don’t like. This can be temporarily uncomfortable, but long term, it is some of the best work you can ever do!

Once we loose our baggage and our ‘un-self-awareness’, we are free to be ourselves, thrive and to embrace all of life with self belief, clarity and far more energy. Our challenges up-level from ‘problems’ to ‘areas for expansion’ and we develop competence in dealing with them.

A great coach sees beneath this stuff to our genius and unexplored potential. They believe in you 100% and can give valuable feedback and insight that is priceless.

This is one of my talents as a coach. I have also been there myself, (over and over again for many years), so I am able to offer inspiration each step of the way.

5. You will develop Resilience through mistakes, Learning & Persistence

Everyone needs to make mistakes as they learn, until they figure out what they don’t know that isn’t working. One of my gifts is seeing these gaps and explaining them relate-able clear and non-judgmental way.

Therapy doesn’t teach emotional mastery, life does. I will put ‘what is’ in a context where you get it and you can take charge and master your own development.

I give you the tools you require to go next level as we work together. Support and guidance is critical here, as is acknowledging progress and having a forum for reviewing your learning and wins.

6. You will receive Priceless Insights, Awareness & start to connect with Your Own Wisdom & Guidance

As you take actions between sessions, reflect & process what we do  together, you start to access your higher self, your wisdom &  self awareness. This is such a powerful thing to experience because it sews the seeds of future self reliance & real confidence.

Just this alone would be worth the financial investment & effort expanded in undertaking a mentorship.

7. Tangible & Unexpected Rewards

You will expand, upgrade and perceive yourself and your reality differently. This will show in your energy, speech, body language and results! Others will ask you what you’ve been doing.

You will start to focus on what’s right about you, instead of your problems. Likely, your circle of friends may shift and change and unexpected opportunities and connections may arise.

Of course, you will achieve your external goals and in the process delight yourself with who you become. Best of all, you know from the inside out, you are empowered and free of the past.

You will exceed your own expectations of yourself in ways you  cannot even imagine yet. You get to become the superhero of your own story!

What You will get:

  • Relevant resources and written summaries of our sessions
  • Lifetime access to my paid membership blog (under development)
  • Email support between sessions
  • 5 or 11 x 60-90 minute private life coaching sessions (depending on which package you buy)
  • Lifetime access to my paid membership blog (under development)
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