Mentoring Packages

Single Life Coaching Session

  • Focus on a single scenario/aspect of life you want to change
  • Examine the cause(s) of the issue (further work may be required)
  • Get clear what you can/can’t change from your current skill base
  • Identify action steps to effect immediate and long-term change
  • Discover what tools/skills/support you need to solve this problem
  • Get some takeaways/tools to start practicing/implementing now

6 Week Mentoring Program

  • Six sessions that build on each other to create change and momentum
  • Understand your challenges differently and progress from a new place.
  • Get clarity around your goals, leave your comfort zone, take inspired action
  • Safely release aspects of the past that are limiting you, along with fears and resistance as your progress forwards
  • Gain awareness as you receive feedback, encouragement and guidance
  • Develop competence, confidence and a sense of inner guidance and self-trust
  • Learn new skills/tools each time we meet to take you next level

12 Week Mentoring Program

Receive my coaching blueprint called “Living Happy, Empowered and Free” which is designed to help you change everything not working for you and assist you to create a phenomenal life now and in the future.

1. Disentangle from your past – You can’t build an old house on new Foundations, nor can you fill up your mind and future with great ideas/tools when your subconscious is still full of unhelpful stuff.

Our unconscious mind can only conceive possibilities consistent with who you have been before now.  To create a fantastic new vision for your life, we need to remove the limitations holding you back from truly creating it.

We may address issues arising from any of the following: Low self-esteem, fears, doubts, addictions, depression, limitations and expectations which may stem back to family of origin issues, archetypes and conditioning, past events, relationship issues, disappointments, grief, abuses and more… 

2. Start functioning effectively now – learn new tools so you are no longer  limited as you may have been before. (The only reason we struggle is we don’t have the right tools to create the lives we truly desire). This is incredibly freeing and empowering – as you don’t need to feel stuck any longer. Practice using these tools each week, your confidence will grow exponentially.

3. Create the highest vision for your future – Traditionally goals must be timely, measurable, achievable and realistic.  We also look at what lights you up, gets you flipping out with excitement, scares you and speaks to your soul.

4. Take radical, inspired action towards your goals – We break down the items in number three into practical action steps which you implement between coaching sessions using new tools and self awareness. 

5. Clear out limitations, resistance and fear arising – Going for your goals with new tools and from a new space puts you out of your comfort zone. As you do the work each work, more old baggage will come up by way of fear and resistance. I teach you how to release this and support, encourage and inspire you, while we re-strategize and fine tune to maximize your progress.

6. Discover new Confidence and Mastery – “Courage comes before confidence”  Peta Kelly. You are brave and awesome for choosing this journey and as you discover new competences, your limitations dissolve and a new version of you emerges. You will delight and surprise yourself on this journey as we celebrate your successes and you watch yourself grow through your challenges.   

7. Develop your resilience and Self Awareness – As you loose layers of the old you, you realize you have strengths that you couldn’t access before. You discover you can get way past old fears and doubts with the right tools and strategies and we also re-frame past experiences to further empower you. As you persist through dissolving your old limits and becoming better with your new tools, you realize how well equipped you have become. 

8. Learn to coach Yourself – At the end of your program you will be much better able to recognize your own patterns and have the tools to deal with them. You will be a lot more honest with yourself and a lot more resourceful. I may invite you onto my graduate program or you may continue along your journey of self-discovery

See What Other People Are Saying

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"Doing inner work and allowing oneself to be vulnerable in the process can be confronting, challenging and uncomfortable at times, it’s as easy as it is tough but it’s a journey worth taking. And Rose supports you to do this with kick ass gentleness.

If you are willing to step up then Rose is right there with you – encouraging and supporting, showing kindness and understanding, teaching and allowing the space to learn and grow. Her interest in you is genuine and she will work with you at your level. Rose is easy to talk to, a mix of serious and fun and is always on your side.

Rose shares with you relatable anecdotes from her personal experiences and teaches tools that are easily accessible anytime they are required and which are uplifting and easy to use.

While there is much to be gained from completing Rose’s 12 week transformational course the biggest gifts I have received is a clearer understanding of myself and how I can change things about me I once believed to be fact and thus set in stone and that I am now able to recognise that I do have beauty, strength and value.

For me the changes and growth are found on all levels of my being and that is exciting.

I’ve benefited so much from these 12 weeks working with Rose that I am looking forward to continuing working with her completing further courses"

Gael Woolfe

"Rose is very skilled at what she does and she doesn’t come across as forceful – that was really important to me.
She helped me find my courage to face the situation and overcome my invisible blocks. With her help I was able break the whole thing down into actionable items with timelines I felt that I could manage.

Rose taught me strategies to cope with the perceptions and comments that inevitably followed these events…

I really don’t think I could have effectively managed these events on my own and I am beyond grateful for Rose’s guidance and the positive difference she was able to make in my life in a really short time.

I am a much happier person for having made that difficult decision and seeing it through."

Chris Delgado

"Thank you so much Rose for the enlightening and uplifting session again today.

I really feel like you know me well and you have given me great guidance and advice. I love the idea, of asking myself if things feel heavy or light, because when you really think about things they really do either have that heavy feeling or light feeling. So it’s time now to start asking my body questions and listening to it’s responses, and trusting it!

You have helped me to start thinking about the types of questions I need to be asking myself to work through the things that were on top, and you gave me a greater understanding of why I am often getting stuck at the same place.

I came away from the phone call feeling less overwhelmed, that it would all be okay, and it was something that I could work on, and work through."

Jeanelle Ymker

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"I have personally found working with Rose to be a huge benefit to me. After many unsuccessful applications for employment in different areas, it was with Rose’s help that I saw my potential and realized what I have to offer.
I feel more confident with getting my career on the right track and I’m aware of different strategies that can be used to achieve the desired effect

I found Rose to be very warm and open minded. I would recommend Rose to anyone who needs coaching their life. I have a lot of respect for Rose for taking the time to help me to sort out my CV and giving me the right advice.

Rose has been an invaluable asset to the beginning of my new career.”

Brendan Barriball

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"Since meeting Rose in 2015 she has been so influential, positive and supportive.

A year ago I was a severely depressed person that was blocking a lot of possibilities in my life.

Today I am a totally new person and accept many positive things into my life.

With Rose’s help I have cleared many limitations and she has coached me through some difficult times and has given me tools to empower myself between our sessions.

I highly recommend Rose and all the services she offers.”

Laverne Heissner

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Rose Aitken is a mentor offering a different approach to changing your life.

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