Meet Rose

Meet Rose

Hello, I’m Rose,

I’m a soul and empowerment coach, inspirational speaker, facilitator of change and philosopher living here in Nelson, New Zealand. I love creating content, teaching classes and workshops on personal development and conducting private transformational life coaching sessions for you.

Although I’ve now come to acknowledge my soul purpose this time around and to appreciate every moment of what I’ve experienced to become who I am today, my story began in a not so emotionally easy place. Here’s a bit about some of my journey and why I have something of value to offer you today. 

I grew up in a dysfunctional household, was severely bullied at school and lacked role models and support growing up. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was sewing the seeds for a multiplicity of anxiety disorders that would plague me for decades, several rounds with glandular fever, which eventually morphed into CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) not to mention a constant sense of shame and vulnerability that left me badly co-dependent and in a series of toxic relationships. 

To cope with things and distract myself from my pain, I indulged in eating disorders and experimented with self medication using alcohol, then with pain killers and other substances too. What those things gave me was the awareness it was possible to be in a body and feel relaxed and free from physical and emotional pain. Oddly enough, instead of destroy me, these experiences gave me an incentive to heal and experience life differently. I knew these states needed to and could be created naturally.

Through all the turbulence I kept trying to develop and grow, I experimented by putting myself in situations I didn’t have the skills to handle. Often with excrutiatingly painful results. I DEFINITELY don’t recommend this strategy of “feel the fear and do it anyway” without adequate support or skills. (Even with a strong desire to succeed), as it can have devastating consequences. Directly resisting pain and fear that is there for legitimate reasons, isn’t a wise use of courage.  

The overwhelming emotions I experienced throughout my 20s and 30s were separation from others, along with disconnection, dis-empowerment and stuck-ness. This meant that along with my physical health and anxiety, I was often deeply depressed and frustrated. Nonetheless, somehow, I continued to learn, try different jobs, attend courses and succeed against the odds.

I was and have always been a bookworm. Since childhood I’ve read around psychology, philosophy and spirituality. I was also aware of mental health issues before it was trendy or popular. I witnessed a lot of suffering around me both in terms of what the traditional system had to offer and in terms of people choosing limitation and suffering in their lives. Calling it too hard and living a mediocre life of quiet desperation wasn’t enough for me. 

What I failed to anticipate was that my own journey would seem so painful, lengthy and tough before I would ultimately understand my destiny and find my answers. However, there was no way I was stopping! I wasn’t happy being unable to feel okay in my own skin, being crippled by anxiety and low self esteem and prevented from enjoying life. I didn’t know myself properly and couldn’t at that time use my talents to accomplish what mattered to me. None of that worked for me and I wasn’t having it! 

When I talk about finding my answers, I am talking big picture stuff such as how energy works and identifying our soul purpose. As well, why we choose massive difficulties, (sometimes at a very young age) and what it really takes to be empowered here, as a soul, having a human experience. Also, why we associate with certain people in our lives, often thematically…. How all of these choices underlay our experience, our psychology, ability to function effectively, succeed, know ourselves, relax and thrive as human beings. 

As it turns out, I have a very big mission (To empower one individual at a time to find their greatness through consciousness and to make the planet a better place). It was going to take quite a bit for me to be broken open enough to get the learning I needed, to be worthy of that. I had to be halted enough to heal, to become self aware and to develop and uncover my true calling and purpose.

Whilst going the motions of everyday life and navigating through many trials and tribulations, besides reading, I tried everything I could think of for my health and mind. Things like therapy, counselling, stress management, co-dependency treatment and assertiveness training.  Also, many health modalities, such as chelation therapy, vitamin C mega dosing, hair mineral analysis, homeopathy, naturopathy, accupuncture, religion, yoga, self help books and meditation.

Frustratingly, none of these things would unlock me from the shackles of my past. (These experiences were stored in my cellular memory, muscle memory, neural pathways and energy field). Without noticing, I had begun to piece together a broad and deep understanding of many aspects of life and well-being, which meant other people were coming to me for advice. I also developed a strong sense of compassion and began to understand my leadership capacities.

By my late 30s I had acquired a degree in business and had one job I really loved – working with youth and long term unemployed, but with that completed, my governmental contract work based in Australia was decidedly unsatisfying.  In a new relationship with a US citizen, I moved there to make a fresh start. 

When that ran it’s course after 8 months, I returned to NZ to start again. Despite my ‘achievements’ I still felt like hell inside and I knew that my past was driving my thoughts and behavior in spite of my learning. I had to do something radically different. I sensed if I had stayed on that path, I would have died one way or another.

It was time to find a real and compelling purpose, change my ways of thinking and coping with life. I needed to re-wire my nervous system and anxiety levels, improve my health, gain weight and earn money in a way that meant something to me. This was an all in or all out situation, it wasn’t a dip my toe in the water to see how it felt thing. 

Despite my resolve, I know what it’s like to experience massive resistance and fear as I really didn’t know who I’d become, how to get there or what the end results would look like and that is terrifying, even when you know that the alternative is no alternative.   

Since I was changing everything, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in life coaching training. Shortly after I discovered a body of work known as Access Consciousness and after years of looking, I knew in an instant, that I’d found the money ticket with which to get myself free. 

I rapidly progressed and felt incredibly buoyant knowing I’d finally found my tools to facilitate finding myself again. However, it was slow going assimilating the changes and integrating them. It was difficult knowing what I needed to address as each layer peeled away to reveal more.

I was learning how to undo all of my old programming, whilst simultaneously creating life the way I wanted it to be. In some ways we don’t know how to be different. We have to do our best to undo our hurts and trust our efforts are leading us to where we want to be. Trauma recovery is slow, especially when overlaid with poor health, loads of doubts and setbacks, struggles and sticking points. 

The next bit was decidedly unglamourous. It was day in and day out of doing what I needed to change, on a soul level, releasing emotions and beliefs. I was working with all the tools at my disposal, until they became integrated within me. Concurrently, I was learning to run my  business. Although early days, some people were seeking out my services  and I was better able to help them than myself to begin with. I knew at this stage if I kept going though, no matter how hard it seemed, I would get free. 

That’s exactly what has happened…Disciplined, consistent action, combined with the correct tools made the difference for me. My ‘wheelhouse’ lay in combining the science of psychology with the study of ancient wisdom, energetic principles and pragmatic modern techniques for addressing life. Over time it became easier and then automatic. I was facilitating clients to get free from their stuck-ness and pain with amazing effectiveness and I began developing my own methods, confidence and eventually associated content. 

The more I mastered my own inner world, the more my talents and capacities for facilitation, teaching and coaching have emerged. I’ve continued to complete more and more advanced training and to develop my expertise, completing hundreds of private sessions and many classes to create dynamic, permanent and profound change with people in their lives.  

I use a combination of methods and modalities with clients and students.  I do this by way of private one on one mentorship programs of 3 6 or 12 months and group mentoring. 

I offer Access Consciousness private sessions and classes, including the One Day Bars Practitioner training and the Four Day Foundation Class. I also teach personal development workshops in Nelson, New Zealand on many subjects including the Law of Attraction, Manifesting and Consciousness and have recently begun to speak publically about my skills and personal journey, both to educate and inspire. 

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With love

Rose xo

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