Love isn’t something we do, it is something that flows through our being and body, when we become a vibrational match to it.

Unless we are authentically in this state when doing something for another person, it is likely we are probably creating an obligation or wanting to be liked, rather than acting unconditionally.

Let me explain…

Human emotion is now measurable as it eminates a frequency or vibration from the body.

If you look at the below diagram, you will see it shows the different emotions with accompanying vibration. Despair for example is a slow vibration at 20mhz per second, love sits at 500mhz.

Most of us fall in a range somewhere in the middle and sometimes we may sink lower or rise above this usual range, depending on many things and how we relate to external circumstances of our lives.

Learning to manage ourselves in totality from a vibrational standpoint instead of just a psychological one can make a lot of sense to some people.

It gives another component to why we operate/feel as we do and there are ‘vibational raising’ skills I teach my clients that are a lot more meaningful than ‘let’s be positive because…’ If it’s ‘let’s raise our vibration’ the rewards become very different.

So, how then do we go up this mystical ‘scale’ to get to where we’d like to be?

That requires us to work on ourselves and to clear out everything we are carrying that isn’t love. That is our beliefs, traumas, dramas, interesting points of view, our conditioning, shame and other heavy emotions that way us down and keep our vibration slow/low.

To accomplish this, we must heal, release what we are carrying that keeps us from our inner connection with ourselves and to elevate our level of functioning to a more or less neutral state, where we align with energy, space and consciousness more than thoughts, feelings and emotions.

We can only ascend that scale one level at a time, other wise we’d kind of drive ourselves nuts. It’s a safety mechanism. If we could swing from one end to the other in a millisecond, we’d have a negative thought and then manifest a disaster and the Universe is a lot more kind than that.

That’s why it takes time and integration to bring about significant shifts and to change the state of our body so it’s aligned with new information and beliefs. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

“How can you do the work necessary to attain/be compatible with allowing love to flow through you”?

The following list contains some suggestions from my journey and working with those I serve…Perhaps they will resonate with you.

💗 Remove emotional Baggage and trauma

When we are filled with pain, conflict, negativity from others or the residue of difficult experiences, we can’t connect easily with love. 

Mirror work example proves this. When we are divorced from our inner self through emotional issues and pain, we tend to look in the mirror and feel nothing. That is why the (well meaning) advice ‘love yourself’ is utterly toxic to people in pain, despair or who are experiencing the after affects of trauma.

What we should be advising them to do is remove the things stuck in their body that are keeping them there through seeing an expert who can help. And, of course we should do the same if we are aware of that for ourselves. I highly recommend a Compassionate Inquiry therapist, holistic coach or psychotherapist or someone who does EMDR – whomever resonates with you.

💗 Practice Self-Care, Self-Respect and Self Awareness

Taking good care of your body is paramount for doing well in life. So is honoring yourself and your needs and learning to adopt and implement healthy boundaries.

It’s equally important to work on reducing any areas hidden from self and to become self aware.

💗 Learn Emotional and Energetic Self Mastery

This is key to an amazing and empowered life. Knowing where you and others function from and having compassion for yourself and them is important. As is knowing how to work with energy to effect the changes you truly require.

💗 Be kind to Everyone (including yourself) and surround yourself with amazing people

Honor others, appreciate them in your life and be in allowance of their choices. To get to this point, most of us have to do a lot of work to become almost untriggerable. Then we can love.

The people who are your people will value you. That’s it. You will be able to negotiate with them how you co-create your relationship with them.

💗 Become a master of sensing and amplifying appreciation 

Appreciation is a way of getting very close to a love frequency. When you adore without expectation, people, places, situations, yourself, your situation, your learnings and all the abundance in your life, you are getting up there.

This is a powerful energy from which to manifest and bring our desires to fruition. For me personally, I had to clear out a lot of trauma, before I could be grateful or experience genuine appreciation. If you struggle with this, that’s a sign of trauma.

💗 Have a sense of purpose that lights you up from the inside and drives you to contribute to the world and reach your potential

Once you find your purpose for this life time, that sense of God/Universe/Source energy/love is in everything you do. Greatness and mastery are available here and are closely linked with love and our soul purpose.

That’s why it’s important to focus on who you’ll become in the process of achieving your goals and how that journey will change you. Accepting our learnings and realizing we are powerful co-creators or our excperience takes humility.

When we do all of these things, we are able to operate from a state of love, which allows our cup to flow over, filling that of others and making us feel incredible at the same time. At that point we become a beacon of inspiration and other people will be magnetically drawn to us and what we have that they want as well.

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