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1. Consciousness in the Workplace

Consciousness is the new black, but what does it mean to be conscious?

Mindfulness is about being aware of your internal monologue. Consciousness is about being aware of everything internally and around you and always choosing what is for your highest good, using certain techniques and tools to access your inner wisdom. (Consciousness in Nelson, New Zealand)

How do you connect with your own consciousness and how is that valuable in the workplace? Discover some powerful, pragmatic tools for creating change. These are based in ancient wisdom and amazing for pragmatic modern living. 

Using these tools over time can help you to build an amazing life that goes beyond anything you hoped was possible. 

Be inspired, receive some basic tools you can play with and begin to see life from a broader and more empowering perspective.

2. Alternative Means for overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Our health system is broken and our suicide rates are through the roof. 

The Mental Health Services can’t cope and people are desperate and scared. Inter-generational trauma and abuse is rife in kiwi families and it is showing up by way of homelessness, a growing prison population, poverty, chronic dis-empowerment, violent and petty crime and addictions. 

I offer some radically different and empowering points of view on these topics (in particular on anxiety and depression). Dealing with Anxiety and Depression in Nelson, New Zealand.

Hear about my journey and how I turned around my legacy of family dysfunction, bullying, trauma and toxic adult relationships (along with many years of depression, social anxiety, general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, anorexia and bulimia, CFS and Fibromyalgia & PTSD) into one of empowerment, strength, inspiration and wisdom. 

How did I re-invent myself and out-create my origins? How did I develop my strength and resilience? How do I use this to help others today? 

This talk is an eye opening inspirational journey, that will inspire and enlighten you and make you question what you thought you knew. Great for your group or organization! 

3. Overcoming Bullying and taking your Power Back

One of my specialties is working with bullied and traumatized people to get them free. I was bullied at school and then experienced horrific bullying as an adult. 

Because I had already devoted my life to becoming fully conscious and working on myself, I made up my mind to allow this experience to transform me and not break me. That is exactly what has happened. (Dealing with bullying in Nelson, New Zealand)

I realized that when things show up over and over again in our lives, it is because we hadn’t fully dealt with it the first time and we are being invited to heal and expand beyond who we have been before. It wasn’t about the bullies or what they thought of me, it was about me doing the work on me, so I was no longer an energetic match for having them in my life, (victim to their persecutor). 

They contributed that opportunity to me and I took it. I am so grateful for them today, because I am so much better knowing who they truly are and choosing how I create my life and show up in the world. 

My style as a speaker, facilitator and teacher is content rich, intense, amusing and irreverent. I have also been told that I deliver my talks with “Enormous wisdom and humility”.

“We were hoping you would just keep talking” Vicky, Nelson

“Delivered with such integrity and great encouragement”, “Rose is wickedly funny” Lil, Motueka

“Rose spoke with such humility and wisdom” Ray, Dunedin



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