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I speak and run classes and workshops on a broad range of topics related to Personal Development. 

For four years I have been a Life Coach and body process facilitator here in Nelson. I offer private sessions that help people improve themselves and their lives through a combination of science, energy work, their physiology, psychology and spiritual awareness.

Workshop topics range from the role of Consciousness in the modern Workplace to managing bullying, toxic personalities and stress at work. Other topics I teach are dealing with the issues of abuse and how to do money, relationships and health from a conscious and different perspective. 

I also teach the art of manifesting, developing spiritual awareness and emotional self mastery – topics about which I am extremely passionate. I have recently been invited to teach units to new pilates teachers on how to run and market a Heart Centered Business and do self care as a new business owner. 

My keynote personal speech is an inspiring one about how I overcame many emotional and physical challenges to become healthier, happy and to create a successful life and business. I did this through the consistent learning and the application of many cutting edge, psychological, spiritual, energetic and biofeedback tools and techniques. 

In that process I’ve developed a body of work and content that is uniquely mine. Over the past five years, I’ve become a skilled facilitator, teacher and coach, helping others with the very things that had me stuck and hurting for many years.

This work is now relevant like never before, because traditional methods have proven to fail and there are a chronic lack of resources due to the breakdown of many aspects of our community and the widespread effects of toxic families, abuse, poverty and violence. 

I know what it is like to deal with these issues. In my teens, 20s and 30s I, I was suicidal, depressed and anxious. I was bullied, traumatized and had the doubly whammy of dysfunctional family, a lack of support and a sense of separation from others that made all of life challenging. 

Through it all I never gave up, even though I wanted to, nearly every day for decades. I truly learnt the hard way how to go about things.  However, I knew life was supposed to be enjoyable and fulfilling and I kept going until I got the break-thoughs I was seeking. 

I was able to own the mess and survive while I taught myself differently. By the grace of something bigger than me, I managed to endure pain upon pain and eventually transform it into potency, as I sensed I had a very real and meaningful purpose to fulfill. In the process I’ve become resilient, aware and tuned in. 

Today, I get to inspire others on their journey and I run a thriving practice here in Nelson City. Anyone can be expert through study, but the story is much more profound and the understanding true, when told through the filter of personal experience and integration through deep inner transformation.


Today, I get to inspire others on their journey and I run a thriving practice here in Nelson City. Anyone can be expert through study, but the story is much more profound and the understanding true, when told through the filter of personal experience and integration through deep inner transformation.

1. Consciousness is the new Black – going beyond ‘mindfulness’

What is consciousness – how does it differ from popular mindfulness?

How to become conscious, how can consciousness benefit you?  

My journey into consciousness, how I navigated this un-chartered territory for myself and how I apply these tools and techniques today. Uncover how consciousness can allow you to build an amazing life that goes beyond anything you hoped was possible. Be inspired, receive some basic tools you can play with and begin to see life from a different perspective.

2. All about Life Coaching (For special interest groups or employers). How can it help people and what does a coach do?

What the *bleep* is Life Coaching? Why is it so popular now and is it just a fad? Who is life Coaching relevant for and how can it help?

Why I became a life coach and what life Coaching has created for me and some of my clients…

What is my particular flavor of Life Coaching and how is life coaching different from therapy, counselling or spiritual work? (I include elements of psychology, body science, spirituality and energy work in my practice).

Some basic information about how we show up in the world and what we choose and tell ourselves.
How we can continue to grow and change in a manner over which we have an influence.

3. Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anxiety and depression in a very different way – My Inspirational Story

If you could see me 12 months ago, 2 or 5 years ago, you wouldn’t recognize me as the person that stands before you today.

Not only was I physically sick, I had several chronic anxiety disorders and I had a life time of trauma and negative conditioning to overcome.

Hear about my insights, healing and personal growth, as I began to out-create my past, create a new reality with my body and reinvent myself. 

What principles, strategies, philosophies and tools did I adopt to create these changes? Where am I at now? How I pass these onto others…

This talk is a truly inspirational journey which will inspire and enlighten you and make you question what you thought you knew. Great for your group or organization! 

4. The Law of Attraction.
What is it and how is it practically relevant in today’s world and how can it give you an advantage in life?

What was The Secret really about? Why did it get people all excited and then let them down?  

What is Metaphysics? Why is it one of the fastest growing areas of Science, how does it relate to the Law of Attraction and where did Law of Attraction come from?

How is LOA relevant to contemporary life today, why it is important and how having a basic understanding of these energetic and spiritual principles and can they really benefit you.

LOA is related to spirituality and the one’s inner development and personal work. Discover some ancient truths works and how you can unravel your conditioning to create from a totally different space.

Hear some of my journey with these tools, personally and as a coach.


5. Overcoming Bullying and taking your Power Back

One of my specialties is working with bullied and traumatized people to get them free. I was bullied at school and then experienced horrific bullying as an adult. 

Because I had already devoted my life to becoming fully conscious and had devoted many years to self improvement, I made up my mind to allow this experience to transform me and not break me. That is exactly what has happened. 

I realized that when things show up over and over again in our lives, it is because we hadn’t fully dealt with it the first time and we are being invited to heal and expand beyond who we have been before. It wasn’t about the bullies or what they thought of me, it was about me doing the work on me, so I was no longer an energetic match for having them in my life (victim to their persecutor). 

They were contributing to me that opportunity and I took it. I am so grateful for them today, because I am so much better knowing who they truly are and choosing for me how I create my life and how I show up in the world. 

My style as a speaker, facilitator and teacher is content rich, intense, amusing and irreverent. I have been told that I deliver with “Enormous wisdom and humility”. 

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