What happens when you’re financially literate, but the money doesn’t come, or it comes and goes again just as fast? Maybe each time you begin getting free or your debts/struggle there is always a ‘money crisis’ that delivers you right back to square one.

Welcome to the concept of ‘money mindset’. You can think of that as monetary self esteem.

Money is just an energy and if we can’t receive and hang onto that energy there can be several reasons why:

  1. What you do for money isn’t highly valued in the skills market and isn’t something unique or exceptional that is worthy of a high income. You probably exchange your time for money.
  2. You don’t believe you are worth having money and/or you have a fear of success
  3. You don’t respect money (or yourself with money) and money knows that, so it doesn’t stick around.
  4. You have beliefs that are incompatible with having money
  5. You’ve done a lot of work in terms of healing and changing beliefs, but you’re still struggling

Let’s address each of these in turn…

  1. Low value skills/employment

If there are loads of people doing what you do and you sell your time for money, you’re not going to be particularly well rewarded, probably even if you are exceptional at what you do.

If you’re aren’t comfortable financially and what you currently do isn’t ticking the boxes you would like, take a look at where your unique skill-sets overlap with what is highly valued in our society. Maybe you can continue to do what pays the bills whilst starting a side hussle. There are plenty of options.

I have found over time it’s what resonates the most with you that will create the most in your life and living. Follow the energy in terms of what feels expansive.

It’s important to be original and unique. Usually we have several areas of brilliance and where these overlap is a zone of genius that is different from others. In these changing and uncertain days, it pays to work in an essential service or provide something that people seek and require or something that delights and adds value to people’s life and living.

2. Low money self worth

This can be a tricky one and require self inquiry and healing.

Usually if we’re carrying trauma, money can seem very elusive. For those who have had abuse, whatever they had/valued was stripped away, so they have their barriers up to receiving money along with love, affection and many other things.

If that is the case, it just takes hard work to change this. It can be therapy, spiritual groups, EMDR, body work, reading self help books, whatever shifts your experience of yourself into something more positive.

As you change, your ability to generate money and receive life will improve exponentially. Often money is one of the last things to improve if this is true for you. Just know that the more work you do to shift old stuck energies and patterns and heal, the better off you will become.

If we have had and healed trauma, we can be reluctant to be judged or be out there and be seen. Be aware of this and start to feel anywhere you are contracted or defensive and limiting your ability to create and receive.

3. You can generate money but not hang onto it

The purpose of money is actually to change our life or other peoples. In order to do that, we need to be willing to ‘have’ money and not just to try to ‘get’ money.

I often think for those who have this problem (and I have been one of them) that needing to spend what we have comes from having experienced severe lack and also a lack of connection with key figures in our life when we were younger. It’s about looking to accumulate things to provide security because people haven’t for you.

We don’t trust ourselves to be a good steward of money and don’t trust the Universe to bring us more or ourselves to create more. The money you have is never enough and you don’t feel safe in the world. Perhaps you feel vulnerable to criticism or judgment.

Stop worrying! If you worry money to death it can’t come and it can’t stay, so if you have all your money pathways set to fear, start changing these…

4. Your beliefs are incompatible with having money

Identifying beliefs directly is usually a challenging thing to do, we need to tune into our inner dialogue and observe what we are telling ourselves each time we receive money, when we spend money and when we think about money.

If money was your friend, would your thoughts attract or repel it? If you hate money or hate that we require it, or you fear running out or you think money is ‘hard to come by’ these are all beliefs that aren’t serving you to be abundant and feel comfortable and safe.

More stereotypical beliefs that some people have grown up with are “money is the root of all evil”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “rich people are all arseholes” and so on…

What is your money narrative? Does it empower you or keep you short and struggling?

Could you appreciate money more? Do you acknowledge with gratitude all your spending power and potency in receiving and generating money?

What we don’t acknowledge and appreciate depreciates, so if this resonates, start getting down with gratitude and even being grateful for each service provider when you spend money.

Practice being a high vibrational, appreciative part of the economy, where you are willing to receive and allow money to flow out again. Whilst having money is good, grasping at money isn’t, so be patient and work on your mojo, eventually some will stick and stay.

5. You have done a lot of money work in terms of clearing lack beliefs and healing trauma, but you’re still struggling

Stop expecting money because you’re ‘a good person’ life doesn’t work that way.

The Universe delivers based on vibration, not your wishes, so do the work on yourself to become a match for what you’d like and watch it show up with ease…If you want to be a millionaire, think about the energy of someone who has a million dollars.

How do they move, what are their attitudes? How do they think differently than you? What energy do they put out into the world? What can you do to be more like them?

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