Single Sessions

I make single sessions available so people like you can get a sense of what is possible from working with me without having to commit to a full mentorship . 

I used to book by service (and I still can through discussing with you your requirements), however, I now charge for the amount of change I can offer you, through whichever combination of services you require, divided up on the basis of time. 

Loosely, this is $100 for an hour, $175 for two hours or $225 for three hours of change. These rates include verbal facilitation, coaching and body work in any combination.  Charges are divisible by half hour chunks. For example 90 minutes is $150. 150 minutes is $200

I charge this way is because it is straightforward and I’ve discovered that people often wish to travel from away for sessions and they can do a couple of two and three hour intensives over several days and then travel back. 



For those who want to commit to developing Energetic and Emotional Self Mastery. 

Mentorships are a deep dive for those who desire to learn the skills and tools with which to create the future and future version of themselves that they have always dreamed of. 

I go out of my way for all of my clients. There are different levels of mentorships depending on your 



Complimentary Discovery Sessions


Get clearer on the nature of your issues

Meet me, see the surroundings in which I meet clients and get a feel for how I work and what I can offer

Sense whether coaching may be the right thing for you

See if we vibe and whether you think I’m the right person for you. 

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