Relaxing at the beach

How My Day At The Beach Contributed To Me Getting More Done

What if our ‘work’ as well as being about effort, hustle and ‘just doing it’ was also about alignment? Would this allow us to make the most of opportunities, flow with life and create through accessing all that is, rather than through force?

What if alignment is like a secret super power that those in the know are accessing at will, to achieve more, be, do and have more, whilst expending far less willpower and force? What if this is what the phrase work smarter, not harder is really referring to? And what if this is the way to have more of everything, more flow, precision, clarity and awareness and pure joy while we’re at it?

As my friend Drew said to me recently, “What if all those other things you choose (when you’re not working) are actually a contribution to your creative process, well-being and you being able to draw to you the exact energies that are required to be even more productive and effective?” Thanks Drew! 🙂 What he was talking about was aligning energetically by being open and reading what feels expansive or contractive in any given moment.

I am noticing this shift taking place in myself, increasingly so. When I listen to my body, feel into things, tap into my higher self and sift out what doesn’t feel right or light for me, magic happens. It’s always there, it’s just that sometimes I don’t pay attention. For me that means I have stepped out of flow and knowing and into effort, struggle, force and thinking I’m either invincible or I have to do it all on my own.

Recently I worked a 10 hour day. I’ve had so much on, I needed a decent chunk of stuff cleared, so I could go next level in my business and have greater ease. What kept me going (when my body got quite sore and wanted to stop) was momentum. I wanted to access a momentum state, to get me further ahead (than I should have been) in the same amount of time (which happened) and to see if I could start again from that expanded place, the next day.

What was interesting about the 10 hour day, was, things had been coming to a head energetically and I knew I couldn’t put off what was required any longer. The clarity and inspiration were there and the timing right. Once upon a time I would have slammed the brakes on out of fear my body wouldn’t cope, but instead, I asked my body along for the ride and thanked it for its contribution.

What unfolded was epic creating, accompanied by such insight and knowing that I was filled with joy, accomplishment and a feeling of limitlessness which transcended my sore and tired body. I had such a good sleep and woke up the next day mentally dying to do it again. This time my body let me know. “No Rose”, “not on our life”, “not on my watch”, “like heck you are”.

Okay. Next thing my friend messaged and asked me to go for a walk with her. It felt light, so I agreed and off we went into the bush at 8am for a hilly hour long adventure and chat. It was divine and on my way home I went to catch up with my talented designer, collect my new business cards and run a bunch of errands that I’d been putting off. The movement and sense of physical accomplishment and relaxation was awesome.

Afterwards, as I enjoyed some much needed sustenance and sat at my computer contemplating whether to begin engaging my semi relaxed body into more intensity and work, I got the quiet whisper “Lets go to the beach”.

I had been debating whether to write another friend and ask if she’d like to host my class later this week. Instead, she messaged me and let me know she was asking friends of hers to attend my class. Cool! How does it get better than that? I invited her to host. She said yes, then she asked me if I’d like to go to the beach!!

Oh, the synchronicity when we listen! What followed was an afternoon of bliss (on the hottest day we’ve had here all summer) whilst we were joined by two other dear friends who just happened to be there at the same time and chose the same part of the beach to sit on.

Many hours later, I had some new bikini marks, felt super chill and possessed a sense of peace, calm and alertness. I found the next afternoon when I resumed working that my momentum was there, waiting for me to pick up where I left off and it took much less intensity, determination or worry to access it, then I was expecting.

Here’s what I do to access my own momentum, flow with life and be super chill and at ease when creating or making the demand of myself to hit certain targets:

  • I identify and overcome any resistance and reaction to what’s required of me by asking questions and just being willing to be present in my creation process.
  • I invite my body to contribute to what’s happening and listen to the feedback I get, so I’m working with it, not against it.
  • I ask energetically for what I want to happen and then stay open and aware. I pay attention to synchronicities.
  • I ask all of life to support me in what I’m setting out to accomplish and this is the BEST way I know to align with what I’m busy doing. Intention is everything.
  • I surrender to the process and allow it to take me wherever is required to get things done.

If you would like to learn more about these aspects of creating ease or if you enjoyed this piece, please write and let me know. I’d love to hear from you!



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