What is Mentoring? Some ways having a Mentor can help you Change your life and how this Benefits You

You know you really want to change, but is mentoring right for you and can it get you the changes you are looking for? 

You may sense you don’t have all the skills you need to excel in your life and reach your full potential yet, but you are unsure which way to turn.  

You may have tried different things at different times such as meditation, therapy, classes or techniques to improve your life, but this is hit and miss. 

You are missing something such as cohesive strategies to create change and get past your fears and resistance, expert feedback to fill you in on your own blank spots and the skills to by pass getting stuck at the same place each time.

You aren’t alone. This article may offer some clarity…

  1. Mentoring will illuminate those frustrating places where we know we get stuck, but can’t change them because we are in our own head

Most of us know only too well those frustrating places where we get stuck every time, or we seem to be making great progress going it alone, until we aren’t.

A good mentor will see your patterns, where you have limitations, fears and resistance or are cycling through sabotage or counterproductive habits, help you get to the why and change it. 

  1. Mentoring will support and encourage you to be greater than ever before

When two heads combine on an issue, challenge or struggle, there is something energetically that shifts to start to change it.

With an expert walking alongside you through the pitfalls, challenges, fails and wins as you progress towards your goals and implement new skills and information it is just somehow easier.

You get to share the burden of change, you are guided the whole way, you know you aren’t bothering friends and family and your sessions are focused solely on helping you become the best version of you possible. 

  1. Mentoring will allow you to build on the positive and eliminate the negative at the same time

We have brains that can only conceive a future, based on who we have known ourselves to be until now. Fortunately our subconscious can also dream big and start to head towards that picture with the right support and skills.

I always start my mentoring programs by assisting customers to clear as much of their past that they are willing to let go of as they possible. From that space we can literally fill the gap with an exciting new version for your future, which is based on the new you that you are without your baggage. 

We maintain a dual focus of working through blocks, fears, doubts, and stuff that gets triggered throughout your program whilst focusing forwards on the brightest, most exciting future possible. 

This is a beautiful thing as that forward momentum makes looking at the past easier and dealing with the past makes the journey forwards freer, easier and with far less resistance and blocks. 

  1. Mentoring will help you realize that your barriers were never real

As you take inspired action every week based on the goals you have set and the manageable steps we have outlined you will inevitably be outside your comfort zone and your ‘stuff’ will be triggered. 

Once you see yourself work through your outer limits more than once, you begin to know that your limitations were imagined safety barriers of your own construction. There is utter genius in keeping ourselves safe this way, but being guided through that and out the other side when we are ready is such a liberating experience. 

After your mentoring program is complete, you should have the skills to dismantle your own barriers in future. 

  1. Mentoring allows you to grow and develop much more rapidly, quickly allowing yourself to earn back your original investment and have a better life now and in the future

People are fearful about investing in changing their life. I get it, I have been too.

Coaching is an unknown process and you might be the only person it doesn’t work for – right? You could put in all that hard work and get really uncomfortable only to self-sabotage everything at the end of it…Besides, being as great as you could be is utterly terrifying – right??

Those fears are normal and reasonable. However, the only way through that stuff, is through it. I promise you that undertaking a mentoring program with me will be one of the best decisions you have ever made or will ever make and the dividends you will receive if you do the work will be beyond priceless. 

Imagine coming out of your Mentoring program with many goals already accomplished and feeling more confident, happier, freer and wiser just 3 or 6 months from now and ready to accomplish more and be greater with more ease, awareness and confidence. Imagine the opportunities that would generate…

Who would you be if you could dismantle many fears and limitations and start to uncover the greatness of you? What is it costing you struggling along slowly, wasting your valuable time and resources whilst not getting the outcomes you are looking for? How much stress, frustration and anxiety does that create? 

How much fun would it be to hire someone to exclusively focus on helping you become the best version of you possible? If this speaks to you please go HERE to book your free session with me today. 


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