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When people have a challenge that seems bigger than them, it can be solved in a myriad of ways incorporating different tools, methods and modalities.


The approach or combination of modalities used depends on the nature of the problem, the client and what they are comfortable with. A single method will create some change, while a multifaceted, comprehensive approach creates irrevocable change, empowerment and greater ease.


Those clients I see who get the most rapid, effective and permanent changes are those who look at their psychological patterns to gain understanding, are willing to change the energy that may have been holding them stuck and/or are open to apply spiritual principles to gain deeper insight and awareness, allowing them to expand and grow rapidly and develop their own wisdom.




Psychology is amazing for analyzing a problem and garnering understanding of habitual thinking, unhelpful patterns of behavior, exploring underlying reasons for choices or fears, identifying personal triggers and limiting beliefs, looking at trauma and figuring out the behavior of ourselves and others.


That is great starting point. However, generally it doesn’t empower a person in the following ways:


It doesn’t teach them how to release the energy they have been holding around the problem which is often heavy and restricts them from creating a new pattern despite their understanding or knowledge of an issue.


It doesn’t teach them dynamic TOOLS for dealing with such issues should they ever arise again.


Once a client has the tools and FEELS at EASE, they confidence grows and therefore they can RELEASE their FEARS around this problem, STOPPING it from being RELEVANT to them in future.


When the fear goes, so does the electrical charge (which is how a problem is stored in the body).


Because we get sent the same problem over and over again until we fix it, once it is fixed the person is released from that cycle and won’t attract similar issues in future.




Many personal issues have a physical component or require an active solution.


Examples are money, diet, exercise, or running a business. Taking inspired action is a great thing as when the physical changes, we feel a sense of momentum or progress.


The downside if you only address the obvious physical aspects without the psychology or spirituality, the fix won’t last. It isn’t a balanced solution and isn’t far enough reaching.


For example, we all know about how dieting will create weight loss, but unless someone does the deep inner transformation to go with the new body, the weight often yo-yos back on.


Someone can learn how to attract more money, but unless they clear their unhelpful financial beliefs, any extra money they do receive will just disappear.




I love sharing these valuable tools and perspectives with clients. On some level science and spirituality merge and become the same thing. At that level of awareness, you can almost instantly resolve any issue.


Spiritual only solutions are challenging when clients lack the accompanying wisdom, experience and discernment to apply them correctly and/or they don’t know how to place it it context with the physical and psychological aspects.


With a little effort, guidance and attention, we can become adept at doing this ourselves.




All these aspects of self are under laid by one thing – Consciousness.


Knit together these three elements to create and generate consciousness for a client and magic happens.


Not only do problems dissolve, but people connect with their own wisdom, become empowered and adept at solving future issues – there is no longer a match with the old ones. People’s confidence can then soar, once they realize they have the knowledge and tools to handle anything and by supporting them for three months through this process, there is almost nothing they cannot have at the end of it.


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