Five Conscious Perspectives to help you kick some Butt in 2019

What’s really required to take charge of your life isn’t just setting goals and doing the steps to accomplishing them. That’s old school. You can set goals and take physical actions to complete them, whilst barely growing at all. Although for sure you will have a sense of accomplishment and be better off in some ways.

Consciousness is the way of the future. For the purpose of this article, my definition of consciousness is being aware of self, of others and everything around you. By aware, I mean understanding things psychologically and energetically and I’m implying some level of mastery here.

Learning the tools to create a conscious life and implementing them, means we upgrade ourselves and where we operate from. This allows us to achieve more, develop and continue to evolve in all ways. This affords us developing true wisdom and self reliance, from which we can become incredible and assist others.

The process of becoming conscious, requires us to be humble, honest and open and to seek change on the deepest level.

The way of the future is already here, an demands greater transparency, integrating body wisdom into all our choices and using technology for the greater good. In addition, it involves understanding energy dynamics and our true inner nature, as souls having a human experience.

As Bradley Cooper sings in the movie A Star is Born, “It’s time to Let the Old Ways Die”. We no longer have to go through life in unconscious ways. For example, being a victim, living out your family achetyping, functioning from stress or living others expectations of us, that doesn’t fit us…

Similarly, we no longer need to sacrifice happiness for others, or struggle every week to pay the bills whilst feeling resentful. Life will always be challenging, but we don’t have to be at the effect of events. Spiritual wisdom alongside modern psychology affords us the chance to grow beyond our current means, if we are willing to do the work.

Fundamental change requires a deep dive, some truth bombs, radical improvements and knowledge of self. It takes a mentality of quest, determination and commitment to weather the discomfort of change and get to the rewards that consciousness offers.

Here are some conscious truths that may inspire you to greatness in 2019!!

1.Realize you are the ultimate creator in your life

Whatever’s going on in your experience right now, is all about you. You may have had all sorts of circumstances that haven’t worked out as you wanted them to. You may be upset by certain people or situations, but you created all of it. That is, you created the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

I don’t mean you are to blame, or that you are responsible for other’s choices. What it does mean, is that you attract everything in to your field of observation, your experience and your life, for a reason.

That reason is your expansion. When you change your points of view, the things you tell yourself, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions, you won’t be caught up in the past, you will be free of it.

Then, you will attract much better into your experience. So, use your power to create for you and not against you. You are capable of un-creating all the crap and creating amazing things beyond your wildest expectations. Being supported by a conscious coach, affords that kind of transformation.

2. Pain is a beautiful gift

Pain is life’s way of letting you know on a particular issue, you are separated from your higher self. You are away from your natural state of love and oneness and that gap is the pain you can feel. The purpose of pain is healing and growth.

Stored pain is like a bottle neck that stops us truly thriving and being free across all areas of life. We may think we have successfully buried something and are semi functional in other aspects of our lives. However, this never works, as something significant always leaks out and has unanticipated effects on us.

When we bury pain, it’s like going around with a sign above us, saying “Walking wounded here”. People can see it in your behavior, feel it in your energy and they know something is wrong. The reason it’s obvious, is because we have barriers up, as we don’t feel safe.

With our barriers up, we can’t allow ourselves to be loved (we aren’t a match for love, we are a match for pain). Abundance can’t flow our way either and we will struggle. Holding up barriers because we feel weak inside, is exhausting. From there, we never trust others or ourselves.

“Pain is not to be feared and avoided. It is an invitation to face ourselves and step into our greatness. On the other side of processing your pain, lies immense freedom and relief. Only you can choose”. Rose Aitken

3. Get rid of your Baggage and you pain will follow

Unhealed ‘stuff’ has a habit of bubbling up and creating problems when you least want it to. And it is there, just under the surface, influencing all of your thoughts, decisions, choices and body language.

Life has a habit of bringing you similar situations, repeatedly, until you address things properly. That is why some people appear to have such ‘shitty luck’. They don’t really, they’ve just never dealt with their pain and circumstances and learned how to redirect their future.

What causes you the most pain, is pointing you directly towards the beliefs you most need to change. I support my clients to have ease with changing theirs. We go gently through this stuff to yield rapid, powerful, results. (You can see some testimonials at the bottom of this page or here.

4. Stop Being upset at past ‘lost opportunities’

There is no such thing. What’s for you will not pass you by. You were either ready or you weren’t. It’s that simple.

If it went away, if you were overlooked, you blew it, or circumstances changed out of your control, life was redirecting you.

Usually life won’t recreate the same opportunities, but you can create new ones. If you are willing to develop wisdom as from your past losses, then even greater possibilities can show up.

5. Stop making things right or wrong. You always have a choice.

Life happens for us, not to us.

Nothing is good or bad or right or wrong, other than what your beliefs make it. Part of my job is to help you see what was beneficial about the tough things. It is also to help you extract the goodness from those experiences and see how you’ve evolved as a result.

For the first time in modern human history, science is starting to understand many things. These include, the science of energy, wisdom of the human heart and gut and how our thoughts directly influence others and our environment.

There is no need to suffer and be at the effect of your past any longer. The modalities, techniques and options out there today are wonderful. If you are an empath, if you are spiritually orientated, or open minded, I would love to work with you. Connect with me here.

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