Do you have all the skills you need to excel in your life and reach your full potential? If not, do you know what will get you there yet?

Committing to a program of Life Coaching may seem like a huge investment of time and resources. How do you know if it’s right for you?

Here are Five ways Life Coaching will help you have a better life:

It will illuminate those frustrating places where you repeatedly get stuckĀ 

Ever tried to make big changes and done really well, until suddenly you aren’t?

Do you know the feeling? You tell yourself this time it’s going to be different. You feel so brave and powerful, everything is on track. And then you hit the wall…

This happens at around the same place every time, followed by going screaming backwards at about 100 mph.

This is not lack of good intentions or poor will power. This is resistance, fear, old ways of thinking and terror at going beyond the current version of you.

A good mentor will see immediately what is happening and what’s behind it. They can support you to unravel those growing pains and go the distance with new skills, tools and confidence.

It will support and encourage you to be greater than ever before

When two heads combine on an issue, challenge or struggle, there is a synergy that makes addressing it somehow easier.

You get to share the burden of change and you are guided the whole way. You aren’t bothering friends and family and your sessions are focused solely on helping you become the best version of you possible.

For the first time you are supported as you implement new skills and navigate through the pitfalls, challenges, fails and wins towards your goals. With expert support you can’t help but succeed

You build on the positive and eliminate the negative at the same time

Any time we accentuate the positive, whilst eliminating the negative, that is a double win.

When people focus on fixing what’s wrong, at the exclusion of empowering you with what’s right about you, it’s easy to get stuck and problem focused. Instead, we should be feeling into the pain and using it as a source of information and inspiration to remove unhelpful beliefs. We should be identifying and clearing limitations, learning new skills and implementing them.

When we focus on creating a phenomenal future, whilst undoing the past, you become uplifted and supported while you change.

I assist my clients to create an amazing vision for their future, unencumbered by their previous challenges and baggage, which we explore and clear together.

We maintain a dual focus of working through blocks, fears, doubts, and limitations whilst working hard to achieve your plan for your future. These are broken into easy inspired action steps. You will be empowered with amazing tools and supported in pragmatic ways to kick ass each week.

You will realize that your barriers were never real

You will inevitably be outside your comfort zone during your coaching program and your ‘stuff’ will be triggered. This is great because it comes up to be cleared once and for all.

With coaching, you will be supported to allow your fears and resistance to arise, to explore and release them and move beyond. You will then realize that they were only fear based projections designed to keep you safe.

After your mentoring program is complete, you should have the skills to dismantle your own barriers in future.

Mentoring allows you to grow and develop much more rapidly, quickly and effectively than you could in other ways, quickly repaying your investment

Imagine coming out of your Life Coaching program with many goals already accomplished in 3 or 6 months time.  You are feeling more confident, happier, more skillful and wiser and have made on your investment 100 times over. That investment now multiplies itself every day you go forwards with your new skills and awareness of life.

Think of the opportunities that would generate…

Who would you be if you could dismantle many fears and limitations and start to uncover the greatness of you? What is it costing you struggling alone, wasting your precious time and resources, whilst not getting your desired outcomes? How much stress, frustration and anxiety does that create?

How amazing would it be to hire someone to exclusively focus on helping you become the best version of you possible?

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