Whatever the intensity level of your anxiety, it can seem overwhelming, when you’re in it and is therefore confusing.  Any way you can gain more information about it will help you. This article, is to assist you to have the information you need to get sorted.

Armed with this information you are better equipped to find the right combination of workable solution(s) for you.


Do you always get anxious around certain people or in certain environments?

It may be that your body is trying to let you know those scenarios, individuals or places just aren’t for you. Are there certain ‘friends’ or acquaintances who trigger you? Do certain cafes or businesses always feel toxic or unwelcoming, but you don’t know why?

When I first heard this, something landed for me and there was a little chink in anxiety’s armor for the first time.  When I used to become anxious I’d be very upset. Afterwards, I’d waste emotion crying or being upset. Maybe I’d just had another attack around people I’d wanted to impress, or my hands had shaken, paying for something in a cafe with friends. When I began to consider that I might be aware of something about those people or places that I’d never acknowledged, everything changed for me.

I had always thought I was anxious and therefore I was the problem. However, like me, you might just be highly aware. You might be noticing other people’s thoughts and feelings, unwelcoming or toxic environments and heavy energies in certain areas. You might not be all screwed up like you have probably assumed you must be!

What you perceive as anxiety, can be your body trying to move you to more agreeable situations, better suited to your vibe and level of kindness and caring.

Often people who have been through a lot are more highly connected to their own awareness than others. Therefore, it can be easy to fall into the trap of making yourself wrong. What if you were right and your anxiety could be an asset?

That’s a vastly different point of view, I know…

Try it on for size and see how it feels.

At best you’ll start to see your own awesomeness and have a different sense of how things really are.  That can be key to unlocking everything for you and empowering you to another possibility.

At worst you’ll decide I’m full of it and carry on your search elsewhere.


This information is important, because it shows how far progressed your anxiety is and therefore which type of approaches might be the most helpful.

Scientists and psychologists always used to assume that thoughts created feelings which led to anxious symptoms. Now they understand and acknowledge, when that process has been going on long enough, it actually begins to work the opposite way.

If your trigger is your thoughts, do you know what your primary triggering thoughts are about? Is it what others are thinking of you? (This is one of the biggest perceived ‘threats’ in the digital age). Is it that you’ll say the wrong thing, you don’t feel physically attractive enough, cool enough, or is it just a sensation of panic around too many people? There will be some big clues there about your beliefs and areas to work on.

If your trigger is your body creating symptoms, you may require some body work to undo the physiology, before some of the thought based approaches can be valuable to you. Physiologically, we create such well worn chemical pathways in the body, it can be hard to intervene in this process without giving the body some relief/change.


Be glad next time your symptoms arise, because if you can remember this article and what to do, you are about to go a long way to understanding and dismantling your anxiety.

I want you to be the observer in the situation.

Shift your focus from inside the symptoms and being at the effect of whatever is happening and go outside of yourself and observe instead. Notice the sensations and your own reactions to the environment you are in, or to the people you are with. Notice the conversations that are taking place and any contraction you may be experiencing. Witness the specific feelings and thoughts taking place within your body and mind. Don’t react, just observe them as if you were an outsider.

What is it you haven’t been acknowledging that is blatently obvious? What do you push down, ignore and over ride every time this happens? Now there are several things you can do with this information…

You can work with an expert to re-frame this response using this information (so you feel differently in that particular circumstance in future).

Or, you can use the information to become aware of your triggers and choose differently.


I chose three primary strategies for dealing with my anxiety.

ONE – Regarding it as a valuable source of information and treating it that way instead of making myself wrong. Getting curious about it.

TWO – Having Access Bars to unlock the physiological aspects of what was happening. My anxiety was so well established that my symptoms would trigger and kick off feelings and thoughts. Bars was the ONLY tool I every found that could unlock years of worn anxiety pathways in my physiology. 

Freeing the body is one critical aspect that popular psychological treatments miss. For people very connected to their own awareness, I’ve found this a vital yet misunderstood aspect.

THREE – Supporting my body to be less susceptible to cascades of anxious chemistry by implementing better diet and sleep habits and becoming very fit. That way, if and when I was erring towards anxiety, I would likely be more relaxed.

There are many strategies and combinations of solutions that may help you. It’s often a matter of bravely persisting until you figure it out for yourself.

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