For years I was at the effect of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and unable to bust out of the prison of my physical symptoms.

I tried many options for creating change and eventually found the keys to unlocking it for me.

Along my way to greater wellness and energy, I began to look at life differently and became very resourceful and much more aware.

Here are some things I discovered that might be useful for you:

1.   I discovered that all ‘symptoms’ are a source of awareness

Because the immune and nervous system are linked when I was sick with CFS, I’d often experience any anxiety quite strongly. My body would go beserk and my emotions would follow.

After a while, I began to ask questions around this. I then latched onto the fact that I felt expanded around some people and contracted around others.

My clever body was giving me awareness about things and the people I was around were no exception. This was doubly important when I was unwell because I felt (and was) vulnerable.

Being both anxious and unwell was often overwhelming and I used to hate my body for it, until I learned and understood differently. Then, eventually I stopped and started to use this information to my advantage. Being aware of this, (and choosing appropriately based on this information), meant life got heaps easier and more wellness became possible for me.

TIP: If you are experiencing anxiety (or other symptoms), what are they telling you that you are ignoring? What’s that little thread of awareness inside you, that if you acknowledged it would lead you to make different choices?

This is not about running away, but about acknowledging your body’s wisdom and following it. Given such freedom and honoring, it’s amazing how our body will respond in kind to our attentive stewardship. They will often reward us with a physical freedom and ease we are unaccustomed to.

2.   I learned how to tell who my true friends were

I had a history of emotional and spiritual trauma as a child and teen which is what the CFS was really about. Needless to say, I didn’t always choose the kindest company. I did a lot of learning from my choices though.

At the height of my illness, I was vulnerable and needy. I had little support and couldn’t really receive from people anyway. I spent a lot of time on my own, at the effect of my symptoms. I always felt a bit disadvantaged around others, as I wasn’t functioning from a place of comfort and effectiveness in my life.

I tried to always choose expansive and positive people and events. However, I did learn that those with agendas, who are attached to you being sick. or who could take advantage of the situation, may show up.

As I started to gain more consciousness, clarity and wellness, I strengthened my boundaries. Luckily, those people weren’t a match for me any longer and fell out of my life. Now, I am not only feeling well, I am surrounded and supported by incredible loving people.

TIP: If you fired everyone in your life today, who would you re-hire? Who in your life is energetically attached to you being small and draining the energy you do have?

3.   I discovered how resilient we really are and how we play small

Every cell in your body desires for you to heal and be happy. We are designed to function optimally, flow with life and recreate our entire body every seven years. In short, we are phenomenal works of art and expressions of source energy.

We can relatively easily create huge changes and overcome traumas and challenges with the right skills. Working with energy is instantaneous. Master how to do that and you unlock the key to achieving all your desires and having a vibrant, healthy body.

We are taught to play small. We aren’t shown how to let go of upsets and emotional events. We judge ourselves and others and make them wrong and all our limitations are creations we have invented.

TIP: Where are you making small choices instead of big ones? Where do you have a limitation you aren’t acknowledging? How is that limitation manifesting for you?

4.   I came to appreciate the value of life and the unimportance of time

Life is precious. Get the most out of every opportunity and be grateful for what you have. If you find yourself facing the scenario of illness, appreciate what you can still enjoy and commit to doing whatever it takes to get well.

Healing you is the most important work you will do. In the process of undoing your illness (and healing your body), you will discover your highest values and become able to live an extraordinary life. Big challenges require big preparation and illness is an opportunity in disguise.

Sometimes, getting to where we want to be in life takes time and the Universe has it’s own perfect divine timing – not revealing change until you are truly ready for it. I was often impatient as anything to get fully well yesterday, but it just meant that I had more and more stuff to uncover, learn from and let go of.

TIP: You don’t have to become sick to discover your highest values, you can ask questions around them and get clear now. If you are sick, what are you avoiding looking at that would change everything for you?

When your symptoms are overwhelming, or you start to do a head spin and go into fear, practice gratitude instead. What is your body communicating to you? What are the things it is doing well and allowing you to still attend to? Be happy for those moments and you will likely find more of them.

5.   There is a path of least resistance for doing everything

Want to drive from A to B as fast as humanly possible without getting arrested? I’m your girl. Want a 3-course meal cooked in 30 minutes including sauces? I’ve nailed it. House require cleaning? Top to bottom in record time.

As ironic as this seems, for most of my illness I had no one else to rely on and I became strangely efficient and capable as a result. I soon discovered the quickest way of accomplishing something was as fast as possible, before my body crashed. Now I’m almost better, this serves me well, as I’ve mastered getting almost any task completed, in the blink of an eye.  

I am still meditative in the way I undertake things, I just do routine tasks very efficiently. Other people are frequently amazed and will say things to me like “That’s the fastest my dishes have ever been done”. “How did you make that yummy food so fast”? Um, that’s what I do.

TIP: You can create incredible solutions to things that seem unbelievable to others, just by being willing to be different. Set your own standards and live by them and people will be amazed.

What superpowers are you waiting to unleash that you are hiding or haven’t acknowledged? PS: It’s usually something so easy to us, we dismiss it as unimportant.

We human beings are so incredibly resilient. Often times what we think is a disaster is an opportunity waiting to be uncovered and tapped into. What we have decided would be the worst possible outcome, can be the path to our ultimate empowerment and freedom.

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