The issue is never money, it is always us. Money is such a mirror and persistant money problems reflect issues in other areas. Although this can seem frustrating and unfair, the good news is, if we are the source of our problems, we can also un-create them. 

“When you have an area of life that seems utterly awful, you have an unrealized genius in this area every single time”. Rose Aitken

You might be struggling now, but what if you have an unrealized genius with money that you’ve never considered? What if by applying some simple tools and making some mindset shifts, you could begin to tap into that?

When you have a good mindset around money and good monetary habits consistently, over time, you will be successful. There are many great books out there on investing and creating good monetary habits, but there aren’t so many about how our perspective and emotional baggage impacts on our financial reality. I hope this article will help: 

1. A Lack Mindset equals past trauma

A lack mindset is caused by low self esteem and self worth, which often corresponds with hardship, abuse, emotional pain or trauma in our lives.  

We may blame our issues on not enough money, (if I had enough money, I wouldn’t have a lack mindset) but the problem is we cannot be aligned with money, because we are carrying emotional baggage. The reason for that is if we are afraid and going around with our barriers up, we can’t receive. 

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Know that this can be changed. You can heal, re-open your heart and learn to receive again. You can achieve wonderful things and have a flourishing life that is abundant in all ways. This takes effort and dealing with your ‘stuff’. That is the kindest thing you will ever do for yourself (from so many angles, not just the obvious ones!)

2. Do away with money worry aka fear

It’s hard to be happy about receiving money when we are terrified about not having enough and are worrying and mentally spending it before it even comes in. We are often so consumed with fear of more lack that we forget to be grateful at all.

Were you excited as a kid when someone gifted you money? What would it take to feel that way now? The reason I ask, is there is often a world of difference between our downtrodden adult relationship with money and what our money capacities really are. 

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Start to cultivate appreciation for the money you do receive. Oddly enough, as your gratitude for money appreciates, so will your supply of it. 

Start to appreciate your bills and the services for which you pay. Be thankful your have a car to fill with petrol and a home with utilities to the front door. Be glad for the benefits of the society in which you live. 

I know it’s a huge leap from fear to appreciation, however, gradually, we can remember to be more aware of our thinking and reinforce those new perspectives. 

3. Become aware of your money beliefs and attitude

Do you hate money and blame it for your problems? There isn’t much incentive for money to come and stay with those who feel this way. Do you resent those with money? If you do, your viewpoint is ensuring you will never join them. Did you grow up in a family where ‘money was scarce’? Guess what you’re expecting in your own life? 

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Whenever you feel bad about money, sit and write it out. Get real about how much time a day you worry about money. Be honest about your money beliefs and your habits. Start to put together a picture of why you feel the way you do and where you can make some pragmatic and mindset shifts. 

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