The good news about this winter as opposed to every other winter, is for the first time people in Western society are actually aware that going out sick and thoughtlessly spreading their bugs to others is a toxic and harmful thing to do.

Not only that, they are actually aware of their own and other’s personal boundaries, how far their breath extends into that space, whether physical closeness or contact is necessary at all times and how easily it is to spread contagions.

That is not something to fear. Rather, it is a blessing that (through the most chaotic of circumstances), people are beginning to take responsibility for their actions with regards to not spreading illness to others and also for maintaining their own well-being.

Even better! People are listening to their body and even asking questions about whether they feel well or not before making certain decisions.

That is a major step forward!

Listening to the body and acknowledging what it requires, (rather than intellectualizing everything and detaching from our inherent awareness) is key to maintaining a healthy society and well, individual components of that system.

If we have proven anything over the years it is that trashing our biology and our planet in favor of chasing the mighty dollar, whilst maintaining disconnection, separation, comparison, judgments of and from others, doesn’t work.

The Western way of trying to do things that excludes our spiritual nature and caring for our personal and collective well being has dynamically failed. The breaking down of everything we have been taught socially, politically and economically is resulting in tumultuousness unlike any we have seen before.

How we get through these changing times on a personal level is by focusing more now than ever on maintaining a healthy personal and shared eco system, creating the conditions for good mental health and having a basic awareness of who/what we are and why we are here.

This is vital to a healthy future and a well society that is able to develop, innovate and go forwards. It it essential to having the vitality that underlies interconnected communities and being energized enough to support each other and feel safe in the world.

If you are stressed at the moment and you don’t like the cold much, how can you stay focused, well and happy this winter?


Thankfully probably largely due to COVID, bosses are now realizing it’s okay for people to work from home and their company doesn’t fall over.

They are seeing the human cost of carrying on in the way we always have (8 hour days and valuing output over the well being of staff who actually keep the business running).

When people need a break from life to recuperate and re-calibrate, the only acceptable reason up until recently, has been to say “I’m sick/ill/injured”. Because the nervous system responds to unconscious commands, they will also become sick as a way to generate time off. This is long term costly to both the employer physically and emotionally and employer.

TIP: If you can openly ask for some mental or physical health days and you have them owing, do it. It’s okay to take time off proactively instead of waiting to create illness first. If your workplace doesn’t allow for this, then you are in a trickier spot, but it’s not impossible.


Sometimes I think we forget the brain isn’t separate from the body.

Unless you are consuming the correct combination of nutrients your body (and brain) needs every day, how can you expect your brain to be able to function well? Garbage in equals garbage out.

If you ingest crappy junk food, don’t move your body and ignore your body’s energetic requirements, you can’t expect to maintain positive thinking, good moods, emotional stability or clarity of mind.

And, yes, I do realize when people are feeling very beaten down by life and with limited resources, this can seem like an impossibility. While you are at the effect of a ‘sick brain’ and toxic eco system, it’s extremely challenging to create change, motivation or momentum in a different direction.

If you have never thought about your brain health, now is a good time. Do some research into the human body and what vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients it requires every day to thrive and function optimally. If your resources are limited find cheap brand supplements and buy fresh fruit and vegetables from a local market or stall, with which to boost your body.

TIP: Do whatever you can. Small changes done over time create massive results!! The feeling you get of liking yourself, when you do small things to get ahead and support your physical and emotional progress is uplifting and rewarding.

My famous, honey, oregano, fresh ginger and lemon drink, great for Winter wellness


Long term this is more effective than good nutrition. The reason I say this, is because for many years I had ‘near perfect’ nutrition, rest and exercise. However, I was continuing to get sicker and sicker, because I was carrying unhealed wounding.

That meant whatever physical good I did was limited in how it could benefit me, because the negative energies were running riot in my body, creating illness and symptoms of pain, sickness and stuck-ness. 

This is an important point that many people miss, because it’s much easier sometimes to control what you put in your mouth, than to face our deepest fears. It is so scary, but is the most valuable thing you will ever do for yourself.

By the time you have dealt with your trauma, you will feel much more easily able to change unhelpful habits and create new ones.

TIP: There are many ways you can do this. EFT, seeing a holistic therapist, Access Bars, Blue star healing, reiki, seeing a holistic coach or trauma relief specialist or facilitator who deals with energy and the psyche. There are many free resources on Youtube.

If you’d like more information and customized help and support or to book a session with me to talk about your needs, you can do this here.

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