Consciousness Sessions with Rose

Access Consciousness is a modality that teaches you to Access your own Consciousness to change the energy of anything in your life.

That is, not changing your thinking, or your doing (although those may be relevant), but changing the energy. Everything in this reality is energy, including the device you are reading this on, the air you are breathing, all of your thoughts and feelings, everything…

So, if you can change energy, you can change anything. That means, Access empowers you (with many tools, clearings and processes) to change everything you don’t want in your life and create all the things you would like instead.

For me, as a highly aware intuitive and empath, using psychology alone or effort alone to set goals and create change, wasn’t enough. Something was always missing for me.

For example, imagine I could feel someone was hating on me. Telling myself it is none of my business what anyone thinks of me, didn’t stop me from being upset when I could FEEL the energy of their hate. I would be paralysed by the energy, without understanding what was happening.

Taking that hate and returning the ENERGY of it to SENDER with consciousness attached, (an Access tool that also empowers the person hating if they can receive it too), freed me for the first time in my life, from that scenario.

Learning about energy and how to change anything with it (and linking that to emotional self mastery and spiritual awareness) was the money ticket for me. Suddenly, everything that never made sense to me before, made sense.

After years of being told “I was too sensitive” and “just get over it” when something to do with someone was bothering me, I started to see my perceptiveness as a superpower instead of a gigantic handicap in my life. I literally shifted 180 degrees from feeling chronically powerless, to feeling almost dangerous at the potency I possess.

I understand why I am the way I am now and instead of hating myself for being weak, I realize I am powerful beyond my knowing. For the past 5 years, I have studied and immersed myself in these tools, practicing them daily for every aspect of my life.

I took every Access class I could get myself to. I qualified as a Bars Facilitator, Certified Worldwide Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator and Abuse Hold Facilitator.

I have led hundreds of Private Client Sessions and facilitated many people to change their lives and realities with these tools. I have taught many Bars Classes over the past four years, four day Foundation Classes and classes I have written. These are in the tools of Access on Money, Bodies, Relationship and creating Change.

Whenever someone is stuck in their lives and can’t get free no matter how hard they effort or try, it is ENERGIES holding them stuck fast. Imagine an invisible spider’s web of energies wrapped around someone so they cannot break free.

Everything we experience is stored in our physiology in every cell in the body. It gets embedded there, locking us in to certain behaviors, thoughts and feelings, often against our genuine desire to do better and be better.

This is particularly relevant if you have suffered TRAUMA and ABUSE, but is true for everything. We store so many thoughts, feelings and emotions around these events, that become electrical circuitry in the neural pathways, muscle memory, cellular memory and energy field.

The electrical circuitry is what keeps us stuck and ‘firing off’ in the same ways and there is vast amounts of energies in the associated thoughts, feelings and emotions that become blocks, bewildering us, underlying things like PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, shame and low self esteem.

If you are empathetic Access will work for you. If you have had therapy or counselling and are inexplicably still stuck, Access may be what would unlock you. If you have had a lot of abuse and trauma, Access can help. If you are creative, open minded, visionary and want to be even more exceptional, Access will also help.

If you are feeling excited reading this, or a sense of hope, possibility or even relief, than these tools and processes will work for you. Here are the different ways you can work with me using the tools of Access:

Access Bars

60 minutes $88

90 minutes $122

Access Bars with Facilitation

60 minutes $122

90 minutes $144

Access Facilitation by phone or Skype

60 minutes $144

Trauma and Abuse Relief Intensives

2 hours $177

Abuse Hold Session (Requires preparation, please contact me before booking)