Choosing A Mentor – What you can Look For

Some tips and strategies for deciding on a Mentor:

  • Is the person skilled and qualified? Do they have a great reputation and following?
  • Do you share things in common with them and their audience? 
  • Do you feel inspired when you listen to their story and see how they create their life and living?
  • Do they live and embody what they teach and impart to others?
  • Does the person ‘feel’ right to you? Do you like their energy? Does it resonate with you?
  • Do you get butterflies or excitement at the prospect of coaching with that person? Is there a sense of possibility when talking with them, browsing their website or attending workshops or training with them?
  • Imagine your life five years from now. What would you life be like if you sign up with that person or if you don’t? 

Good mentoring:

  • Is thorough and comprehensive
  • Helps you deal with the reasons underlying your issues to create LASTING change
  • Facilitates you to change your story and allow a new valuable perspective on old events
  • Invites and inspires you to become the best version of yourself possible whilst supporting you to do so
  • Allow you a safe space in which to be yourself and explore new opportunities
  • Encourages you to connect with your own inner wisdom and use that knowing with which to grow
  • Supports you out of your comfort zone, and gets you building your own wisdom from new experiences
  • Involves you working towards a new vision, taking action and gaining momentum as you go
  • Teaches you empowering tools with which to create your future
  • Enables honesty and self-awareness
  • Is supportive and enriching 
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