All limitation, challenge and unhappiness comes from stinking thinking. Sustained over time, this creates self-fulfilling results leading to more of the same.


This thinking is created in the first place via conditioning, poor role modelling, trauma and abuse, unhelpful habits, lack of support and un-awareness.


As a mentor, the key to creating a different possibility with a person is to assist them to release what they are holding onto, empowering them with tools and skills to function differently, whilst encouraging them to step up into greater and supporting them to do so. It is also about facilitating someone to see what is right about them that they are missing and giving them a sense of that, so as they can operate from that place in future.


Change is now more readily available than ever before. Collective consciousness is raising and impacting the individual, pulling them out of old energies and patterns. For those who want to create more and who may be struggling whilst starting to sense another possibility for themselves, how do you create lasting change? Where do you go and who can help?


The options now days are bewildering. Healers, mentors, modalities and therapists abound. How do you know what you don’t know and make sound decisions when you maybe feel pretty vulnerable and a (sometimes) considerable investment maybe required in getting yourself free?


Do you use the shotgun approach and try a tiny bit of everything or do you go all in and commit to something that feels right, but you aren’t sure? These are some of the things people ask and bring to their discovery mentoring sessions with me.


Here are some tips and strategies for deciding on a good Mentor:


  • Is the person skilled and qualified? Do they have a great reputation and following?
  • Do you share things in common with them and their audience? Do you feel inspired when you listen to their story and see how they create their life and living?
  • Do they live and embody what they teach and impart to others?
  • Does the person ‘feel’ right to you? Do you like their energy? Does it resonate with you?
  • Do you get butterflies or excitement at the prospect of coaching with that person? Is there a sense of possibility when talking with them, browsing their website or attending workshops or training with them?
  • Imagine your life five years from now. What is it like if you sign up with that person now, what is it like if you don’t sign up with that person now. Get the awareness of that.
  • Can you afford to NOT do this?
  • How much is it costing you staying stuck?  Here are some costly examples clients have shared with me:


Not being able to relate to others as they would wish, or feel empowered in relationship and set and maintain adequate boundaries.

The frustration and defeating feeling of not being able to manoeuvre through life’s pitfalls without adequate skills and tools. Wanting more out of life and not knowing how to create it!

Embarking on another diet/eating plan when they don’t have the body they want, but not knowing how to change their state and thoughts to create and sustain that. Battling with willpower again instead of allowing themselves to BECOME that person in every sense.

A lack of confidence which permeates every arena of life making them feel like a victim and limiting their choices, income or opportunities.

Feeling disheartened and having spent heaps of money on treatments, healings, books or audios, buying more vitamins or essential oils, only to feel better temporarily, but never really getting to the heart of the issue.

Having unsatisfying or destructive relationships (or other patterns) over and over again with different people and not knowing how to change it.

Everything they have tried is hit and miss, solved part of the puzzle, or even made things worse, as they don’t understand how they are stuck and don’t have a COMPREHENSIVE, CUSTOMIZED approach to intervening in this.

Experiencing negative thoughts, lost sleep and stress as a result of any of these or other things and a loss of income, joy, peace and opportunities.

They don’t have the supportive people in their life currently to assist them to get to where they want to be.


In my opinion good mentoring should:


  • Be thorough and comprehensive
  • Help a person deal with the reasons for the underlying issues in the first place to create LASTING change
  • Facilitate the person to change their story and allow a new valuable perspective on old events
  • Invite and inspire someone to become the best version of themselves possible
  • Allow them a safe and sacred space in which to be themselves and explore new opportunities
  • Encourage them to connect with all aspects of themselves and use that knowing with which to grow
  • Empower them to take calculated risks and learn from new experiences and ultimately become their own life coach
  • Create and sustain a new pathway forwards
  • Enable honesty and self-awareness
  • Be supportive and enriching


Before people consider taking a leap of faith with me, I encourage those who are ready to apply for a free mentoring session where we explore your options, look at where you want to head and discuss some strategies for getting there.


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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash