You may sense you are a soul in human form. However, you may not know how to access your own spiritual nature to succeed and become the highest version of yourself.

Not only do your soul choices influence who you came here to be, the challenges you face and talents you are born with, they also affect the themes you explore in each life time. The formation of your psychology is partly influenced by this. There is a presence which is you behind obvious personality traits or feelings you may have, which is you the soul.

My job as a soul coach to help with this, as well as understanding who you are. It is also to provide context to choices, tendencies, abilities, talents and fears/limitations which may be there from before.

We have lived many thousands of life times. In these life times we have done and been everything. Every bad, every good thing. We are all expressions of God/The Creator here in human form. We are playing out different aspects of his creation and reflecting that back to him.

We are Infinite Beings

Our soul is infinite, our body (for each incarnation) is finite.

Source Energy is our Natural State

After each life time (usually) when we are done with what we came here for this time around, we check out and go back to source.

You are here to grow, create, contribute, expand and have fun

Being here in each incarnation is what our soul does to grow and expand and experience new things. When we are parked up on a cloud ‘chilling’ we aren’t learning or growing particularly and we are here to have fun, to create and to grow among other things.

Spirit Guides

We have a team who has our back and guides who are with us always. Our guides can change and be given different roles and new guides might come on board as we grow on our soul journeys.

Pre Birth Planning

We have a pre-birth plan for each incarnation or life time we choose here. We can veer away from the plan at any stage or implement it to the letter. That is what free will is all about.

Within the plan that we chose, we can have an easy or a hard time, depending on how we view things. Often if we are choosing limitations or contraction it’s because we aren’t yet ready for growth or expansion. We may go through years of challenge before we get the awareness of what that was for, and are ready to learn from it and go forwards in a new direction.

Free Will

People can choose crappy or amazing lives.

We all have spiritual gifts and our capacities, talents and purpose.  Within each life time we explore different themes. For example, we maybe here to explore love, loss, isolation, compassion, abuse, forgiveness, redemption or other things.  

Soul Themes and Growth

Let’s say the theme for this life time was abuse. We may have had several life times where we witnessed someone we love being abused, or where we were abusive. In this lifetime, we may experience an abusive family or abusive adult relationships. We might heal that abuse in this life time and perhaps any unhealed instances from past lives simultaneously. We explore these themes from different angles.

Soul Contracts and Specific Relationships and Issues

We have soul contracts with other people for mutual growth and expansion. When we meet someone and have a good or bad feeling about them, we have known them before. When we really like someone on meeting them, we have enjoyed other life times with them. It isn’t a liking we are feeling, it is recognition.

When clients are really struggling in certain relationships, (besides looking at the psychological/physical) we look at the soul contracts playing out.

We may clear any aspects of the contract still requiring attention if a relationship is destructive or very painful. We may clear future contracts with that person if the client is willing. Or, we may just examine what they want now and the awareness they have garnered from the experience thus far.

Looking at things from a broader soul perspective credits the soul/person with knowing what they were choosing (empowering) and takes the sting out of things. They can then understand that there was a soul contract playing out which was all agreed to in advance. They then realize the other person might be abusive, not because they deserve it, or because they are wrong, but because the soul chose this experience to grow.

Clearing soul contracts frees both souls to go on and have other experiences and removes the entanglement that is generating the need to continue to be involved with each other now and in the future.

The client maybe still wants to be involved with that other person, but they are not pulled into something that may feel more powerful then they are. We would look at whether that person feels the learning with the other individual is now complete.

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom and Deep Transformation

In the above example I would teach the difference between soul family connections (gentle and supportive) and karmic relationships. These are intense and often destructive. We would address what needs healing from their current experience.

Then we would look at what it may have been in their family of origin that schooled them towards choosing abuse and how they can use this knowledge to avoid falling into unhealthy relationships in the future. We can assume that if they transform those aspects of their experience now, they can use free will to avoid further relationships like these in future.

We would look together at the red flags that they missed and where they were drawn into choosing that partner. Although their current relationship may have been necessary for growth, it is possible to learn from the experience and avoid future abuse, by turning their wounds into wisdom.

That experience becomes very generative and beneficial in the long term. It does take a lot of inner work, courage and willingness to examine things on such a deep level.

Courage, Inquiry and Application Leads to Rapid Change and Evolution

If clients are willing to engage on this level, they often end up changing the course of their entire future and the trajectory of all future choices. This is sacred work and it is the most powerful that you can engage in. It is profound and rewarding and you may often get a very strong sense of who you came here to be as a result.

Soul work isn’t for everyone, but it often gives a rich context to our choices and lends itself to powerful, sustained transformation. If a client is repeating certain psychological patterns over and over and wondering why, it is often working on the soul level that yields the breakthrough required.

Any transformational work benefits the person and their overall journey. Soul work adds another dimension and set of benefits, that can take things whole next level.

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