Vienda is a writer and mentor who takes pieces of her soul and spins them into words — and teaches women who want to do great things in the world how to create freedom in every part of their lives — through articulating your truth and creating micro-actions and mindful thought-shifts that elevate you to a whole new way of life.

Vienda’s message has been shared by thousands across the globe through her blog, which reaches over 15,000 inspired folk per month, and platforms such as Cleo Magazine, Tiny Buddha and Roooar Magazine.
Vienda has written 4 eBooks and has been featured in 3 other books including best-seller Love & Oneness and is the creator of the popular 8 week course Manifest More.

Which actor would play you in the movie of your life?

I would love Emma Stone to play me in a movie. She’s clearly much funnier than me, but I completely resonate with her quirkiness and would love to see what kind of humour she’d create out of my life story.

What is the best thing you love to eat right now?

I’m currently in Vietnam and obsessed with Pho. I just want to eat Pho for every single meal! They serve it with these incredible-tasting herbs and greens and I simply cannot get enough of the broth.

What are the three things you are looking forward to most about settling in one place for a while?

OMG, just 3?!! Haha. Ok.

1. I am so damn excited about no longer living out of a suitcase and having a full wardrobe of clothes to choose from. I’m currently assembling my 2017 winter capsule collection by spending far too many hours internet shopping and getting things posted. It’s wonderful!
2. Jumping back into my business full time. I really miss it! I’ve been working part time while traveling South East Asia for the past 6 months, and while having such an adventure has been incredible, I am so ready to sink my teeth into creative projects for 2017 and mentoring with my clients again.
3. Cooking. Something I love to do is feed people with delicious, nutritious foods and I cannot wait to get back in the kitchen and start creating all sorts of culinary creations for my love, our family and friends.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger you, what would it be?

“You are already who you want to be. Stop looking for the permission and approval and start giving it to yourself.” I think if I had know that when I was younger I might have been able to skip some pretty strong lessons. Having said that, without those, I wouldn’t have the wealth of understanding and compassion and resources that I have now.

How has your message of freedom evolved over time?

I used to think that freedom was all about the choices you made in life such a travel, work, relationships and so on. But as I have delved deeper into this delicious topic I have realised that freedom is state of mind, and not of your circumstances. You can travel the world or have a dream job and still not be free. But if you enter into each choice with freedom as key factor, freedom can exist in any experience if you choose it.

What’s the biggest thing people overlook when aiming for a ‘laptop lifestyle’?

Great question! I think lots of people think that it means you get to sit around by a pool all day and sip cocktails while answering a few emails and making lots of money. That is absolutely not the case. There is a universal law at play: what you put in, you get out. You still have to go out into the world and face your demons and put yourself out there and hustle with heart. It’s all part of the game and it’s wonderful.

What’s your easiest way of connecting with your higher self?

Alone time and stillness. I’m always connecting, connecting is a daily moment-to-moment practice, which requires presence: a simple observing of the present moment and stillness. And it’s much, much easier reached for me when I get to spend time alone for a few hours each day. It’s imperative for me!

Who inspires you the most? Who’s work do you admire?

I find this a really difficult question to answer because I don’t admire one single person, but various parts of many different people. There are so many brilliant, incredible, creative, inspiring, fantastic humans on the planet that I am in awe of and grateful to share this world with that  it makes it impossible for me to have one or even two who’s work I admire or am inspired by the most. No-one has it all figured out and yet everyone is amazing.

What’s your best tip for being in conscious (lasting) relationship while travelling?

Always looking for the highest self in the other person, forgiving quickly and paying attention to when you go into reactive mode. Traveling together can be a really intense and confronting thing for a couple, because it highlights both person’s strengths and weaknesses. I am so proud of my partner and I: We’ve been traveling really rapidly for the past 6 months, and while we have had our heated moments, we both soften and fold back into love really quickly. I think I am more in love now, than ever!

What is your most embarrassing or funny moment (that you’re willing to tell us)?

I once got locked out of my house in my underwear and ended up having to break back in through a skylight in the roof after several hours of trying to get rescued with no avail. It was really embarrassing because the whole neighborhood laughed about it for ages.

Describe your ideal day.

Sleep in until 8am. Enjoy a slow drink in the morning sun and then get ready for the day. Answer any urgent emails. Dive into my creative work from around 10 until about 12. Go to a yoga or pilates class. Have lunch. Work with 2-3 of my one-on-one clients in the afternoon. Meet friends in a cafe to catch up on soul-chats. Go for a walk. Go home and make a delicious feast for my love and I. Eat together and then snuggle with a glass of wine in front of the fire place, and maybe a good book or a film.

What do you like most about money?

It is the BEST teacher in showing you where you need to heal, change and grow. Money stuff is often not even about money but about deeper issues like self-worth, self-responsibility, owning what you do and who you are, treasuring yourself and supporting yourself. It’s an amazing catalyst for personal development and if you have money leaks, it means that you have other energetic leaks as well. I love the topic of money and how grown so much through it, and continue to be a humble student for the teachings that earning large sums of money bring.

What are five things that no one would guess about you?

1. I don’t have baby toe nails.

2. When I was a girl I wanted to be a back-up dancer for music videos.

3. I’m a really good cook.

4. When I was 1 year old I went to jail in Spain because I was with my dad who was selling weed in the streets.

5. I sometimes wear glasses.

Do you have one happiest moment or time in your life you’d like to share?

The happiest time in life was when I was 23 and finally ‘awakened’ and connected with my inner wisdom and soul. I felt so lost and alone and confused about life until that point, when one day I really delved deep into stillness and discovered an ocean of wisdom and support that I could reach for, whenever and wherever. It truly changed my life, and it was only then that I discovered what happiness really was and that it had nothing to do with external circumstances.

We are about to have a conversation with your guardian angel, what would they say?

The suffering we see in the world is simply a reflection of all our own suffering. It’s time to clear that shit up. If everyone stopped creating so much pain, torment, angst and suffering in themselves, the world would not have to demonstrate it in such terrifying ways. Outside is as inside. Let’s get to work!

What’s the most exciting thing about the future of humanity?

Our never-ending ability to be optimistic and kind. Humans are my absolute favourite thing on the entire planet and I am so excited about being on the leading edge of humanity right now. We are breaking through some pretty huge paradigms right now, and the world is changing so fast. It’s incredible to bear witness whilst also being an active part of all that.
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